Dogs' Flatulence

By Chris Wells
Dog flatulence, also known as gas or farts, can be not only unpleasant and embarrassing, but could also represent a symptom of a more serious problem with your dog. There is no single cure for flatulence because of the many factors that can cause the problem.


Foods high in carbohydrates, sugar or fiber can cause flatulence in your dog. Switching to a higher quality dog food or changing him to a raw diet might be helpful. Feeding him several smaller meals, rather than one or two larger meals, might also be beneficial in reducing the amount of gas he produces.


Exercising your dog will stimulate her intestines, which aids digestion and will help to reduce the amount of gas in her stomach.

Breathing Issues

Certain flat-faced breeds, such as bulldogs and pugs, are predisposed to being flatulent because they breathe through their mouths more than other breeds, and air gets trapped in their intestinal tract.


Swallowing air is called aerophagia. A dog who gulps his food or eats too fast will get aerophagia. The air gets trapped in his intestines and will make him uncomfortable and gassy. Use special bowls to prevent him from gulping his food.


There are various supplements you can add to your dog's food. Consult your veterinarian before adding any supplements to your dog's diet. Activated charcoal may cut down the amount of gas your dog produces, but should be used only under the direct supervision of your veterinarian.


Check your dog's stools for parasites, or take a stool sample to your veterinarian for examination. Parasites can disrupt the digestive process, produce gas and make your dog very sick. Your veterinarian will do a fecal test and will treat the parasites with medication.
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