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Meet Mavis, Our Shelter Dog of the Week!

October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, and we here at The Daily Puppy truly believe in the importance of adoption.  When you adopt, in addition to saving a life, you’re also helping reduce pet overpopulation and taking a small, but significant, step in ending puppy mills once and for all.  If you need more convincing, we’ve made a Top 10 List of reasons to adopt here.

To help spread awareness about the importance of pet adoption, we’re featuring a Shelter Dog of the Week every month throughout the month of October!  First up is Mavis, an adorable little rescue from Wright-Way Rescue shelter in Niles, Illinois.

Just look at that face!

Mavis has brought joy to her new family, and loves playing fetch, going for walks, and exploring new places.  She has even earned the nickname “Mave the Brave” because of her courageous spirit!

Mavis was lucky she was adopted from Wright Way Rescue at the time she was, because two weeks after her adoption, a school bus crashed through the storefront of the rescue in what ended up being a sad freak accident.  It blew a massive hole into the side of the shelter’s building, and left the organization without a safe base of operations for the critical work they do finding homes for pets in need.

Credit: ABC

Miraculously, no people or animals were injured, but the pets Wright Way cares for are in desperate need of adoption since the building is not salvageable.  For more information, or to make a much needed donation, please click here.

Thanks to Lauren for submitting her adorable little bundle of puppy joy, and for giving us the opportunity to help spread the word about Wright Way’s difficult situation.  We hope Wright Way gets the assistance they need so they can continue with their mission of rescuing animals.

To submit your adopted dog for Shelter Dog of the Week, email us at
blog at dailypuppy.com with your story.

-Amanda @ The Daily Puppy