Meet Dozer, Our Shelter Dog of the Week!

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month continues, and this week we’re featuring Dozer, an English Mastiff!

Dozer was rescued from a Humane Society near Des Moines in 2012.  He was seven years old at the time, and his previous owner surrendered him because he was no longer able to take care of him.  Dozer was malnourished, underweight, and suffering from a painful infection.  On top of that, he was infested with fleas and extremely uncomfortable.

Dozer before
Dozer when he first got to his new home.

His forever family fell in love with Dozer and were determined to nurse him back to health.  Once they got Dozer home, they began the long road to recovery.  Dozer was depressed and had difficulty trusting his new family at first, but after time and some serious TLC (and lots of yummy food!), he began warming up to his new home and their other dog.

He loves hugs, belly rubs, peanut butter sandwiches, and giving slobbery kisses!

Dozer now: happy, healthy and full of life!
Dozer now: happy, healthy and full of life!

Thank you to The Sndyer Family for sharing Dozer’s story.  We’re so glad this one has a happy ending!

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-Amanda @ The Daily Puppy