Meet Barry, Our Shelter Dog of the Week!

Happy Halloween!  In addition to today being a fun holiday, it’s also the last day of National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.  Our final adoption story (for now!) comes from Barry, an adorable Spitz.


At four months old, Barry was rescued from a dog hoarder who had been harboring sixty dogs.  He was tiny, weighing in at only four pounds.  He was rescued and put up for adoption by the Society For Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).  His new forever family spotted him one week after his rescue and immediately adopted him.

His tough start to life had some negative effects at first.  Barry was scared of everything from other dogs, to children, to cars.  Luckily, Barry’s new family had a patient Pomeranian named Charlie who helped him adjust to his new life.  Barry eventually bonded with Charlie, and got a whole new sense of confidence around things that normally scared him.  With Charlie by his side, things didn’t seem quite so bad.  Barry has adjusted to his new life,  and is extremely happy in his forever home!

Thanks to Amanda for sharing Barry’s story — and thank you to everyone who submitted their dogs to be featured.  The importance of pet adoption can not be overstated, so keep on spreading the word!

– Amanda @ The Daily Puppy