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Darcy was an amazing dog. When I was two years old, we got her from a farm, and she has been my best friend ever since. She was always a chubby dog, but instead of fat she had 'love-handles' because she was so well loved! Whenever anyone felt down, she cheered them up, no matter how she was. When, in her final monthes, she was suffering from the pain of her cancer, she tried only to cheer up her people. In loving memory, Darcy Mitchell. Rest in peace forever, my beautiful baby girl! I wrote a short version of her life's story on her website, but since its not accesible without a password I have posted it.........................................: This is the story of a dog. She was an amazing dog, even though her miracle work was never in her benifit...only to benefit others. I am her master (ha more like she's mine) and best friend, Julia. This is her story from where I stand...a twelve-year-old (ok, I was when I lost my angel) trying to balance her life out for ten (ok almost eleven) year old dog. She's my best friend and always will be (sorry guys :)), even after she's gone. Darcy was born in May, 1997. We picked her out of a bunch of puppies on a Saturday afternoon, after hearing from out neighbors that they had just bought one as well. She was one of the only two females remaining, and that was what my dad had wanted. We took her home with us, and immediatley she began to play with Becardi, my cat, who died suddenly not long after Darcy arrived. She fit right in with the family, and won the heart of anyone who came around. She was a great guard dog when it came to strangers, but she quickly became affectionate with people who came around often. The house, the street, the neighborhood park, it all became farmilliar with her little puppy mind. My mom's former landlord, Albi, and Trudy became an immediate part of Darcy's large fan club...and an extention of her family. Two years later in 1999, my little sister Sarah was born. She basically ignored Darcy, as babies will, but somewhere along the road she came to love her. She played out in the snow with her, me and my older sister Jenna. With this family, Darcy experienced her first winter, complete with snowfall, and her first hot summer. During this hot summer, my family bought recreational property and a trailer up in Princeton. We would vacation there, and in the mornings and nights I would take her for walks down the long driveway, and to visit Franz and Kathy at the river, sometimes accompanied by my 6-year-old best friend, Conner. She loved Princeton until we sold it around 2003 and started looking for property closer to water. In 2004, my family moved out of busy Walnut Grove. I moved schools as well, the year I was going into grade four and my sister was headed into kindergarten. We had recently visited the people at the end of the street, and I made fast friends with Lexi, the girl going into the fifth grade. We talked and talked and played on the trampoline, and she introduced me to her friends. I became friends with most of them, but Lexi and her friend Nicole (Nikki) remained my closest. I was new, so I wanted to make friends in my class. That was how I met Leslie...because she was in the same situation as me. Me and Lexi and Leslie stayed great friends, and they came to love Darcy almost as much as me. Darcy came to know them, and would openly welcome them whenever they came. As well, she came to welcome Nikki, who visited as often as I visited her. In May of 2007, my family finally found recreational property up in Tulameen, only a half hour away from Princeton. Darcy loved it up there, and she loved playing with Keya, the dog next door, even thought Keya was not interested in playing. During that summer, Darcy had a great time going for walks, boat rides, swims, etc. That was when me and my little sister met Josh, a 13 year old boy next door, and his eight year old brother Taylor. Whenever we were up there, we would hang out during the day and play board games and have camp fires at night. Dacry stayed close through it all. One day, while me, my sisters and Jenna's boyfriend Andrew were up, Darcy had a breakdown. She completely collapsed, and she stared right through us as if she didn't recognize who we were. I ran as fast as I could over to the neighbors to see about a vet, but they said they didn't know of any around. I went back, and Darcy had been carried onto the deck and covered in water. We tried to calm her, and eventually it worked. Darcy continued to have spells like this, along with inability to go up and down the stairs, laboured breathing, and lack of energy. Her gums and ears began to lose colour, and her eyes did not look happy, as usual. She stopped eating for long periods of time, then she would eat again and we would think she was better, but she was not. Then on Christmas Eve, 2007, as my family was preparing to go out to our yearly party, I went to sit with her, as I often do. I looked into her beautiful puppydog eyes and knew she wasn't feeling good. I took her for a short walk down the street, but she wan't into it...she still didnt' look good. We went on to the party, but I was so scared to leave her. As soon as we got back, I ran over to her and checked her. Her eyes still did not look good, and she wouldn't move not matter what. My sisters and Andrew hurried upstairsafter me, and Andrew tried to get her up, but she wouldn't. Sarah tried offering her a treat, but she turned her head the other way. My parents came upstairs and tried, unsucessfully. She wouldn't move on her own. My dad and Andrew decided to carry her, and I followed with her bed. We put her by the back door, and when we turned the lights on... This is the part of the story that anyone who doesn't love this dog to pieces will find a little you be your own judge. When we turned the lights up, we found that Darcy had thrown up at the back door, trying to get outside. My dad went to clean it up, and I went to get water for Darcy. She wouldn't drink it unless it was out of my hand, so I sat there with her and gave her water until she couldn't drink anymore, and then finally persuaded her to go outside. It was snowing, and there was already a lot on the ground, so she ate it when she was thirsty. But everything that hit her empty stomach, even water, made her throw up again. My dad read up on the internet that we had to keep her hydrated, so I went and sat beside her on the snowy ground, giving her water. Even though I was only in a tank top and jeans, my mind was set on that dog and I couldn't even feel the cold. It was around 11:30 then, and my dad came out to see how she was doing. She moved over to the grass, because she was going to throw up again, and when she did her pain was so obvious that I couldn't stand it anymore. I started to cry really hard and running, wishing there was someone there for me to hold onto...but this story isn't about I'm going to skip that part :) After my mom came out and found me a while later, I went inside. She was stationed on her bed by the door, right next to Jenna and Andrew. I went to bed to, but my mind was on her all night. At 7:30, my little sister woke me up (of course, it was Christmas) and she continued to wake up the rest of the house. She went straight to the hamster she had gotten for Christmas, while I went straight to Darcy. She was looking better, but still not eating...or moving. By the time family came for dinner, she was walking again. She appeared better, and everyone went on their normal lives, though we noticed her abdomin area seemed swollen and tense. She went in and out of eating, and had occasional spells like the one in Tulameen. She seemeed sick then she was ok. Little did we know she was never ok. On January 28th, 2008, I went to dance as usual and my dad took Darcy to the vet. I came back as usual and sat down next to her immediatly. I asked my dad what was wrong, was she ok? He said not good...his voice breaking on every word he spoke. I looked at him, and he was crying. Now, that might not be unusual for some people, but I had only ever seen my dad cry once before. I knew I would cry to, so I went to my room to think it over. I thougt about how she had been part of my life since long before I could remember, how I was ever going to live without her. She was more of my life than anyone or anything, and I loved her more than life itself. My mind didn't let me accept that she was going to be gone. I looked in the mirror, and I knew that if anyone saw me they wouldnt recognize me. I wiped the black tears from my eyeliner and marcara (from my dance rehearsal) of my face and went back to sit beside my puppy again. My mom came in, and both of my parents were crying, so I went outside to be alone again. Now, this story may make me seem like some little baby with no tolerence for sadness, but this was my dog, and my life. I set myself outside in the snow again, trying to think, but my head was so full that nothing came to my mind. My best friend, Lexi, was leaving for Disneyland the next day, and I wanted her to know about Darcy, but I didn't say anything in the car ride out of fear of upseting Max. That was a mistake. On the 29th, when she left, I went home to Darcy and asked my dad what it was she had. He said she has a disease called anemia. I looked it up online and found out it was a difiency where her body was destroying her red blood cells and not letting them do their job. I also found that it could be caused by fleas, ticks, worms, cancer, and other diseases, and that it was almost always curable. And from my dad I learned that we had sent in blood tests and were getting the results the next day... So I went to school. And from there I called my dad at 10:20...yes I remember that time. I could hear him crying as he told me she wasn't good, and that we would talk when we got home. He also told me that my mom would be picking me up that day instead of me walking, so I KNEW it wasn't good. My other best friend, Leslie, was waiting for me. I broke down and told her eveything as she hugged me, which there happens to be a rule against at our school, so the principal got mad but we didn't care. Yes, a rule against hugging...let's not get off topic. I told her I would call her as soon as I knew what was up, and she obviously felt bad about it...but not as bad as me. When I got home, my dad was waiting with Darcy. He told us, though I could see he didn't want to, that Darcy had a disease called or a mass on her spleen...cancer. It was then that the phone rang. If you care, this is how me and Leslie's conversation went. If you dont, skip ahead. Leslie started... "Hello? Julia? What did he say??" And then me..."He...." "Julia? Are you ok?" "She...she has cancer" "Oh my god..." "Ya..." "What kind?" "Hm?" "What kinda cancer?" "Oh...spleen...and we left it to..." "To..." "We left it to's going to be fatal. I dont know the details but..." "Isn't there ANYTHING you can do?" "Well, she could have an operation that could extend her life 200 days" "200? That isnt even a year!" "I know...and thats if she lives through it" " you mean?" "She might not live through the operation...and If they find more...." Then we pause...a break so we can cry. "If they find more, which is a huge possibility, she will be put down right then." "WHAT?!? NO!" "Ya, I..." Then my mom came on "Juls? Can you come inside...we need to talk to you." Me..."Maybe I dont want to talk." "Julia, come on..." "I guess I have to go Leslie." And the rest doesnt matter. That was what had caused the anemia in the first place. I spent that time talking to friends alot...and more with her (Darcy). School was hard, because I couldn't concentrate. I told Leslie that day that that this was her last week. I tried calling Nikki, my third and final best friend, (I have a little trouble deciding on one), but she wasnt there. On Thursday, nothing major happened. My family put themselves into a position of beleiving she was getting better. I told some friends about Darcy, including Josh from Tulameen, who would never see her again, and the people in my class who had been away and didn't hear the news from Leslie. I got a lot of sympathy, but the worst part was that even though my angel was dying, all she tried to do, despite all her pain, was comfort me and love me unconditionally. That had always been what she was best at. A person had to earn her love but once they did, they neve lost it. Some of my very close friends and extended family are sure to know that. Then on Friday, I finally got a hold of Nikki on MSN. She agreed to come over the next day to say goodbye to her, and see her for the final time. Through this all, I couldn't come to accept what was happening. The next day, Saturday, was the day Nikki was to come over. My parents both went out in the morning, as they always do on Saturdays, and Jenna, Andrew and my grandma came over. I took Darcy for a walk over to get Nikki, and she set her mind on stepping into every icy puddle and snow bank along the way. When we got back to my house, we and Nikki spent the day hanging out like any other day, and it was just another day...the days that followed were not. On Sunday morning, I woke up to Darcy heavily breathing beside me. I put my hand on her stomach, and found that is was incredibly swollen. Her whole body was tensed up, and her breathing just got worse and worse. My dad called her upstairs, and she tried to go but had trouble even standing. She didn't want to eat her peanutebutter-smothered medication, but we made her because it was what was making her pain absent. My dad took her out into the backyard for a walk, and she moved onto the grass unwillingly...she didn't want to go anywhere, she just wanted to lie down. She went with him, because all she ever wanted was to make us happy despite her pain. She went pee, but then she just lie down and rolled over right beside it. My dad called the vet, and he scheduled for us to bring her back in at 1:00. We decided to get a clay pawprint for her memory. So at one o'clock, February 2nd, 2008, Darcy walked with her loving family into the veteranarian's office for the last time and never walked out again. hemangiosarcoma Her Last Day When I woke up that morning she lay beside me, breathing heavily. I knew she wasn't ok. She tried to get up, but it clearly pained her. When my dad called her up the stairs she struggled. She went outside with him, but she didn't even want to step out. She finally did and went pee, but then she sullenly lay down beside it. My dad decided that she was in to much pain, he called the veteranarian's office. We scheduled to take her in at one o'clock. When we went on the car ride there, she sat beside me with her front legs, head and chest on my legs. She acted as if everything was ok. While my tears wet her beatuiful golden fur, she tried to comfort me. That was the longest ride of my life. When we arrived at the vet's office, we bought a clay pawprint and a scrap of fur with it. We finally took her into the room, and the vet let us have some time with her. If you don't want to read the rest, I'm not saying you have to. I stayed in the room with her and my mom, while my dad and Sarah left. I hugged her and cried until the doctor came in and talked us through what was going to happen, but I couldn't hear her very well. So what happened was the vet's assistant took her around the neck while the doctor shaved a small patch off the front of her leg. Then she prepared the needle while the assistant held her. She hugged her and I moved around so I was beside her, and then the assistant asked me if I would like to take her. I nodded and held that beautiful angel of a dog in my arms for the last time. She turned her head toward me and I kissed the top of it, and then I whispered in her ears. I didn't lie to her, didn't tell her she was going to be ok. I told her the truth-that she was my life. That I loved her with everything in me, and that she was the best dog ever. I told her again that I loved her, and that soon she wouldn't feel any more pain. I told her AGAIN that I loved her, and then I felt the life go out of her as her head fell away and she sank to her belly. The vet said that she might flinch and gasp, but she didn't. The second I felt her sink I hid my face in my arms. I didn't want to see her lifeless eyes starring at nothing, so as the vet picked up her things and checked her heart beat I turned around. She then stood up and told me in a soft voice, "She's gone," I got up the guts to turn around, even though I was scared of what I might see. But I didn't need to be scared...what I saw wasn't scary. Darcy was laying with her golden head between her paws, her stance seemed normal. Her eyes were closed and she was in peace, no pain. That was great for her, but not for my family. As I gathered up her things, I slid her toy rope under her paw. It was starting to get a little bit cold...but I hugged her and told her she was my best friend, my world, and that I loved her. I kissed her head again and rubbed her belly a little, then I left. Leaving that room was the most difficult thing I have ever done. I walked to the car, cradling her things in my arms. When I got in there I was still crying, but trying to take deep breaths. It wasn't working. For the whole ride I was hyperventalating. My face and upper body were tingling, I couldn't even feel my legs. I was dizzy, and my arms felt tight and though I tried to unfold them, my hands stayed clenched around the towel she had last lay on. It was hard, but around a half hour later I started to feel better. I could move my hands again, though I could barley walk because my legs felt like jelly...well at least I couls feel them again. I still looked for her, and she wasn't around. I reached my hand down for her to lick, but I got no response. My grandma came over, and we phoned people to bear the bad news. I was sure no one could feel like I did. I kicked her water bowl accidentally when I went outside, and everything I did reminded me of her. There was no way on earth I could beleive she was gone...she coudln't be. Nothing felt the same. I called out to her and cried for her. I knew that she had been an angel, a gift to me when I needed her the most. It was hard to funtction but day in and day out, I began to understand she wasn't there all the time. I tried everything I could to ignore the gnawing feeling that I had, the sadness, but it on;y began to fade when I was with the people I loved the most, or a at least on MSN. It was at least a week before I laughed again, and it took alot to make me genuinly smile, ut you could tell when I wasn't just faking it. I tried to carry on with my life, but like a child with their blankie, I didn't let go of that towel.

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Comments (11)
Jan 11, 2009 beeeegleluvr
She is very beautiful and sounds like a real angel. maybe that's why God had to take her back! I'm sure she had a great life of you. Such a touching bio.
Jan 11, 2009 cornflake02
Awww, ur so sweet darcy! we LOVE u!
Jan 11, 2009 lovebaron68
Jan 21, 2009 wolfgirl66
Sorry for your loss! If you have never read it you should look up Rainbow Bridge on the web. Love is never ending and forever friends are FOREVER! Take care.......
Jan 22, 2009 ckendall
So sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful girl and you can see the love she had for you in her eyes. Her love and memories will always be a part of you.
Jan 28, 2009 sleddoglover
Awwwwwwwww! i feel really bad! i had a dog that passedaway too. they all have to go on to heaven becasue no matter what they always have a good side of them. that is why god needs them so bad! she was so cute though. i feel so sorry! do you want to be my friend? i can tell you like to talk a lot because of her profile! no just kidding!heehee!!!!!!!!
Feb 1, 2009 julianawara
Hey this is weird. But my name is julia to and i have had the same experiance with my pup, sable. msg me some time! i will tell you more.
Feb 3, 2009 ~Kiwi~
she is so cute!
Feb 3, 2009 luvmyboyz
What a beautiful tribute to Darcy. She was a very special and much loved member of your family. What a wonderful life she had. I'm so sure she knew how much she was loved and that she is in your heart forever. You have a beautiful fur family! Hugs to you all.. :)
Aug 6, 2009 puppymad17
Omg such a touching bio. I was crying at the end!! :'( Sorry about your loss. She was an amazing dog.
Oct 28, 2009 K9Girl
Such i sad story. i'm sorry you lost such a beautiful dog. :'(
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