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How to Make Toys for a Dog

by eHow Contributor | Feb 9, 2012

How to Make Toys for a Dog. There is no better way to bond with your dog than to play with him. Playing gives both you and your dog much needed exercise, and the toys don't have to be expensive ones from pet stores. Dogs love all kinds of toys, especially if you turn it into a game. So use your imagination and look around the house for ideas to make toys for your dog. read more

How to Choose a Dog for an Apartment

by eHow Contributor | Feb 9, 2012

How to Choose a Dog for an Apartment. City dwellers need companionship, too. Finding a country dog is easy, because all you need to do is find a dog that likes to romp in open spaces. An apartment-dwelling dog will need to meet specific criteria. When searching for just the right companion to while away the nights and morning in an apartment, here are a few things to remember. read more

Symptoms of Elbow Dysplasia

by Sonija Gierman | Feb 9, 2012

There is a disease known as Elbow Dysplasia that can affect certain dogs. This is generally found in the front legs of your dog. Many times it can be caused by osteochondritis dissecans. This is when the maturation of cartilage has an abnormality. Your veterinarian will tell you that this is an inherited disease but it is important to keep in mind that there can be other factors that can cause this disease, such as the food your dog eats or trauma. If you do not get your dog treated for this condition, it can eventually lead to you having a dog that is lame. . read more

Home Remedies to Help with Housebreaking

by Angela Morben | Feb 9, 2012

Housebreaking a puppy definitely takes a lot of time and patience, but almost any puppy is able to get the hang of it relatively quickly. The process is a bit intense in the beginning, but as you start to see some real progress in your puppy, you will realize how much your efforts have paid off. read more

How to Introduce a New Puppy to a Puppy

by Naomi Vogel | Feb 9, 2012

Your puppy will initially feel jealous and confused when you bring home a new puppy. Introducing the two puppies will probably be the hardest part of having two puppies, so you just need to get this out of the way. Once your puppies are introduced, it should only take about a month for them to get used to each other. There are steps you can take to make the introduction process smoother. read more

Companion Dog Certification

by Keagen Grace | Feb 9, 2012

The American Kennel Club's "Companion Dog" is a first-tier obedience title that certifies that your dog is able to perform obedience tasks that ensure she functions as a good companion. Once open only to purebred, AKC-registered dogs, obedience competitions are now open to all dogs, regardless of breed. Your dog must still be registered with the AKC and up to date on all vaccinations. Irregardless of breed, every dog can be trained to complete the tasks to earn the Companion Dog title. Dogs who win this title get to place the designation "CD" at the end of their name. read more

Puppies With Heartworm Symptoms

by Tracy Hodge | Feb 9, 2012

Puppies may develop a common condition known as heartworm disease, or CHWD. This condition occurs in areas all over the world, and is caused by the Dirofilaria immitis worm. This worm is a parasite that lives in the blood vessels that attach the heart and the lungs, known as the pulmonary arteries. Heartworm disease is most common in tropical climates where mosquitoes are abundant, because heartworm is spread though contact with infected mosquitoes. Puppies with heartworm may only display symptoms in very severe infestations. This means that if puppies are showing symptoms of heartworm, the disease is quite advanced. read more

Dogs' Flatulence

by Chris Wells | Feb 9, 2012

Dog flatulence, also known as gas or farts, can be not only unpleasant and embarrassing, but could also represent a symptom of a more serious problem with your dog. There is no single cure for flatulence because of the many factors that can cause the problem. read more

Metamucil Side Effects in Dogs

by Lesa Storms | Feb 9, 2012

Psyllium, known by its brand name Metamucil, is commonly used to treat dogs and cats for intestinal problems, even though it is not approved by the Federal Drug Administration. read more

Deramaxx Side Effects

by Hayley Harrison | Feb 9, 2012

Deramaxx is a flavored prescription medication used to treat the pain of osteoarthritis or discomfort after orthopedic surgery in dogs. Despite its effectiveness, Deramaxx poses a risk of side effects in some pets. read more

About Yorkie Poos

by Ruth Amick | Feb 9, 2012

The Yorkie poo is one of the many crossbreeds, or hybrid dogs, that have been gaining popularity over the past several years. These diminutive dogs are the result of a cross between the Yorkshire terrier and either the toy or the miniature poodle. read more

Home Remedies for Dogs With Dry Skin

by Sandra Ketcham | Feb 9, 2012

Dry skin in dogs is a common problem that occurs more frequently during the dry winter months. According to the ASPCA, symptoms of dry skin in dogs may include scratching or licking at the skin, scabs, flaking and hair loss from scratching. Besides keeping your home humidified, there are a number of home remedies for dogs with dry skin that are as effective as over-the-counter or prescription treatments. read more

About Dog Agility Training

by Ellie Anna | Feb 9, 2012

Dog agility is one of the most popular canine sports. It's a high energy, action-packed event filled with twists, turns and jumps. Dog and handler are graded on speed and accuracy, with the fewest faults and fastest times coming out on top. Training a dog for agility is not a particularly difficult endeavor, although it does take considerable time, effort and patience. read more

Training a Labrador Puppy

by Rena Sherwood | Feb 9, 2012

Labradors grow up to be big, strong dogs. You want them to respect you but not fear you, because fear leads to biting. Basically, you want to ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. Set up a situation in which the puppy is sure to win (such as when he is just about to lie down) and then say, "Down" and give a reward (a treat or a toy). With persistence and time, the puppy learns to look for you for guidance. read more

How to Groom Shih Tzus

by Cathy Pelekakis | Feb 9, 2012

You have just adopted a wonderful little Shih Tzu dog. She is cute, cuddly and adorable. She also has a long haired silky coat. Since she is so small she will get dirty a lot. She needs a lot of care but will bring you years of enjoyment. Learn how to groom your Shih Tzu. read more

About Dog Diarrhea

by Contributing Writer | Feb 9, 2012

Dog diarrhea can be scary because it isn't what normally happens. You might be afraid that your dog is sick or has eaten something poisonous. It is important to know as much as you can about dog diarrhea so that you can know when it is normal and when it is not. read more

How Does a Dog Communicate?

by Julia Fuller | Feb 9, 2012

A dog communicates with people and other animals using a variety of physical gestures. Usually when a dog is feeling friendly and happy, it wags its tail; sometimes you can almost see a smile on the dog's lips. Conversely, when a dog is showing remorse, it may put its tail between its legs and lower its head as it approaches its owner. When a dog is angry or protecting its property, it will raise the hair on its back and bare its teeth as a physical sign of aggression. A dog will roll over onto its back and show its throat to its aggressor as a sign of submission. A dog that wants your attention will rub against your legs while looking at you expectantly, hoping for some petting or a walk. Many house-trained dogs sit by the door or scratch at the door when they need to go outside. Dogs communicate with other dogs by smells, such as urinating to mark their territory and sniffing. A dog may nip at another dog or small child to correct its behavior. read more

About Hot Spots on Dogs

by Justine Depalma | Feb 9, 2012

Missing fur? Red, oozing sores? If your dog is licking his skin until his fur falls out and a red, irritated area appears, it is probably because of a hot spot. read more

About Worms in Dogs

by Darlene Zagata | Feb 9, 2012

Worms can be a common problem in dogs and puppies. In most instances, they don't cause any harm, but in some cases worms can cause debilitation. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to ensure your dog's good health. read more

About Homemade Dry Dog Food

by Sabah Karimi | Feb 9, 2012

Many pet owners prefer to make their own dog food at home to save on costs and avoid the risk of contamination from brands that have had pet food recalls. Making dry dog food from scratch is a relatively simple process, and there are dozens of recipes available for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Dry dog food made at home can provide dogs with essential nutrients and minerals they need to be healthy. read more

How to Train a Dog to Come In

by Contributing Writer | Feb 9, 2012

There are certain breeds of dogs, like the border collie, that are easy to train. Herding dogs love to learn and they follow commands easily. Other breeds need more encouragement and guidance. If your dog already obeys the commands "sit," "stay" and "heel," then they should be receptive to the command to come in. Keep in mind that once your dog goes outside it is being exposed to a variety of smells and sounds that are hard for it to turn away from. However, with constant reinforcement and patience, you should be able to get your dog to come in on your command. read more

Medications for Anxiety in Dogs

by Dave Fidlin | Feb 9, 2012

Like humans, dogs experience anxiety, at times an intense amount of it. The triggers of anxiety in each dog are different. For instance, some dogs have no problem being left alone at home. But leaving these dogs alone in a car is a whole other story. Thankfully, there are medications out there to make the lives of dogs more blissful. read more

How to teach your dog to do tricks

by Ezmeralda Lee | Feb 9, 2012

Teaching your dog a new trick can be frustrating. As with most new things, repetition is the key. If you don't use a new trick for an extended amount of time, the dog will likely forget what to do. While dogs can easily become bored unless bribed, it is important not to teach them to be treat-dependent. Try the steps below for teaching some of the basic commands such as \"sit,\" \"lie down\" and \"stay.\" read more

How to Train Your Puppy

by Juliet Myfanwy Johnson | Feb 9, 2012

You just got a new puppy, and you're so excited to bring home that bundle of fluffy joy. Then, wow, the new puppy is chewing everything, peeing everywhere and howling at night. How do you handle the joys and tragedies of your young dog without going crazy? Just as you are adjusting to your new dog and having her around, she is also adjusting to you and this new life in a brand new house. She also is just a baby, so most of her behaviors are full of energy without any sense of consequences. Here are some tips for helping you and your house survive, as well as giving your puppy some beginning obedience training. read more

How to Train a Very Aggressive Dog

by Yvette Sajem | Feb 9, 2012

Aggression in dogs is a very serious and potentially dangerous problem for pet owners. Canine aggression can be the result of many things, including bad breeding, genetics, a medical condition or prior abuse. Dominance aggression is the most common type of canine aggression, but there is also defensive aggression, predatory aggression, territorial aggression and redirected aggression. If your dog is displaying signs of aggression, you need the help of a professional, experienced trainer. However, there are some things that you can start doing now. read more

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