How to Rescue Bichon Frise Puppies

By Alexis Rohlin


According to the American Kennel Club, the bichon frise is a small, sturdy dog with a double curled coat of white fur and a happy temperament. Bichon frise and other purebred dogs are often bred and sold by puppy mills or dog farms. These places keep dogs in cages their entire lives and only use them to breed more puppies. If you come across a puppy mill or store that is mistreating the bichon frise puppies that are for sale, you can take action and help rescue them from cruelty. Rescuing a bichon frise puppy, or any dog for that matter, from an abusive owner takes a lot of dedication and patience. But your love for the animals will be rewarded the day you take your rescued bichon frise puppy home.

Step 1

Write down a list of questions so you can learn as much as you can about the abusive facility or bichon frise breeder. Start with important information such as the name and address of the business and the business owner and/or operator. You will also need to have crucial information about how the puppies are being mistreated. Do they have food and clean water, a shelter from bad weather and a clean cage? Are they given the proper vaccination shots or taken to a veterinarian when they are ill or injured? Does the owner identify the bichon frise puppies with name tags, tattoos or have ID microchips implanted in them?

Step 2

Investigate the suspected bichon frise puppy abuser's facility. Take a trusted friend with you to visit the puppy mill and make as many objective observations as you can while you are there. Do not confront the person selling the animals, just let them give you a tour of the facility and show you the bichon frise puppies that are for sale. Take notes while you are there and try to answer the following questions: Are the puppies housed separately or in a group in a cage? What locations are selling or buying their puppies? Are they sold to puppy brokers, testing labs, pet stores or straight to the public?

Step 3

Take pictures of the bichon frise puppies that you wish to rescue if you can. Local law enforcement can use photographs of abuse and neglect to remove the puppies from the owner's possession.

Step 4

Write down all of the facts you collected during your visit and save them on your computer. The ASPCA recommends making a concise, factual, written statement about what you witnessed. This statement should include the date and time of the visit, dated photographs of the abusive situation and the physical conditions of the bichon frise puppies. Answer all of the questions you wrote down. If possible, try to obtain brief, factual written statements from other witnesses as well. Keep a record of every person you speak with when you report the animal cruelty, including the date, name of the contact, what you spoke about and the decided course of action.

Step 5

Contact the American Kennel Club (AKC) if the bichon frise puppies are advertised as AKC registered dogs and the seller has no paperwork for record-keeping or ID on each dog. Breeders are required to keep paperwork for the AKC for a minimum of five years. You can report the breeder's record-keeping violations to ensure that they are not listed as a registered breeder. This will ensure that other people looking for bichon frise puppies do not purchase any animals from them. The AKC will send a field inspector to the facility to check the condition of the dogs and their environment.

Step 6

Contact your local animal shelter or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) if the animals are severely abused. Signs of severe abuse in bichon frise puppies includes dirty matted fur coats, starved or physical weak puppies that have difficulty standing, cropped ears or docked tails and being held in stacked crates with wire floors and no solid flooring.

Ear cropping and tail docking are mainly done for cosmetic reasons and not to promote the health or well-being of a dog. Ear cropping is the process of reshaping a dog's ears with cosmetic surgery. Once the dog's ears are cut, they are placed in splints and bandaged so that they heal in the desired upright position. Ear cropping is not done on bichon frise puppies, regardless of whether they are show dogs or just family pets. It is usually done on dogs that have problems with chronic ear diseases caused by birth defects or by cruel owners attempting to hide the fact that the puppy is a mixed breed. Tail docking is a procedure of amputating a tail and cutting it down to a short stump. It is typically done on large dogs for cosmetic reasons and like ear cropping, tail docking a bichon frise puppy is done to hide evidence that she is a mixed breed.

Step 7

Contact your local police department or animal control center and explain where you encountered the abused bichon frise puppies and what condition they were in. Ask questions about animal neglect or animal abuse laws in your area. Local authorities will be able to guide you to the correct legal department to speak with in order to start the process of safely and legally removing the abused bichon frise puppies from the owner's premises. Be prepared to testify as a witness in court and keep duplicate copies of all of your notes and pictures, as they may be used as evidence. In severe cases of neglect and abuse, the puppy mill or abusive seller may have all of the animals taken away or even be shut down by the local courts. This process can take quite some time and will require your patience.

Step 8

Contact the humane law enforcement officer or animal control agent once the bichon frise puppies have been removed to find out what animal shelter, rescue group or kennel they were taken to. Visit the facility to speak with the workers and express your interest in adopting one of the rescued bichon frise puppies. If the puppies are in relatively good health, chances are you will be able to adopt one and take her home to live with you.
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