Dog Heart Attack Symptoms



Similar to that of humans, a primary cause of mortality in dogs is heart disease. With a number of different heart diseases commonly found in dogs, on top of a number of possible contributing factors, severe heart trauma is relatively common. However, that does not mean we should think of canine heart attacks as identical to human myocardial infarctions. Instead, canine heart attack often manifests in different ways. In a human heart attack, the flow of blood is interrupted suddenly, blocking blood flow to a certain segment of the heart, killing heart cells. While similar trauma can happen in a dog, canine "heart attacks" often take very different paths.

Existing Conditions

Severe heart trauma in dogs is usually related to a pre-existing condition. Often, dogs can be screened for one of these conditions early in life. The most common conditions are an enlarged heart, heart murmur and cardiomyopathy, which is a weakness in the heart muscles. All of these conditions are more common in large dogs than small.


While an enlarged heart, heart murmur and cardiomyopathy can all be contributing factors in a dog's heart disease, the actual manifestations of trauma often have different causes and labels. Heart failure in dogs is most often directly precipitated by heartworm, inflammation and degeneration of heart valves. Because dogs are rarely subject to the cholesterol build-up, which is at the root of most human heart disease, canine heart trauma is often harder to diagnose, involving a combination of pre-existing issues, degeneration and outside infection.


Except in movies and comics, dogs cannot talk. As such, it is up to their owner to spot the behavior that could indicate a catastrophic heart trauma. Evidence of a heart problem in your pet can include sharp, difficult breathing, evident pain in forelimbs and increased drowsiness. The pain in a dog's chest will often cause him to stretch repeatedly, leaning forward and back on its limb while craning the neck about. Occasionally, a dog will even collapse when under the throes of heart trauma.


Once you suspect your dog is undergoing heart trauma, it is important to visit the veterinarian right away. Vets can run X-rays or echocardiograms of the chest, which will enable the vet to spot tumors and weaknesses in the heart valve.


After a dog heart incident, veterinarians will often prescribe a series of preventative drugs. Anti-arrhythmic drugs are the most common prescription. These pills will steady an abnormal heart beat and may return some normalcy to your dog's life. Treatment for heartworm is another common step taken. Blood pressure medication, similar to that for humans, can help lessen the tension on your pet.


Unfortunately, many pet owners do not receive a warning. Rather than repeated trauma, many dogs are much more likely to have their hearts fail suddenly. Species particularly susceptible to this include sheep dogs, great danes, dobermans and boxers. Analyzing the cause of death after the fact typically involves lab testing of your pet's heart, a procedure that may be prohibitively expensive. Often pet owners must find solace in the fact that their dog's heart failure was sudden and likely due to a congenital problem.
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Dec 28, 2009 marqthompson
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Dec 29, 2009 James Barbary
My Golden Retriever male ( JUST TURNED 1 YR.IN NOV.)Was diagnosed as having a Heart murmur and I have been told by the Insurance Co. that this isn't coverable as they claim it was pre-existing. Vet says it is a birth defect and could be surgically corrected.Cost are $6,ooo for everything. Of which I dont have. I was told there is medications I can give him to help him sustain a certain "Quality of Life" until his death which is surely to come sooner then later. Yet I have not been able to ghive him these meds as I dontknow what they are waiting for? I am trying to come up with the money to have the operation done but in the meantime I would like to give him whatever I can to make things easier on him. He is such a good dog and a loyal, loving member of the family any suggestions ? Jim in Las Vegas Nevada
Sep 8, 2010
Call the Vet. Say, "I am trying to raise the money for surgery but in the mean time I would like to give my dog the medication you spoke of". simple questions get simple answers.
Nov 1, 2010 Dogloverinohio
Vets are all crooks that sell you crap that a dog doesn't need. This is an animal we're talking about. Give Rover plenty of love, good food, water and a warm nice place to sleep. Save the money for a vacation after he passes to heal your heart. Buy another dog and start over. The Vet wants your $6,000 so he can drive a Mercedes, own a Horse farm and buy his wife minks and diamonds. A new dog costs $300? Move on and tell the Vet to get rich off of someone else.
Jun 1, 2011 PookiezPetz03
I had a 10 year almost 11 year old cocker spaniel/lasa opso mix who a week ago was diagnosed with a heard murmur. Things were fine until about 3 or 4 days later when things went down hill. He had raspy breathing and he wouldn't move around as much, also a loss of appetite. Sometime during the night early morning before he was scheduled for an ultrasound he must have fainted in the kitchen. My brother found him with a pool of blood around him. He was still breathing but it was really scary. So later that morning around 9:00 we brought him to the vets, he started with the raspy breathing again. The vet said that she was worried because he was trying to catch his breath and his gums and inside his ears were a pale white. Once the ulatrasound was done and she gave him one of three types of heart meds that he was going to be on, she said his heart looked big. (i guess bigger then it was a week ago) She brought him outside to use the bathroom and collapsed on the pavement. Blood was coming from his mouth and nose, She, the other vet, and cartiologist tried to recesitate him but they couldn't. How is it possible for a dog to have a heart murmur one day and a week later have his heart in complete failure? The sad part is that just a year ago i had lost my 3 year old golden retriever mix to cancer just a few weeks shy of her 4th b-day. His b-day is just 18 days away. Now i'm worried about my 1 year old aussie. She has always been around him since she was a puppy but now she's all by herself. She doesn't have a best pal anymore to play with and i'm just worried about her.
Pookie your pet will greive in it's own way but will be ok. I just lost my 17 year old cat and I had him his whole life. I think about him everyday and we have a cat almost a year old. My cat Simba raised this cat as his own. Yep his own. This was so painful and my cat grieved too but now he is raising kittens of his own that is not his. Moma cat brought them to him and left. He brings them food and grooms and cuddles with them and even moves them to safety when he thinks they need to move areas. Simba would be proud. But your aussie will be just fine. Sorry about your lose it really hurts.
Nov 25, 2011 dennyj
Hi ALl, As the above advice said, I had no warning. Today my miniature schnauzer, Hayley was walking with us around the block when she collapsed. I picked her up and she flailed her legs for a few seconds, made some loud yelps and that was it. We miss her so much. Today was her 12th birthday. She had a heart murmur and somewhat enlarged heart, but no symptoms like heavy breathing or appetite loss. She ate lunch as usual and went outside in the yard just before. The lesson is to enjoy every minute. You never know when it will be their, or our last. God bless all the wonderful dogs and cats who keep us company :)
Dec 3, 2011 Parkersmom2097
I have a four year old golden retriever , he hasn't been feeling well for a few weeks, I thought it must have been something he got into because it seemed like something was lodged in his throat because he was acting like he was chocking and having a hard time breathing, we took him to the vet a few days ago and I insisted on him having an X-ray to see what might be stuck in his throat, when given the X-ray the vet just happen to catch a bit of his heart in it and then informed me that he has an enlarged heart, I didn't kow what to do or what to say in that moment I just wanted to run out of there and make belive that didn't just happen. He is my baby and to hear something that serious might be wrong just about broke my heart. she also tested him for hyper thyroid and turns out he has been suffering though that as well , he's on pills for that now and also on an antibiotic incase he has an underline infection that might be adding to his problems, we take him back to the vet this Monday to get a full X-ray of his heart to see what's going on. I am quite anxious about getting it done because I am so afraid of the outcome. But at the same time I want to know exactly what's going on because he is in distress and that's hard to watch too, when there isn't much I can do for him except comfort him at this point. I pray there are pills out there that can help him to feel better . My heart will break if something happens to hm, he's been my buddy for four years and I don't want to lose him, I experienced the same heart break 15 years ago with another dog and I swore then I would not get another dog because letting them go is so painfull, but when saw Parker for he first time I knew he was going to come home with us , and no matter the out come I don't regret that decision for a minute he's been a wonderfull listener he's made me laugh and just overall brought joy to our home, so i guess the bottom line is would I do this again, i realy don know t this point all I do know is that I hope and pray Parker will feel better soon and that he's with us for many years.
Jan 3, 2012 SeattleAD
My wife and I just had the same thing happen. Our little 11 year old Chihuahua was fine in 2010 (had checkup with senior blood panel), this year she was diagnosed with a hear murmur (3), we took her to the cardiologist who did an Echo cardiogram and EKG - said she had moderate leaky valve on the left side but was not in congestive heart failture and this morning we found her dead in her bed. I am just in shock.
Jan 30, 2012 Alexn1255
Just today my dog died to a heart attack. What was much different to most was that she puke one or two times before we believed it was urgent to go to the vet. There was deterioration to breathing. It was a German Shepard. By the time my parents reached the vet office it was too late. I hope this helps anyone that may find this happen to them.
Jan 31, 2012 LadyFojut
We just received the autopsy results from our 8yr old Husky's death. The Vet said his heart collapsed. There were no signs of trauma, so he believes it was sudden and no pain. Apparently, this was not something we could have prevented. He is survived by his mate, Kadesh, daughter Dyna, son Darth, grandson Krypto, and of course his human family. We are healing but it's not easy, when it's a sudden death, like this.
Feb 4, 2012 wgold
I was just walking Millie, our 1.5 year old golden, in the park with Jack, a 9 month old golden. They were playing together and all of a sudden Jack groaned, collapsed and died. It had to be a heart attack but I am not sure. The owner was worried she had done something wrong which I am sure was not the case. It was and is awful. Kiss your dogs and enjoy every moment with them-who knows when it will be there last
Apr 15, 2012 cindyb
my goldendoodle, sara, died on friday. she was 14 months old. she was running around, playing, and i was laughing. she seemed to get dizzy and fell over, then went limp and died. without a necroscopy, i don't know what caused it, but i am thinking a heart attack. i am heartbroken, and can't make sense of it. it is horrible and i feel for all of you who have lost a pet.
Apr 26, 2012 bruno123
my american bulldog "bruno: died yesterday. he was barking to another dog at the balcony and suddenly he lay down and that was it. he took his last breath and the he pu. i cant believe it, he was only 2 years old.
May 9, 2012 srhudson
My 5 year old yellow lab (Jake) died last Saturday (May 5, 2012). I miss him terribly and my heart it broken like never before. All his life he has panted excessively, no matter what he was doing or what time of year it was but the vet was not concerned with his excessive breathing. He was eating his breakfast on Saturday and just layed down and died. I believe that it was a heart attack. He was such a mamas boy and so loveable. I will miss him forever.
May 27, 2012 elvi
Normal brething rate at rest is under 20 for dogs, if your dog pants exessivley or coughs alot or hs a high breathing rate. Get vet to check your pet, could be fluid buildup on lungs due to weak heart. There are meds for this. My 15 year old toy poodle has leaky valve and kidney problems got her to em vet and cardiologist in the nick of time.
Jun 15, 2012 missinmypup
On the 12th my poor baby max had passed away he was only 7.he woke up looking fine he was happy shaking his "tail" (he was a frenchbull dog) he was so healthy my dad took him for a little jog and when they got home he was breathing a little hard which he normaly does so my brother gave him water and he was fine a hour after he was back to normal then ll of the sudden he stopped moving so my dad and brother went over pet him and talked to him and he snapped out of it then he started moving his legs like he was running and stopped breathin they gave him cpr and try to rush him to the vet but it was to late my fat head had passed away and we dont understand why we need to know cause my dad is beating his self up thinking he killed him.we miss max so much and it really hurts. Im all the way in nv and there in cali so it feels so unreal that he is gone he had the personalit lile a human he cryed if u called him ugly he kissed u if u was sad blah i miss my fat head all he wanted was to have someone scratch his can anyone tell us what it sounds like that made him pass awy? Thank u for reading this it helps a little with ourhorrible loss
Jul 20, 2012 miltbob
7/19/2012 - We just lost our 7-yr-old Yorkie about 2 hours ago (she was a puppy mill rescue and we just had her a year on July 6). My husband called me just before I left work and said she collapsed at the bottom of the porch steps on her way back in from a brief potty break and he thought she was dying (he was right). When he went to her to pick her up she appeared not to be able to move and was 'gasping for air' as he put it. He brought her in and put her in a comfy dog bed we have inside the door and was petting her and talking to her as he was calling me, and he said this obviously soothed her but she was only able to roll her eyes to look at him and move her head slightly. He called the vet and left immediately to take her (in the bed - talking to her and petting her as he drove#. He noticed her breathing got shallower and shallower and she stopped breathing less than 4 miles from home. After researching the web, I'm convinced she had a heart attack. Then after reading other people's experiences with losing their dogs suddenly, collapse, labored breathing, and very sudden death were in common with our experience. My husband feels guilty but I keep telling him it's not his fault. I'm sorry she's gone, but I'm glad she did not die in a cage in that awful puppy mill -- the last year of her life she was spoiled and pampered although she never did get over the emotional trauma of what the puppy mill did to her. Yes you do get attached. Yes they can be a lot of work. Yes it breaks your heart when something happens to them or you lose them. BUT, the companionship and unconditional love they give is worth it all, not to mention when you can take comfort in the fact you made a measurable difference in your dog's life #in our case they're all rescues; we had 4, now we have 3). GO TO YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL RESCUE for your next dog -- I always want the ones with issues -- not the happy-go-lucky ones -- they need me more and I want to help!! Think about it -- you could be the only reason why they're not put down!!
Jul 23, 2012 Baxter'sMommy
My sweet boy died 3 days ago on 7/20/12. He was a boxer mix rescue and I've had him four years. He just finished eating and then snapping at other dog to get away when he fell on his butt/side and then laid down. Much like the comment before this one, he seemed to have shallow breathing. I pried his mouth open and checked his airway for food, thinking he was choking, but in retrospect I don't think that was it since he didnt try coughing, but just collapsed. He then let out a cry and I started chest compressions while I cried out his name and sobbed in disbelief, but he eventually let go his bladder and I knew my sweet boy had passed. Also like the previous commenter, I have felt intense guilt that I couldnt save him, but am starting to feel at peace that I was with him and he was not alone when he left us. I am so sorry for anyone else who has lost their companion so suddenly; I know it seems to make it harder when it's unexpected. I do believe all dogs go to heaven and we will all see them again.
Aug 14, 2012 jakeysmom
My precious Jake passed away suddenly yesterday, 8/13/12. Jake was a 9.5 year old beautiful german shepard mix rescued dog. He was an integral part of our family and displayed more humanness than some humans. He was sweet, loving, and gentle. He was playing the day before like normal, chasing squirrels in our backyard with his cousin. Then at 3:30 am I heard a barely audible wimper from him. Because it was barely audible I didn't think it was bad. I brought him up on my bed to lay next to me and comforted him. But it didn't stop and he couldn't get comfortable. I finally got up at 6:30 thinking that maybe he would like to take a quick walk (his favorite thing to do) but we couldn't get past 2 houses and I noticed that he was walking funny. I called the vet and had a 10:00 am first available appt, but by 8:45 am, Jakey convulsed a few times, yelped a horrible yelp, and took his last breath. My son and I tried desparately to comfort Jake, and the only solice we have is knowing that Jake was with his family that he loved and that loved him. I am heartbroken. Jake was one of my kids, my protector, my comforter, and my friend. He was a sweet and beautiful boy that was very much loved and now very much missed.
Aug 17, 2012 Sarah8580
My 8 year old pit, Missy, just passed away yesterday from what the vet thinks was a heart attack. She was a little over a year old when I got her and when I took her to vet for the first time they informed that she had a heart murmur. They didn't prescribe her anything or do any further testing. They just told me to watch her closely. She lead a good life while in my care and had a lot of fun with my other dog and my daughter. Although I think my 3 year old daughter had more fun with Missy than the other way around. Missy was such a sweet, well-behaved, calm, loving dog. I used to call her my love bug. She just loved to cuddled. Her favorite thing to do was lick. She could lick your arm all day if you let her. Yesterday Missy woke up and acted as she did every morning. About 11am she threw up on floor and then fell over. She sort of scared me I thought she going to have a seizure or something so I called her name and touched her. She jumped right back up on her feet as if nothing had happened. This made me second guess myself and I then thought that maybe she just slipped being we have wood floors. I kept a close eye on her and gave her some extra attention and love after that. She seemed to be fine, she was playing with my other dog, myself, and my daughter after that incident. At approximately 1:10pm. My daughter asked me whats wrong with Missy? When I looked over Missy was laying on her belly on the floor and had released her bladder and was making noises like she could breath.I didn't know what to do I called the vet in histerics and just held Missy and caressed her while talking to the vet by the time I told the vets office what was happening, Missy took one last breath and that was it for her...she died. It was the most horrible thing I've ever witnessed. My whole family loved her so much, we couldn't have asked for a better dog. I miss her terribly and can't get the image of her laying on my floor out of head. I can't even bring myself to sit in her "spot" on the couch. What makes it even harder is that my daughter keeps asking if we can go pick Missy up at the vets office. I tried explaining to her several times that Missy wasn't coming back home, that she was in heaven with Sasha(another loved pet that passed away)and that Missy was going to stay there with her so Sasha wouldn't be lonely. I just wish we could have had more time with Missy, there certainly isn't another like dog her. Rest In Peace Missy, we love you so much and will never forget the joy you brought us
Nov 23, 2012 linda.hosken.9
We lost our beautiful Siberian Husky-Dell-on Wednesday 11-21-12.She was 8 years old and just happily ran out our back door into the always...made an odd sound..and collapsed. She was gone within 2 minutes, with us petting her and telling her we love her. Undoubtedly a heart attack. Over the past 2 years she has had a few episodes suggesting she is in some pain. She stretched back and forth and stretched her neck out-lasting 4-5 minutes each time. Then absolutely fine.. Our vet never knew what that was...thought it was a back strain.I now feel it was most likely chest pains. Love your pets every minute. As difficult as this is for us...we have no regrets. She was happy to the very end...we treated her always as if it would be her last day. You should do that...with your pets...and your humans.
Jan 3, 2013 UABblazer83
I can't believe I'm writing this, but our precious 8 year old springer spaniel, Hannah, passed away suddenly yesterday. A few weeks ago, our vet discovered a slight murmur but said it wasn't bad enough to worry or change or lifestyle. Yesterday was my husband's birthday, and we went on a wonderful hike with our sweet Hannah - her very favorite thing to do in the whole world. It was a short, flat and easy hike. At no point did she act tired. She had the best time and seemed so happy. As we were walking back to our truck to leave, she started walking funny and we knew something was wrong. She had a history of seizures, so we thought she was about to have one. My husband picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the truck. Once inside, she acted really sick and threw up. That made us think maybe she just had a stomach bug...nothing serious. On the way back (it was about a 1.5 hr drive), her breathing became labored and she continued to act very tired and lethargic. I rode in the back seat with her and tried to soothe/comfort her the whole way. About 15 minutes from home, she stood up for the first time the whole ride, turned around and snuggled up next to me, and the next thing I knew I reached down to check on her and she was gone. As another commenter put it, our sweet pup was more human than some humans. She had the sweetest personality and we are absolutely heart broken. If I so much as sniffled, she'd run to my side to check on me. We loved her so much and she will be missed greatly. We are just so shocked that this happened so quickly. One minute she was having the best time of her life and the next she was gone. I take comfort in the fact that we both spent the entire day with her doing her favorite thing...and we were with her when it happened.
Jan 15, 2013 Corabella
I am just in tears as I read everyone's comments. My sweet Nellie passed away two days ago. She was a 6 year old Border Collie/Jack Russell mix, surprisingly a low energy dog. Her most recent trip to the vet was last May, and they did a complete blood panel on her due to shallow breathing. Nothing came back irregular. She was perfectly healthy.They told me it was likely due to allergies and the fact that she was a few lbs overweight. I was home alone and she was barking at a passerby at our front door. It was more than just her usual voice, it was her don't intrude on my property voice. I went to calm her down and as I was meeting her at our door, it appeared as if she slipped and fell and was unable to get back up. Her legs were flailing and she let out the most terrible series of yelps I have ever heard. Within seconds she made a few gasps for air, and then passed. My heart is in such a broken mess from witnessing this terrible site, and not being able to do a single thing to help her. As horrible as it is to say, I am finding comfort in knowing that there are others who have experienced this and knowing that there wasn't anything I could have done to save her. She was just the best dog, she was my best friend and I miss her terribly.
Jan 25, 2013 imissyougrover
My dog was a BEAUTIFUL blond retriever born on July 1 2008. He had no symptoms of any heart problems or conditions. He passed away at age 3 on September 26, 2011. He died in my arms, we still dont know what happend. It all happened so suddenly and when we called the Pound to come help us, it was too late. He passed out, and collapsed in my arms, and kept breathing for at least 2 minutes, but was peralized and could not get up. I was crying so hard on him praying that he wont leave me. He looked straight up at me once he woke up, and whined, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he took his last breath. This all happended after i let him out the front door, and he ran to my sister and her friends while walking home from school. I Dont understand what happend. Please email me. p.s. my neighbor confessed and said that she killed him, but i dont see how. laurasheble98@gmail.c om Laura, Age 14, Angels Camp, California.
Feb 14, 2013 adarsh
just yesterday my dog tara (harlequin dane) died of heart failure. she was 7 years old. she was perfectly fine until 4 days, stopped eating and never recovered. she started showing discomfort at around 8.30am and trying to change her sleeping position. at around 9.30 she started making a whistling sound and breathing faster. she also opened her mouth a little bit. i knew the end was near. i kept stroking her and telling her that it was alright and all the time crying my heart out. i could not help it as i have never cried that much anytime. then 10 mins later she started jerking her head up and down and then stopped breathing altogether. she vomitted her food and also brought out some motion and urinated as well. before she started her terminal breathing she put her paw on my hand asked me to stick around. she did not know that i was never going to leave her side. i miss her. Adarsh
Mar 2, 2013 MongoBestDog
My dog Mongo died today... I was not a good owner. If i had been with him those last few seconds it would have made a world of a difference. Mongo was a purebred German Shepard.He must have died of a heart attack... my mother told me he was shaking. I went to check on him and he was just lying there. I tried to was him up (screaming, shaking the fence) but it was useless. I know for a fact that I was a horrible owner. So now I promise never to have another animal under my roof again. Mongo died at the age of 5, from a supposed heart attack, on Saturday March 2 2013. He was the best dog anyone could have. I wish I was a better owner to him. I LOVE YOU MONGO.
Jun 25, 2013 mimireco
I truly believe too many vets are incompetent. Some vets dish out steroids to dogs for inflammation causing the heart to enlarge, or other medications that in turn actually harm the dog. A true animal loving Vet would help a dog even if the owner did not have the money to save the dog. Perhaps charge only for the medication needed. But most Vets are out for the money. A word to dog owners, especially small dog owners, like Chihuahua's. Their teeth play an important part of their respiratory. If infected teeth are not pulled, it can cause such inflammation in their lungs that a lung will actually collapse or cause their death. Steroids for inflammation will cause their heart to enlarge. If this happens, a vet may not want to put them under in order to pull the teeth which can lead to heart problems and lung failure. Always ask your vet if they giving your dog steroids when they prescribe a medication for inflammation. I now have 7 dogs. In no way will I allow a vet to give my dogs steroids. I have over 50 years of caring for dogs. I had to learn the hard way of losing my pets to incompetent Vets and thousands of dollars. And for your information, the Rabies shot actually remains affective for 7 years. The demand to vaccinate every 1 to 3 years is uncalled for except to get your money! I vaccinate my dogs every 5 years to be safe.
Aug 26, 2013 mimireco
Often Vets will give your dogs steroids to help Inflammation. Don't let them. Steroids will cause your dogs heart to enlarge. Dr. Ivers in California killed my apple-head Chihuahua with steroids. Then when he needed his teeth pulled he could not because his heart was enlarged. My dog was suffering with respiratory infections from his teeth. I had to put him down because he simply could not breath without a struggle. SAY NO TO STEROIDS!
Sep 14, 2013 LRice437
my do was lieing on the ground with his eyes open I think but I don't now if he was breathing or not withal his fur but his eyes where open wat does that mean my parents say he was just sleeping but they didn't see wat I see
Dec 28, 2013 Dibbles1
My beautiful 11 year old Husky Freya died just now. This afternoon at 3.30 she was begging my toast from under my computer desk. Two hours later I heard the most terrible cry from the kitchen. By the time I got to her she had let go her bladder. We cleaned her up as she couldn't move. Her mouth and lips were cold and wet. We comforted her as we knew she was dying. A year ago we'd suffered a negligent vet at Verwood in Dorset, England. Who'd left her with kidney, liver and heart problems after a terrible infection that went on for weeks while he ignored her symptoms. In the end I had to research online and tell him what was wrong with her. We'd kept her alive for over a year since then. The hub lay on the floor and comforted her and talked to her. Then she let go her bowels and bladder and cried in terrible pain. Within the few minutes it took us to clean her up, she had died in my husbands arms. It was horrible, but at least she died in the comfort of her own home surrounded by love. We just buried her and a shooting star shot across the sky to take her home.
Jan 1, 2014 /waypoints
My princess Bubi dead suddenly at 12.Dec.2013. No symptoms , no warnings. She had full medical exam 10 days ago without any warnigs or diseases noticed . We bring her to the pet emergency center , but after 20 minutes her heart stop beating. She missing us too much ... http://forum e__st__280
Jan 10, 2014 wmasteve
My beautiful Toy Pomeranian 12years old died 2 days ago. She was fine the day before and when she woke up in the morning her left paw was lifted in the air like she hurt it and she could put no pressure on it, but we could rub it with her showing no pain. I took her to the vet, the vet said he found nothing wrong with her. I brought her home and she started having trouble breathing (looking back, a lot more trouble), it was sort of normal as she did have an enlarged heart and a slight murmur. She was breathing hard all day, but I still just thought is was normal and that the anti inflammation liquid I gave her (from the vet) would help. I wish I would have read this sight before 2 days ago as I would have know to bring the dog back to the vet so he could possible saved her by giving her something to help the heart. Just before 10:00 PM it looked like her breathing got better. I laid down next to her was petting her and then blood started coming from her mouth. She looked at me and I could swear she said why is this happening. She gasped 2 times and died (I never want to hear that sound again). She was the happiest dog I have ever known and no matter what mood you were in, if she met you at the door, you smiled. I am heart broken as she was my first dog and the closet thing to me having a child I will ever know.
Feb 23, 2014 Opium88
My 16 going on 17 year old Pitt Bull mix has had an awful choking cough for a year now. Mostly when he's been laying down and starts to move around . He hacks and then sounds like he's gagging and throwing up, but nothing comes out. When I rub on his chest he stops. He's also got a bad limp that started from the weight of another bigger dog causing him to fall, but it never healed. Other than his limp and cough, he is fine. Still has his appetite and loves life. He is restless, though. If he could, he would walk and walk and walk and never stop. Just now I heard him breathing funny. Regular until the end of his exhale, where it would get real sharp and fast. But his diaphragm didn't seem affected. Weird. I rubbed his heart a bit and and then I went to get him an aspirin and by the time I got back he had stopped breathing weird and was normal again. I know I should just be thankful that he's made it almost 17, but I'm not ready for him to go yet. My vet listened to his heart three weeks ago and said his heart and lungs sounded just fine. What could it be?
Feb 28, 2014 becca2805
My beautiful angel Jude passed away last night! He was a black lab, 10 days off being 8 years old! He was the most precious most amazing boy in the world! He feel ill Sunday, the sac around his heart filled with fluid, they drained it and said his ok, but last night he just dropped down and went to sleep! My heart is crushed, I can't breathe or talk, I feel numb and I can't go on! He was my best friend. cherish every moment with your beautiful babies
Mar 2, 2014 Rustysmomma
I lost my beautiful 14 year old cockerpoo yesterday, he suddenly passed out on the floor near me on Thursday feb 27. He just keeled over and all legs went limp, he was alert so I picked him up and held him for over half an hour. He seemed to feel better after that, then Friday I went to bring him outside and he collapsed on the walkway and all his urine just came out, I brought him in and comforted him. Put him back in his laundry basket he loved with his blankets, I kept him warm took him to the vet and they found a heart murmur but he was stable so we took him home, that night he took a severe turn for the worst I tried to get him to stand for a second to bring him out to pee and he started throwing up like crazy and he had not eaten a thing in 2 days. He was worst Saturday morning he collapsed in my husbands arms so I called the vet to say we were bringing him to put him down he was perfectly fine before Thursday. This all happened so suddenly, I stayed with him till the end and stayed after he was gone. Told him mant things how much we loved him. We had him firv14 years he was the best dog ever, my heart is beyond broken and I still want to cry a lot. He was not a pet but more like my child, he always had cute sweaters on, came with me everywhere I am so lost without him, I am glad I found thus sight to share my feelings. Rusty I will always love you and never replace you, I guess I should be happy he was only sick for 2 days but those were the worst 48 hours of my life, he was the best companion, I will never find another with his personality. He was more then loved.
Apr 25, 2014 lulusmama
Apr 25, 2014 lulusmama
My dog was healthy as a horse until our vet told us to give her bindery for jot spots and almost killed her- now her levels are at 2100 and normal is 200. She almost died because of these stupid vets telling people that it is safe to give them this medication. 25 mg's is what a human (125 pounds) should take- and it knocks you off your ass. They should never prescribe that much for a dog. DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG BENERDYL OR RYMADLY- BOTH ARE DEADLY TO DOGS !!
Apr 25, 2014 lulusmama
"Benadryl" for hot spots" not "bindery for jot spots" - sorry- I'm just very upset. Now I'm going to lose my baby because of some stupid vet !
Jul 21, 2014 lab200
I'm going to save you long version of tragic story. Similar to some above. Healthy beloved companion, fox terrier named Mister Fox. 4 years old. No signs of heart disease. Woke up one morning lethargic, tiny throw up, took to vet with in hours, heart attack in vet's lobby, CPR did not revive. So...her e are the things I would do differently. 1. Ask to have your dogs heart checked thoroughly at check up. 2. give dog heartworm medicine (which we didn't do as often as recommended,and now i'll wonder if that was what killed him) 3. Don't get a pet unless you have 2 to 4K saved up for an emergency. That is what an emergency costs minimum. It runs about 300 just for a visit. Vet's are making a fortune. I'd also suggest pet insurance. If you can't afford all this, I get it, neither can we, but I never want to be in the position of having someone tell me, we can save your best friend but you have to go to bank and pull out 2 thousand right now, or they'll die. It's like extortion. I do not believe our dog would have lived either way, but if he could have and we could have saved him if we'd had a bit of money saved up.... 4. Feed your dog home made food. There is a real trend going on of people who feel that the food the animals are being fed is poisonous. If you look at the ingredients, the first or second ingredient listed it is primarily corn. The corn they use, is Genetically modified to add pesticide to it and is grown for the use of ethanol not for human consumption. however what is left over each year is sold to the animal food industry, so your animal is slowly being poisoned by pesticides and I think this is increasing the cancer and heart attacks in animals. My husky died last year at 5 years old of Stomach cancer. That just doesn't sound right. Now my fox terrier dies of a heart attack at 4. And these are animals who get the best of everything else, there has to be a common denominator and I think its the food. I'm sure a lot of people will think I'm crazy, but I'm seeing a real trend here of people whose young dogs are dropping from heart attacks and cancer. Look up recipes for home made dog food.
Sep 17, 2016 Staceyd80
Well I did have a 10 yr old yorkie which was tiny n I have 8yr old yorkie which is the brother my 10 yr old was fitter than me trust!! But was stuck to me like glue abt 2months ago she went all stiff n rigid for abt a minute then got up n went straight out the garden to play with her brother well yesterday mind u a day before I left on holiday one minute she was being her normal chopsy Self next she fell to floor and died there n then I'm truly heartbroken thinking all sorts and what if n the buts just don't know why it happened its killing me was canceling the flight up til abt 2hrs of departure time but family and friends said for me to go my daughter is now looking after my 8 yr old yorkie but since I got on plane and arrived at hotel I just want to go bk home
Jan 18, 2018 Rhea Rabena
I was in a very big crash with my boyfriend and i needed reconciliation but he was not responding and he said he is never coming back, I tried to get a real spell caster to cast a Love Spell for me. no one really gave me the result i wanted, so a friend recommended me to call this DR MACK when i contacted him i thought he was like others but after some trial, his spell worked out just the way i wished, after the spell my lover returned to me and apologized and now he has been so faithful to me,, he is the best
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