How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting

By eHow Pets Editor


young puppies, nipping, biting and "mouthing" are normal behaviors and rarely cause serious harm. But it's important to stop these behaviors before your dog reaches adulthood, when a bite could inflict serious injury.

Things You'll Need:

  • Dog Leashes
  • Rope Dog Toys
  • Vinyl Dog Toys
  • Fleece Dog Toys
  • Canvas Dog Toys
  • Puppy Treats
  • Frisbees


Step 1:

Begin your training early - when your puppy is 6 weeks old, if possible.

Step 2:

Teach your puppy that biting hurts you. When he bites, give a sharp "no!" or "ouch!" - or even a yelp like a dog would make. This is the same reaction that your puppy would get from another puppy if he bit too hard during play. It teaches him that he's been too rough, and the odds are that he'll be more gentle next time.

Step 3:

Remove your hand slowly - don't jerk it away - and give your puppy a toy that he can chew on without damage.

Step 4:

If your puppy ignores your reaction and bites again, repeat your "no!," "ouch!" or yelp, and leave the room for a few minutes. Let your puppy know that when he bites, he will lose his playmate. This, too, mirrors the reaction he would get from another puppy if he played too roughly.

Step 5:

Be persistent in your training. As your puppy's behavior improves and his bites are softer, continue to yelp or give a sharp "no!" or "ouch!" whenever he puts his teeth on you. Make it clear that all bites are painful and unacceptable to humans.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure your puppy always has plenty of chew toys to exercise his mouthing and chewing instincts.
  • Make sure your puppy is getting plenty of exercise and play time every day. Going for walks, playing fetch and learning tricks are great distractions that may reduce biting.
  • Try to create a consistent schedule for play time - perhaps 15 to 30 minutes, twice a day. Your puppy will learn to look forward to that time and will be less likely to seek attention at other times.
  • Remind all family members, including children, to be consistent about the "no biting" rule.
  • If your training doesn't seem to be working or if your puppy becomes aggressive instead of backing off when you indicate that he's hurt you, see a veterinarian or professional trainer for help.
  • Rough games like tug-of-war and wrestling may encourage aggressive behavior, including biting.
  • If you have young children, don't leave your puppy alone with them until he has learned not to bite.

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Comments (20)
Jun 5, 2008 maggie magnolia
thanx ill see if it helps...
Jun 27, 2008 dogluver736
sounds good. ill try it with my puppy she bites all the time
Jul 6, 2008 Mara
My puppy bit the vet!
Jul 16, 2008 mathes
But what if my puppy is deaf and can't hear my say ouch? I am having a terrible time with him and he is chewing up the carpet?! And he has probably 6 bones and 5 ropes! Grrrrr He is a pistol! H-E-L-P!!
Sep 5, 2008 KyanaJ
Thanks!!I sure hope this helps. He still likes to nibble sometimes.
Sep 9, 2008 Cortney21
I wish I had tried all of that when my dogs were young.
Jan 15, 2009 Alyciia!!
My puppy isn't that young but she bites like crazy! Idunno, if she hates us being taller than her or she wants to play but it is really annoying and it hurts too cause her teeth are S.H.A.R.P.! I'm gunna still try this thou... it might just work.. maybe...if my sister can learn to obey these rules too :p
Jan 15, 2009 Alyciia!!
My puppy isn't that young but she bites like crazy! Idunno, if she hates us being taller than her or she wants to play but it is really annoying and it hurts too cause her teeth are S.H.A.R.P.! I'm gunna still try this thou... it might just work.. maybe...if my sister can learn to obey these rules too :p
Jan 23, 2009 katiee
I have tried a million things for my puppy, but what it came down to in the end is having lots of toys and stuff for him to chew on. I even gave him old shoes, which he loves. I buy him a new toy/new chewies every week or two, and he stays entertained and doesn't bite anymore.
Jan 29, 2009 gramtrude
My puppy is just 5 months old. He knows he should not bite us because i've had him since he was 7 weeks old. But when I yelp like another dog he really gets mad. And when you shake a finger and tell him no, you should see him. He goes ballistic. It's funny now, but he can't keep doing that. I'll try ignoring him for a bit and see if that helps. He has tons of toys and likes them all. He will stop chewing us and chew the toy sometimes, but my hubby isn't the type to get up and replace his arm with a toy. It's hard when only one is doing the training. Confusing to the pup. I'll try ignoring him and see if that helps.
Mar 3, 2009 jamilis
Blayze is still young and we have been trying the techniques for about a month now so hopefully baby girl will nibbling
Apr 5, 2009 Charlie2009
the yelping like another puppy works every time with my 7 week old border collie
May 30, 2009 nouvellarose
I have a maltese puppy that is 4 months old. bought her on-line and she was high end. High end puppy mill and to date have spent $5,000.00 for medical. She is so sweet and is eating the last 3 weeks but at 7 at night she runs around and up and down the stairs like she is possessed??? What is going on? I have never owned a Maltese..had a poodle and never experienced this behaviour. The biting was horrible and I stopped that asap! Tonight after 5 weeks she is back in her crate as I have had it. I am no longer the leader of the pack as all her sickness..she was babied.and now she pee's and poops....after she does her business and then to play will bark at me..and lo and behold drop a pee the size of a quarter to play (she loves to run and be chased. My new carpet is destroyed and I cannot part with her. Does anyone have any suggestions? She, is late on dog obedience classes as she had coccidia, that is now gone. The evening is so bad for about an hour as she has this witching hour...horrible. Could something be wrong with her? HELP!!
Jun 21, 2009 candygirl93
thanks i will try to do it on ginger
Feb 8, 2011 SpiritAfire3569
Great for a puppy that can hear, but how about training a deaf puppy not to bite?
Feb 25, 2012 CosmicPup
Maybe for some pups, but my teething puppy just wants to chew and play and sharply saying "NO" isn't effective anymore, like babies, they hear the word no too many times in their growing up. Our natural reaction is to scold, but here is an awesome and effective way to not have to get upset. It's basically a quick time out. Any time he bites me, (or does anything else I don't want him to be doing) I say "One more time" and hold up my finger. The next time he does it, or if he keeps doing it, I immediately say "Too bad" (only once) while I pick him up and put him in the bathroom or the closet, close the door and only leave him there for ten or twenty seconds, but no longer then one minute. If cries or scratches, I wait a few seconds to open the door till he stops. When I open the door I say "Try again? Good Boy." Then I say "where's your toy?" even a carrot or pine cone to chew on. Do it as many times as you need to, if you stay persistent, this technique works so great, my puppy is about 8 weeks old and got the hang of it in one day.
Jun 8, 2012 lvmycockers
Cosmicpup Please do not recommend anyone to give their dogs a PINECONE to chew on. I had a 5month old pup from my pups obiedence class die last week because he ate a pinecone and the owners couldnt afford to pay 3500.00 for a vet bill. NO ONE should suggest such a thing. Just wanted everyone on here to NOT DO THAT!!!!!
Jul 23, 2013 jondizzle
I have a 9 week old Collie x Husky and she chews/bites everything, from me to wires, and clothes to bathroom tiles (tries anyway). when I tell her off she thinks its a game and jumps around getting even more bitey! Iv tried giving her a toy instead of my foot, and tried stern 'no' and 'stop' orders, even taps on the nose to deter her but nothing seems to deter her, any suggestions please?
Sep 2, 2014 Griffyn
I bought my mother a Shi-zoo? Puppy,he came from a very good blood lines,although they did give him to mom at 5.5 weeks old.. We've tried the no,the yelp,walking away,the crate, and he still attacks us whenever we try to hold him or pet him( I really think THIS puppy IS possessed??, mom has stitches in her top lip, and her hands are ripped to shreds!!! I've owned all kinds of dogs,even use to be a breeder of Boston Terrier,and Pugs. This is a New for me!!! Can anybody help, she so attached to him and would never part with him, he's now 9.5 wks old and mom is 82...HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
Jul 11, 2015 Ben_L
I personally LOVE Dog's just like that, and would (in the least) NOT mind coming over to watch anyone's Dog, that are like what member 'jondizzle' has described.
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