How to Stop Dogs From Scratching on the Carpet

By Faith McGee


A dog's nails are generally sharp enough to easily tear through carpet fibers. The behavior is not only destructive, but can also indicate a stress problem. Dogs who are not properly exercised can express frustration and anxiety. Monitor your dog's other behavior to see if he is showing signs of stress like excessive barking, pent-up energy or overeating. Give your dog some more time to exercise and take some measures to train your dog not to scratch the carpet.

Step 1

Inspect your dog for any fleas, skin rashes or wounds. Dogs may scratch at the carpet or rub their stomachs across it to get your attention that they are suffering from a skin problem.

Step 2

Place a dog bed in the area your dog is scratching. Many dogs will scratch the carpet as part of a natural behavior of making a bed. Put down a blanket or large piece of fabric to give her a place to make a bed.

Step 3

Clip your dog's nails. Your dog may be trying to file them down. Dogs who spend a lot of their time outdoors naturally file their nails on the grass or by digging holes. If your dog's nails are long, trim them with a dog nail trimmer. Follow the directions accordingly.

Step 4

Train your dog that the behavior is not appropriate, using a water gun. When you see you dog start to dig at the carpet, spray the dog and say no. Typically, your dog will get the point after a few weeks of training.

Step 5

Avoid rewarding the behavior. You dog may be scratching the carpet as a way of getting extra attention. When your dog starts scratching the carpet, move him into another room or take them outside. Refrain from petting or giving the dog a treat to stop the dog from scratching.
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