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The Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Dogs

by Brenda Stokes | Jul 15, 2009

It is well known that omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for humans, but they're good for dogs, too. In fact, this substance, found in several foods including soybeans, salmon and sardines can boost your dog's health, aid in the treatment of cancer and play a major role in maintaining the immune system. Flaxseed oil is especially rich in omega-3 fatty acids. There are several conditions that can be helped or controlled by the adding flaxseed oil to your dog's diet. read more

Puppy Potty Training Schedule

by Mandi Rogier | Jul 15, 2009

Potty training is an important task with any new puppy. This is the first step to teaching your dog the important behaviors that will allow him to live indoors with you without making a mess or having accidents. Puppies should receive potty training as early as possible to instill good habits that will last a lifetime. The most important aspect of successful potty training is establishing and maintaining a schedule that work for both you and your new puppy. read more

What Is Dog Clicker Training?

by Rena Sherwood | Jul 15, 2009

Dog clicker training uses the same techniques used with training dolphins and sea mammals. The dolphins learn that the sound of a whistle means a food or toy reward. In the same way, a dog associates the sound of a click with a reward. Small, plastic clickers are used instead of words because the click sound is consistent. read more

How to Make Natural Puppy Shampoo

by Yvette Marie | Jul 15, 2009

Puppies don't need to be bathed often, but if your little one decides to take a romp through a mud puddle or finds something wonderfully stinky to roll in, a trip to the bathtub will definitely be in order. An all natural, gentle shampoo is the best choice for your puppy's tender skin and baby-fine fur. Follow this easy recipe for homemade, natural puppy shampoo and your little one will be squeaky clean and sweet-smelling in no time. read more

Puppy House Training Supplies

by Nicole Harms | Jul 15, 2009

Your new puppy will bring many years of joy to your family, but one of the first hurdles you will have to overcome is house training him. Housebreaking a dog is never simple, but the right supplies make the training process a little easier on both you and the dog. Be prepared for the task by buying these supplies before you bring your new puppy home. read more

What to Do If a Puppy Eats Rat Poison

by Barb Nefer | Jul 15, 2009

Puppies love to get into mischief, and they like to chew and taste foreign objects. Usually this is harmless, but sometimes they can ingest poison and create a crisis situation. Rat poison is dangerous, especially in a small puppy, because it is formulated to be fatal. If your puppy eats rat poison, you must take fast action to save its life and preserve its health. read more

Natural Remedies for Diarrhea in Puppies

by Glyn Sheridan | Jul 15, 2009

Diarrhea is not uncommon in puppies, especially if you introduce a new brand of dog food or if they get into the garbage. Your puppy's natural defense system rushes the offending substance through his stomach and intestines without stopping to digest, resulting in loose or watery stools. Occasional mild diarrhea may respond to natural remedies. read more

Recipes for Natural Flea Treatments

by Alicia Bodine | Jul 15, 2009

Chances are that if you own a cat or dog, you will experience an infestation of fleas at some point. If you do not act fast, your entire house will be covered in fleas. In addition to biting your pets, the fleas will begin to bite you. You can go to the veterinarian and order some flea medication, but this medication will contain harsh chemicals that you may not want around your house. You also cannot apply the flea medication to any puppy or kitten under the age of six months. In these cases, you will want to make your own natural flea treatment. read more

How to Train a Herding Puppy

by Jim Hagerty | Jul 15, 2009

Herding dogs are born with the inherent ability to herd cattle, sheep and other animals. However, training them to do the job properly is a must. Most dogs can be trained quite easily as young pups. read more

Why Is My Puppy Losing Hair?

by Rena Sherwood | Jul 15, 2009

Puppies should be checked every day not only for injury and signs of illness, but also to help them get used to being handled. One alarming sign of illness is bald patches or sudden loss of clumps of hair. As they get older, short-haired puppies tend to normally get thinner hair around the belly. Other than that, hair loss can note a health problem that needs immediate attention. read more

How to Use a Dremel to Trim a Dog's Nails

by Glyn Sheridan | Jul 15, 2009

If left untrimmed, a dog's nails may become long and unsightly, clicking on the floor as he walks and increasing the risk of snagging and tearing. While some dogs have relatively little trouble with long nails, other dogs suffer from ragged nails that cut their skin when they scratch. A dremel is an invaluable tool in a dog groomer's arsenal; with a little practice, you can use a dremel to trim your dog's nails. read more

Homemade Dachshund Ear Cleaning Solution

by Jacqueline Curtis | Jul 15, 2009

Dachshunds have long, floppy ears that are extremely susceptible to ear infections. To curb your dog's chance of getting an ear infection, you should clean the ears out once a month and keep it dry. There are many different schools of thought when it comes to dachshund ear cleaning solution, but it is widely agreed that it can be made with ingredients at home. Here are a few recipes. read more

About Puppy Training Crates

by Veronica Davis | Jul 15, 2009

Puppy training crates are very popular and are used by people the world over to help housebreak puppies. There are different types of crates that can be used effectively. Crate training works because it caters to the way a dog naturally thinks, making this one of the most effective training methods available to pet owners. read more

Types of Puppy Nail Clippers

by Rena Sherwood | Jul 15, 2009

Puppies should receive their first nail trimming when they are 10 to 12 weeks old, according to the "ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs." They should then be trimmed again whenever the nails are long enough to reach the ground. Dewclaws also need to be trimmed, should the puppy have them. read more

How to Put on a Puppy Harness

by Juliet Johnson | Jul 15, 2009

Harnesses are safe alternatives to collars for taking dogs on walks. Putting on a puppy harness is relatively simple--the hardest part will be trying to control the wriggling puppy who is excited to go outside. There are several different types of harnesses, but they all work basically the same way. read more

Dog Diseases From Fleas

by Veronica Davis | Jul 15, 2009

There are several different diseases that are linked to fleas. Most regions of the world have flea populations, and the insects are known to infest the bodies and bedding of dogs. If flea populations are not controlled, disease and infection can cause serious harm to your dog. read more

How to Overcome Motion Sickness in Puppies

by Yvette Pryce | Jul 15, 2009

Often, motion sickness in puppies is caused by their nervousness rather than by the motion of the car itself. Because it's more about your puppy's emotional state than about the fact that they're in a moving vehicle, motion sickness can be overcome with patient and supportive training. Tackle motion sickness with the idea of comforting your puppy, and you should have a lifelong traveling companion in a few weeks. read more

Ear Diseases in Dogs

by Veronica Davis | Jul 15, 2009

Ear disease is something that most dogs will suffer from at some point in their life. The good news is that most ear diseases can effectively be treated and cured in less time than you might think. Prompt treatment of the disease will give the dog a better prognosis, meaning early detection is of utmost importance. read more

About Professional Puppy Training

by Veronica Davis | Jul 15, 2009

Professional puppy training is a great tool that can help pet owner's better train their beloved pets. A well-trained puppy is a well-trained dog, and this is important for the happiness of both the dog and the human. There are many types of puppy training to choose from, allowing everyone to choose what works best for him and his puppy. read more

How to Treat Low Blood Sugar in Puppies

by Chad Hunter | Jul 15, 2009

While they are cute, adorable and full of love, puppies can also be victims of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Low blood sugar can cause seizures, fatigue and disorientation in a young dog. Much like their human counterparts, puppies can fall victim to death if blood sugar drops low enough. It can even be worsened by some of the typical suggestions to contribute to a puppy's well-being such as exercise, regular meals and avoidance of sweets. With the proper steps, low blood sugar can be avoided, controlled and even possibly cured. read more

How to Make a Visor Bandanna for a Dog

by Juliet Johnson | Jul 15, 2009

Hot day? Want some sun protection for your dog? If you're good at origami, you'll be good at making this dog visor bandanna. You're simply folding the bandanna into a series of triangles and diamonds until is makes a secure visor to shade your dog's eyes. read more

What Ringworm Looks Like in Puppies

by Veronica Davis | Jul 15, 2009

Ringworm is quite common fungal infection in puppies, causing round spots on any area of their bodies. Knowing what to look for and the cause of the infection in puppies can help owners more readily identify the condition and seek treatment. read more

What Should an English Bulldog Puppy Be Fed?

by Michaela Davila | Jul 15, 2009

English bulldog puppies make wonderful pets and with all their wrinkles, they are absolutely adorable. This unique breed is prone to a lot of health problems and with their low energy level, bullies can easily become overweight. What you feed your bulldog will make a big impact on his health. read more

Stages of Heartworm Disease in Dogs

by Veronica Davis | Jul 15, 2009

Heartworm is an infection that affects a large number of dogs every year. Unfortunately, this is an infection that can kill a dog if it is not treated quickly. Luckily, with proper preventative treatments, dogs will never have to suffer through the painful stages of this infection. read more

Food Ideas for a Puppy Party

by StlScout | Jul 15, 2009

No party would be complete with out delicious food for the guests, even if it is a party for puppies. Provide dog friendly treats for your party goers, not people food. Remember that many human treats---especially chocolate---are harmful to pets. You can bake homemade snacks for your canine guests, purchase them from a specialty pet baker, or shop your local pet store for pre-made interesting treats. read more

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