How to Get Free or Low Cost Dog Grooming In Your Town

By Karen Curley


Bringing your dog to a professional groomer can be an expensive prospect, especially if you have a dog that needs regular grooming and clipping. Groomers charge extra for longhaired dogs, large dogs and dogs that have mats. Specific shampoos and conditioners may also cost extra. If you are willing to spend some time researching options for low-cost grooming in your town, you can save money and still have a well-groomed dog.

Step 1

Visit a do-it-yourself grooming facility, often allied to a high-end pet supply store. The facility includes shampoo, towels, hair dryers, bathing tubs and an apron for dog owners. The industrial-sized tubs are large enough to accommodate extra-large dogs weighing up to 250 pounds, such as Great Danes and Newfoundlands. You do have to bathe your dog yourself but it is more convenient than trying to wash your dog in the bathtub -- and a fraction of the cost of a professional groomer.

Step 2

Ask local dog grooming schools if they have discount grooming if you allow students to groom your dog. This is a cost-effective way to have your dog bathed and groomed if you are not concerned with a perfect haircut for your dog.

Step 3

Call the professional groomers in your area, asking them about upcoming special offers. Many groomers offer bundled packages for bathing, drying and clipping your dog. Also, ask about discount cards that give your dog one free grooming session after a specific number of visits. Most groomers also offer just a bath, clip or nail trim, if you don’t want a full grooming visit.

Step 4

Check your local Craigslist ads for dog groomers who offer specials for first-time customers or recurring special offers. Read your local newspaper for ads and coupons from local groomers. Drive by dog grooming salons in your town and check the signage in the store windows. Many businesses place signs about daily or weekly specials in the store windows, rather than advertising in the newspaper.

Step 5

Research adult education classes in dog grooming offered at your local high school or community center. These classes are inexpensive and taught by local business owners with a specific expertise they want to share with the community. Teaching the adult classes is also a way for them to advertise their own businesses. Some local groomers may be teaching classes that show you how to bathe and clip your dog with basic grooming techniques, so you can groom your dog yourself.

Step 6

Find new grooming businesses in your town. New businesses often offer discounts to establish a client base of repeating customers. Ask if the new groomers if they offer referral discounts if you send your friends to the new business.

Step 7

Check for any animal fundraisers scheduled in your town. Animal societies and dog rescue organizations offer free dog washing at the fundraisers or ask for donations for their organizations in exchange for dog washing.
Comments (3)
or why not go to walmart, buy the cheapest pair of scissors possible, some hartz shampoo and that $20 set of wahl trimmers with the plastic guards and try saving yourself the "small fortune" we groomers charge. Then after you spend $500 at the ER Vet when you cut your pet wide open maybe you'll feel a bit more comfortable with our prices.
Jul 13, 2014 /shellsdipour
Good god....why not just go spend a day in a PROFESSIONAL groom shop and go see how easy this job is. Go have fun trimming those german shepard nails, forget doing any Yorkie nails. Go see just how dirty and dangerous being a groomer is then maybe you will apreciate us more. Dont forget to go buy thousands worth of equipment, thousands on PROFESSIONAL training and continuing education. Bet your discount groomer also knows all about skin and coat care and nutrition as well....oh wait nope....because they dont care. As a canine nutritionist who also specializes in skin and coat care this article is very degrading. I treat each and every dog in my shop with the utmost care and respect just like a human child. How bout help to teach people how to find a certified groomer who isnt just a crack head who picked up a pair of clippers at a yard sale and decided to offer discount grooming using dawn or rotten oatmeal shampoo (yes oatmeal shampoo gets rotten in case yall didnt it may be making your itchy dog worse...especially since it feeds the yeast growing on your dog due to its poor diet). How bout an educational artical instead of an insulting one??? Cheap labor isnt good and good labor isnt cheap.
Jul 28, 2014 /kay.e.warren.7
Look, I know it takes a great deal of time, money and passion to become a professional groomer, but everyone has to start somewhere. Is it even POSSIBLE to learn this craft without dogs available for practice? Doesn't it require just a teensy leap of faith and a nice discount to sweeten the deal for most pup parents to even entertain letting a trainee anywhere NEAR their baby?? That's a lot of what this article suggests. For people like me, someone learning this wonderful trade, it's the ONLY way I'll be able to obtaining the experience to hopefully one day make the world a better-smelling, better-coiffed place, one dog at a time. :)
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