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Daily Puppy Shareable Cards – Part 2

Yesterday we posted two shareable cards featuring a couple of the cutest pups of The Daily Puppy, courtesy of the funny folks at someecards. Today we’ve got a couple more for you!  If you’ve ever felt terrible leaving your furry friend home alone when you left for work, or if you’ve ever laughed at how distracted your pup can be sometimes, you’ll love these.

Click the card to send it to your friends, and check back tomorrow for the last two in the bunch.

someecards.com - I feel guiltier leaving my dog at home than I do leaving my spouse.


someecards.com - My puppy's attention span is almost as tragically short as mine.

Happy sharing!

-Amanda @ The Daily Puppy

Daily Puppy Shareable Cards!

We’ve got something sure to brighten up your day!  We teamed up with our friends at someecards to bring you hilarious (and adorable) cards, featuring some of the cutest dogs ever featured at The Daily Puppy!  We’ve got more on the way, so check back tomorrow for another two cards.

Click on each individual card to share it with your friends!

someecards.com - I pray my dog never finds out how much more popular cats are on the Internet.


someecards.com - I bet my dog would be my least annoying Facebook friend.


Hope you love them as much as we do!

-Amanda @ The Daily Puppy