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Is Your Dog Social Petworking?

Our fabulous pooches can sometimes be real divas, but put them in front of a camera, and their smize could make Tyra Banks jealous.

How many dogs have you liked on Facebook? How often do you tune into cute cat videos?

If it seems every dog and his pack are online these days, you’re not too far off. Chew on this: there are an estimated 23 million pet Facebook profiles and pages!

We knew we weren’t the only ones who post pup pics online, but more than half of you are doing the same! And 44% of you are sharing videos, too. That from an exclusive survey of 413 dog-lovers using SurveyMonkey Audience. The results provided us with fascinating insights to the wild world of social pet-working. Naturally, we spun it all up into a Facebook-friendly infographic, featuring the most famous among the furry and tips for helping them land that big break (for you, their agent).

Do you have a dog that can’t get enough of the spotlight? Rest assured, his name doesn’t need to be Tuna (and his 763,000 Instagram followers) to see her Klout score soar. Maybe she has a special ability. Or perhaps, he makes silly faces. Any of these skills can turn your dog into a big time celebrity.

But don’t say we didn’t warn you. Once they get 89 million views on YouTube (or start saying “I love you,” like Mishka), the fame could go to their head.

Social Petworking