Natural Remedies for Diarrhea in Puppies

By Glyn Sheridan


Diarrhea is not uncommon in puppies, especially if you introduce a new brand of dog food or if they get into the garbage. Your puppy's natural defense system rushes the offending substance through his stomach and intestines without stopping to digest, resulting in loose or watery stools. Occasional mild diarrhea may respond to natural remedies.
Soothe your puppy's diarrhea.


Wait for 24 hours before feeding your puppy, suggests "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats," to allow his irritated digestive system to heal. (Reference 1, p. 177) However, encourage your puppy to drink lots of water to reduce the risk of dehydration.


When you reintroduce food, start with small amounts of bland, easily digestible fare. Cooked white rice, boiled chicken breasts or boiled hamburger will soothe your puppy's stomach, or choose cooked pasta, canned pumpkin puree or mashed potatoes. Make sure all food items are free from salt, sugar and other seasonings. Avoid feeding your puppy dairy products. (Reference 1, p. 178, 79)


Dietary fiber, such as Metamucil, absorbs water in the stomach and may help firm up your puppy's loose stools. For a medium-size puppy, choose unflavored and unsweetened dietary fiber and add 1 tsp to a small amount of water before pouring it over bland food. For a toy breed, use slightly less, and double the amount for a large- or a giant-breed puppy. (Reference 1, p. 179)


If your puppy is up for it, take him for a short walk once or twice a day. The portion of the nervous system responsible for maintaining normal digestion may be stimulated by mild exercise. However, if your puppy's energy level is low, allow him to rest. (Reference 1, p. 179)


Emotional upheaval can trigger a diarrhea episode. If you just brought your new puppy home or you introduced a new pet to the family, the stress on your puppy could result in loose stools. Take the time to reassure your puppy and help him adjust to the new situation. (Reference 1, p. 180)

Call the vet

While many bouts of puppy diarrhea can be easily treated at home, prolonged diarrhea or the presence of additional symptoms, such as a fever, pain or lethargy should be examined by a veterinarian. (Reference 1, p. 178)
Comments (16)
Jan 12, 2010 Finny McGinny
My puppy had chronic diarrhea for months. We added 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin to each meal, and it cleared up in a day. He loved eating the pumpkin as well.
Feb 18, 2010 LittleK
Pumpkin is a great natural remedy for puppies and dogs. I have heard that it always works. Especially on pomeranians, with their sensitive tummies, it is what I always recommend first thing.
May 27, 2010 nodbt33
I was told by a vet that the best thing to harden the stool is plain low fat yogurt, along with white rice and plain cottage cheese all mixed together.
Nov 15, 2012 hector2594
my 7 week old puppy has diahrea and its vomiting what can i do
Dec 4, 2012 steph.w.110
@hector2594 take your pup to the vet since your pup is vomiting and having diarrhea (usually it has blood in it) to make sure it doesnt have parvo. Best of luck!
Dec 4, 2012 jennystew
my puppy has a terrible cough and diarrhoea. took him to the vet yesterday and he got an anti biotic jag plus dog recovery tin food. i think he has kennel cough as he only started coughing after being to the vet for his first inoculation. do you think the vet was too hasty in giving him the anti biotic? i have researched kennel cough and supposedly its not treatable! the virus has to clear up its self with time. now i feel the vet gave him an anti biotic that was unnecessary which will now affect his immune system. i will definitely try pumpkin puree for his diarrhoea. thanks
Dec 2, 2013 Mahantesh.K
hi friends good moring, please tell me teatment for 4weeks puppy diarrhoea.
Dec 11, 2013 sos6571
My 7-9 week old puppy has just started vomiting and having horrible diarrhea, luckily with no blood. But I fed him corn and cabbage, not knowing it was bad for him. Also, I just rescued him 2 days ago from the freezing cold! He was stuck on a tree limb in a nasty swamp area. So he has also had a HUGE change in environment and his surroundings, better change, but still a big difference from what I saved him from! But I need any suggestions, advice, just anything that will help him to feel better and stop getting sick!! I am starting to really panic and I have no idea what to do! So PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I will take ANY recommendations!!!!!
May 12, 2014 Rambo2013
6 month old boxer has had a terrible cough since February. Vet thought it was kennel cough so did nothing another vet put him on kesium then did a heart ultra sound found out he has a heart murmer then still because of the cough was put on bisolvon and metacam. Next was clinacin and now Milbemax once a week for four weeks which Wednesday will be his last dose. The cough hasn't gone away is terrible when he is sleeping and after he gets up and occasional when he's excited. He was also on eye drops for bad tears but they didn't help either. Now recently he has caught something and has diarrhea. I tried giving him wheat brown rice because it was all I have I mix with his puppy chow but it only helped for the morning after. I'm not sure how much more rice I can give him or if its even helping. What else to do?
Jun 15, 2014 justina1107
My dog is a German Shepherd he is 6 months old he's had diarrhea for the last couple months he has nothing wrong with him he's gone to the vet got his shoots and he runs and plays he eats drinks lots of water..any ideas
Jul 19, 2014 /melody.wallace.12
I rescued German Shepherd on Tuesday after a train storm. Drinks lots of water. Loose stool. I think she is about 4 months. Stayed her on pumpkin this evening to see if it would work. Will let you know in a few days.
Jul 19, 2014 /melody.wallace.12
Sorry...maybe you can figure out what that post said. Stupid auto correct!
Aug 12, 2014 eiffel21
my 4 months old puppy has diarrhea and so weak. he doesn't want to eat.. what should i do? help. please.
Aug 16, 2014 visionez
I was away for few months and I when I came back my dog (German Shepherd) has mate with the neighbours one (Rottweiler). I found 13 puppies and I never have dealt with so any puppies before. One day I sow a watery stool and I was wondering which one was it, there all were looking fine and I thought they are just going to be fine. I kept seeing the watery stool and after few days I realised that it was smelly, so I start worrying and looking for the sick pup, this is very difficult when you have so many puppies. As I kept watching suddenly I sow a pup that is not playing like others, I took him into the house and I sow he has a sad expression and I started to touch his body to find out he was very skinny and suddenly it vomited all the food he just ate. I got very nervous and I though taking him to the vet but I called the vet and they charge £40 for consultation plus the medicine and unfortunately I didn’t have this amount of money with me. I started to think what to do and in desperation I started to pray asking for wisdom to know what to do and for the sickness of the puppy. Then I went to the internet and I read that someone has a friend which is Vet and he suggest in cases of diarrhoea to boil water and add one tea spoon of sugar and salt and give it to the pup and after the pup recovers to give boil rice and chicken with no salt. I also remember that my mother used gave us lemon juice when we had diarrhoea back in South America, so I boiled the water and I filled a standard size glass with it and added the salt and the sugar. The problem now was how I was going to give it! Then I remember that I have just finished de-wormed them and I had saved the container of the worming syrup (beaphar worming syrup). This container has a pump that when pressed you get exactly 1.1 ml per pump. I started by open his mouth and pressing the pump 3 times (3.3 ml total) every 15 min also I stopped food but put lots of water with one squeeze of lemon on it not full lemon but one squeeze of half of lemon. The puppy was so bad that it did not walk but sleep all the time. I keep given the syrup for about 12 hours and not food and from time to time he woke up and drunk the water with the lemon. Suddenly he woke up and after 12 hours and started walking through the house I could see his face looks has changed. I carry on given the syrup through the night and day after I stopped the syrup and gave him the rice with the chicken only and 48 hours later he was just fine I check his stools and there were progressing until they got hart like a sausage!. All this happened when the puppy was 6 weeks old but remember there were 12 pups and later I realized that some of them keep going on with soft stool and sometimes a bit of watery one. So I though what about if all of them get to the point of the previous one treated. I when online again and I find out that lemon aids in the cleansing of the bowels which helps both constipation and diarrhoea, it also helps the dog in many other areas like Arthritis, Anti-Aging, Antibacterial, Braid Health, Cancer, Calming and more ( od-for-dogs-many-health.html). I started to squeeze lemon in the water (no too much just a drop but constantly every time I change the water) and later in the food, I just squeezed a bit of half lemon on the hard food and mixed with a spoon. See below pictures of the stools made by them up today 16/08/2014 https :// c/IMAG0047.jpg https://www 0052.jpg https://www.dropb pg Now I am not suggesting that this is a Vet prescription and you need to follow it, I’m just telling my testimony with my puppies, it’s up to you to try it or not I hope the best with your puppies and God Bless you and your puppy. If you have any questions please post it and I will do my best in answering them.
Aug 16, 2014 visionez
I forgot to mention I was away but my wife was taken care of my dog for the 4 months I was away.
Aug 16, 2014 visionez
The sick puppy mention above can be seen at the top of this picture: wt9rdc/IMAG0047.jpg
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