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CAS, as we call him, is an adorable, loveable, cuddly active 4 year old. He loves to play, run, chase his ball and toys, best ones are those that squeak! He likes you to try to take them from him but I can't get under the chairs and tables where he likes to hide! Last Sunday he was viciously attackd by a pitt bull and is lucky to be alive. He had surgery to repair all the tears and holes the dog left and it was a traumatic event for both of us-watching it happen and trying to get them apart was the worst thing I have ever gone through. I truly thought he was dead when we finally got them apart. I am thankful to still have him as my best buddy! Deb MONDAY Unfortunately, I had to take CAS back to the vet this morning. The spot on his butt that they have been watching and been concerned about came open, really wide too. They have to take him back to surgery and remove all that dead skin and cut off some skin to have NEW skin to suture together. While in there, they will check everything else and clean things up as needed! I am just so sad and hurting for my poor little dog! Today when I took him in the vet's office, is the first time he started shaking as we went in. He is alert enough that he has figured out what happens in "THAT PLACE" Poor thing! FRIDAY DEC 7--UPDATE ON CASANOVA Don't know how else to put in an update-- Well friends, the best laid plans of mice and I had planned to leave FL for parts North on Monday, the 10th, I have now pushed that back two days because it is what's best for CAS! We went to the vet this morning, hoping to get the rest of the stitches removed from his back end! Seems they are not quite ready to be taken out and don't want to take any chances of it opening up again!! Vet took his temperature, much to his displeasure, and he is running a fever. He has been coughing and like gagging the entire time through this and this morning for about 2 hours before we went to the vet's office! He has also been drinking a good bit more water than usual and is out of breath very easily. I have taken him for a very few short walks, at his request! He comes back quite out of breath. I'm thinking it is recovering from the two surgeries and anesthesia. WEll, after taking x-rays, it seems, he has the beginnings of pneumonia! Of all things! Thought he was doing so much better. It is not critical but you can definitely see more of an area that is cloudy than on the x ray the night he was admitted for his first surgery! So, the antibiotic that had to be nixed before to change to the one for the MRSA, is now being used for Pneumonia. At least I got my money's worth on that one. Hopefully it will help clear up the pheumonia. I'll send you an update on Wednesday. Remember, if I'm traveling, it will be that evening when I find a hotel room to take us both! Thanks again for all your well wishes for both of us and for your support. CAS and Debby

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Comments (26)
Nov 25, 2012 Snippy7
Nov 25, 2012 dachshund afficiando
Poor baby! CAS is a beautiful, adorable dachshund. Prayers as he recovers.
Nov 26, 2012 wolfgirl66
I am happy that he is getting better! He's very beautiful and he looks super sweet in all of his pics!
Nov 26, 2012 natureswonders
Get well sweetie, so you can play and run and just have fun. Love from Davey( natures wonder} and his mommy and daddy,
Nov 26, 2012 doxielvr59
Doxies are a great breed and very resilient. CAS looks very sweet. I hope he is as stubborn as my girls and if he is I know he will get better faster. I'm sorry for the tears and pain the pit caused you both. Hang in there.
Nov 26, 2012 gryt
What do we have here, a little sock stealer? :) Such a darling boy. Get well soon sweetie. Xoxo.
Nov 27, 2012 debnmickey
Thank you all for your comments and support. Yes, a sock thief at his best! Shoes are more work but he likes them too and i have to go searching under all the beds to find the mates! He is very sweet and has a good stubborn streak in him so I'm sure he will recover well. Just hope he is not afraid of people and other animals after this. I know I am!! Debby
Nov 28, 2012 dogdays
Gorgeous photos--I especially like this one. Looks like you have a wonderful life together. So sorry for his ordeal.
Nov 28, 2012 virgilsmama
I too just read your profile and I am thankful you were saved, you poor baby boy! I cannot imagine how your mama felt when that happened other than horrified! What a terrible happening. I shed tears for you and my stomach is sick. We will say prayers for your little body and for your hurt feelings. We send love, Liz, Daisy, Buddy and Levon!
Nov 28, 2012 virgilsmama
I too just read your profile and I am thankful you were saved, you poor baby boy! I cannot imagine how your mama felt when that happened other than horrified! What a terrible happening. I shed tears for you and my stomach is sick. We will say prayers for your little body and for your hurt feelings. We send love, Liz, Daisy, Buddy and Levon!
Nov 28, 2012 Dophie
Deb, I'm so sorry for your little baby. I have a Doxie that looks so much like Cas. I can't imagine how it felt for you to witness this. We're you just out minding you own business and the pit bull came from nowhere? So very scary. Godspeed to little Cas and hope he gets back to his old self soon with no memories or I'll effects from that nasty dog.
Nov 28, 2012 Dophie
*ill effects!
Nov 28, 2012 chelsearosebud
Sweet Baby .... I am distressed reading what happened to you. Please know I am praying for your full recovery and send lots of healing wishes and sweet kisses for all of your "owies". I'm sorry your parents had to witness this awful event. Please take care. Love you, Little Soldier! xoxo
Nov 28, 2012 debnmickey
Dophie, and all--yes minding our own business but stopped to talk to the neighbor and it was his dog--always friendly before but never know with Pitts and some dogs. He snapped and yes it was a horrible thing to witness. It will take us both a long time to get past this trauma in our lives. The pitt was shaking him like a stuffed toy and had himn by the throat. No way here to get the dog put down or out of the neighborhood unless the owner is willing! This is the second time he has attacked someone minding their own business and out with no leash! Owner right there and TG as he finally got him off. I truly thought my precious CAS was dead when I picked up his limp, motionless body! Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes--we need them all! Debby
Nov 28, 2012 pupfanatic
Oh, God, Cas, I just read that awful story. How horrible. The good news (no, the GREAT news) is that you are w/ us and are getting better. Thank GOD. I'm so sorry, lil angel, and am sending kisses via online to you. Since your Mommy, rightfully, spoils you, I'm sure you're getting everything you want right now!! Maybe some steak would help? Hmmm. Anyway, please feel better asap, precious one.
Nov 28, 2012 tazzysmom
This picture is what I want dear Cas to be doing again soon...frolicking on the beach in the sunshine. I went through the same trauma with our baby, Shamrock. She was attacked by two pit bulls and nothing would break off the attack except a neighbor putting a Samurai sword through one attacker! Cas will have scars, but it looks like he will make a full recovery. Keep us posted.
Nov 29, 2012 debnmickey
OH my, a Samurai sword! My neighbor used a shovel and still was just a miracle to get him to drop Cas. Oh that image in my head is awful! Someone told me they had read if you pick up both back legs of the dog attacking, as high as you can, they would let go. Guess the angle of the head and all makes it necessary to keep balance??? Been trying to figue that one out! but, who knows, another useless piece of information we store in our brains! He is doing better today, eating well and leaving only the pill in the bottom of the bowl! Stinker! Debby
Nov 29, 2012 lucybee
Such a traumatic event.A friend of mine when through the exact same thing,except two pits had her boy on each end tugging and she had to pull them off.He had the same sort of wounds,but recovered after surgery.I hope you both get over this awful thing.Best of luck to you and Cas.
Nov 30, 2012 debnmickey
We're getting there lucybee! Thanks for the support. Now we're dealing with MRSA and taking specific drugs for that. CAS is still resting a lot but doing more things he normally does. Debby
Feb 21, 2013 Snippy7
cas- please feel better soon! ur sooooo cute, i
Apr 30, 2013 Snippy7
i hope he gets better!!!
Aug 31, 2013 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 5th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Sep 1, 2013 debnmickey
Yes, yesterday was CASANOVA'S fifth birthday. He is doing so well, you would not know he was ever attacked or injured. His momma not doing as well because I still have pangs of horror when I hear that dog bark in his yard and recently my other neighbor had a bobcat in her back fenced yard, next to us! I have this horrible fear each night when I let CAS out that the bobcat will come back and take CAS! I must upload a current picture as he is still a beautiful, happy little boy that gives me Joy each and every day!
Aug 31, 2014 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 6th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Aug 31, 2015 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 7th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Aug 31, 2016 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 8th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
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