Lil Man Kane
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Lil Man Kane

Basset Hound / Rottweiler

Kane was found nearly drowning to death under a bridge close to my house.luckily I went to the post office that day when I did.or else he probley would have drowned.he was only 6 weeks old and it had flooded bad in my area.and the little guy was stuck in a hole of deep water under a bridge near my post office...I heard his yips and whines and immediately ran to his first the vet thought he was a pure bred he looked just like a baby rottie when he was smaller.but as he grew so did his long body...Lol.turns out hes a Basset hound rottie cross.hes a great dog but can be very stubborn at times.chases anything that runs.but is smart learned housetraining in a flip,shakes huge paws.Lol.and sits and stays.but we're still working on the come command as hes stubborn as looks like a giant weenie a good boy and is mommy's lil man...I'm glad I saved my boy from the deep raging waters that day..poor lil guy could barely keep his head above water.... I've had him almost 12 months now....wonderful mix too.

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Comments (142)
Apr 8, 2009 lynxgirl77
!AWWWWW! Sweet story! Beautiful dog!
Apr 9, 2009 wolfgirl66
I am very happy that adorable Lil Man Kane is part of your happy home! I love happy endings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 9, 2009 ozzy2975
OH MY! Tears on a Thursday morning! But so happy for Kane. I can't believe he was only 6 weeks old & lived thru that! :( Glad is has a warm, happy home. Millions of biscuits for him. GOD bless baby Kane.
Apr 9, 2009 jenlf
That is a sad story but turns out good,,and Lil Man Kane is adoable. Thanks to you he has the happy loving home he so much deserves. It looks and sounds like you have a wonderful fur family and hugs and kisses to both of them. :)
Apr 9, 2009 GoLdeN RetrIveRs RocK
what an amazing story! you are such a life saver!
Apr 9, 2009 Dodgerdog
Apr 10, 2009 shortyww22
Thank's furkids are my life...I couldn't imagine my life without em.....they are truely the best friends anyone could ever ask for....Hug's to you n you're family from mine..wink! have a great day!!!
Apr 11, 2009 tobyslattery
I love everything about him. :)
May 11, 2009 doglady8
what a sweetie ! (you for saving him...and Kane for just geing so cute !)
May 28, 2009 BamBam1308
Awww. He's a handsome little doggie.
Jul 9, 2009 boxer1234
love him!
Aug 11, 2009 PuppyLover:)
so glad you were able to save him. he looks like a real cute and lovable puppy and him drowning would be a heart break
Aug 13, 2009 DVWD
wow handsome boy kane eh! you have such a lovely broad and handsome face!..xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Aug 13, 2009 akarshvijay
What a wonderful mix ................................... .. It's very unusual............................ ...He's cute
Aug 15, 2009 PepsiCola987
SUCH A SAD STORY, BUT LUCKY YOU SAVED HIM!! All your dog are beautiful!! Hugs and kisses from Zoie and Augey!! Come check out my pups!!
Aug 15, 2009 Natalie 7
what a cutie!!! He looks more like a pure rottie than a cross.
Aug 20, 2009 Ellz
aaaawwwww hes so handsome! ive never heard of his mix before! :D xxxxxxxxxxx
Aug 20, 2009 XxThEhApPyDoGxX
awwww! hes sooo cute! that story is so SAD! but at least you found him and life is better for him!
Aug 25, 2009 writing_artist81
He's got that "Don't mess with my family" look down to a T. Glad you rescued the poor fellow.
Aug 26, 2009 Tassiaw
Rottis are such wonderful gentle giants, I'll never understand the "vicious dog" stigma attached to them. We recently had to put our rotti/mastiff cross down, she was 13 with bone cancer. She fought off lung cancer, but then it went to her bones and she couldn't fight anymore. Best dog ever, gentle, loving, never hurt a fly. Every rotti I look at reminds me of Baby, and I can't help but feel a little jealous that the owners have so much time with such a wonderful breed. Cherish him.
Aug 26, 2009 capergirl
sucha cute dog and what a sin so glad that u found him , Rottis are such wonderful gentle animals he's just a cutie
Aug 27, 2009 capergirl
my hubbie says that rotties are such great family dogs are are very laid back, he is such a sweetie
Sep 2, 2009 AlanaDavis
i absolutely love his name....this story is glad you saved his life
Sep 7, 2009 bamamikaila
Such a pretty dog i love both rottwillers and basset hounds he is soooo cool.
Sep 9, 2009 georgia04
Poor little Kane. His story almost made me cry...thank goodness you reached him in time. It looks like he's living a great life with you now after such a rough start!
Sep 13, 2009 jdecker9458
That is just an amazing story! I could feel the pain for Kane as a puppy! He's such a good looking boy and he's definitely lucky to have you as his owner!
Sep 15, 2009 I am the best
cute puppy please comment on my puppies!
Sep 19, 2009 jackmoo
What a lucky pup! I wish him many happy years!
Nov 7, 2009 ShiliLUVA112
awe he looks snow! lots of belly rubs and treat from my pup shili
Nov 9, 2009 hurleygirl
he is beautiful. =)
Nov 10, 2009 barb_blackman
Dozer does the exact same thing, he loves 2 liter bottles!!!! REALLY BEAUTIFUL DOGS!
Nov 10, 2009 Stasia
Such a sweet story and such a beautiful dog!
Nov 25, 2009 hounddog_mama
What a beautiful story and a gorgeous dog. I wish you many happy years together!
I am soooooooo happy u adopted him this picture he looks really happy u give him lots of excise !
Nov 27, 2009 **thedog**
I am glad that cute Lil Man Kane is now part of your loving home! He has a sweet face!
Nov 27, 2009 scdoxielove
So glad that you rescued Kane. He is a beautiful dog!
Nov 27, 2009 Rosie Chapman
He is a cute Little guy
Nov 29, 2009 *LuvMyZoie*
Thanks so much for rescueing Kane! So sorry to hear about what happend! Glad he's in a better home now! He is so handsome and looks happy!~~ Please check out my dogs and leave a comment on them, thanks!
Dec 6, 2009 jkolar1
A rottie with short legs...adorable! Thanks for rescuing him!
Dec 7, 2009 SpunkySpencer
We humans buy you all the toys you could ever enjoy but pop bottles are what you seem to like the best! Enjoy the Fanta, little man!
Dec 9, 2009 PATiTO
AWWWW!!! Look at those little paws... Absolutely 100% CUTE!!!!!!!
Dec 19, 2009 VirgniaKaydrilla
WOW she is abouslutly ah-mazing!! lots of love for Kane!~!!
Dec 19, 2009 VirgniaKaydrilla
WOW she is abouslutly ah-mazing!! lots of love for Kane!~!!
Dec 20, 2009 princy&lady
wow she is just amazing!!!! just lovely!!!!!!
Dec 24, 2009 willyboi
How cute is he! He looks exactly like a rottie, except with shorter legs! I really want a dog like him now lol!
Dec 27, 2009 mimichpell
ohhhh - you were both so lucky to find each other! How touching and sweet!
Dec 28, 2009 picco
Jan 2, 2010 Texas Dogs(:
He is SO cute! He is a true rockstar! MY FAV!
Jan 6, 2010 Dragonrida92
he's unusual looking but in a good way!! he looks very happy in all his pics!! i'm glad you rescued him! we rescued a dog once but when we contacted a rescue centre so they could check him over etc. they wouldn't let us have him back DX he was a lurcher puppy! thank you for commenting on monty i'm sorry i didn't check ya out sooner!!
Jan 6, 2010 RubyJeansMom
Oh my goodness...Kane looks like a combination of my two dogs! LOL! What a cutie he is!
Jan 7, 2010 Mastifflover
He's a beautiful boy. We just lost our rottie not that long ago and thats how we ended up with Angus.
Jan 10, 2010 dizilla
big floppy ears!!!!!!!!! gorgeous! such a lucky guy that you found him
Jan 12, 2010 987654
All your dogs are so cute!!!!:)I feel bad for you losing so many dogs!:(
Jan 16, 2010 PuppyLover897
What a handsome boy! And so lucky to have an owner like you!
Jan 17, 2010 ~i~love~dogs~
Jan 18, 2010 pennylane_yoshi
Awww gorgeous!! I love those ears!
Jan 18, 2010 Shiloh-Ginger
So handsome!! He is gorgeous. Your very lucky :)
Jan 24, 2010 firepail
what a handsome guy! so stately!
Jan 25, 2010 wobinandwusty
HOW CUTE I call my rusty Little Man Tate!
Jan 26, 2010 ZoeAbby'sMom
Oh, Lil Man... You are indeed a handsome little man!! You are blessed to have such wonderful family who loves you so much and they are blessed with you!! Kisses to you and soft ear scratches too!
Jan 26, 2010 Astro Boy
OMG!!! I love this picture. He looks so sweet. Thank you for saving his life. He's all worth it! Thank you for sharing.
Jan 26, 2010 Astro Boy
Ah!!!! The famous GIANT PAWS!!!! Love it! LOL.
Jan 26, 2010 Astro Boy
This picture looks like he's been drinking!! LOL!! He's such a charactor!
Feb 1, 2010 alleynt
Sweet story! what a handsome guy! Lily'll give you big kisses ang hug too.. ^^
Feb 1, 2010 Rosie Chapman
He sure is a cutie I love how he has little stumpy legs & the long body & everything else is Rotti he's sooo sweet
Feb 3, 2010 Kiera08
Aw, so sweet together
Feb 4, 2010 Tahoe_White
Awww....wat a cute mix, he does kinda remind me of my Tahoe. Everyone thought he was a rotty when he was a really little puppy but he now looks nothing like one, he looks like his mom with his dads mini dobe coloring. all your dogs are very cute tho!mwah!:)
Feb 5, 2010 *LabsForever*
rottie's are awesome and he is no exception! another awesome mix! you have some of the cutest dog in the world!!! and lil man kane is such a awesome name just like of all your dogs!
Feb 5, 2010 arielkitten
So cute! He looks like he is having fun in this pic.
Feb 6, 2010 Amy Albrecht
Omg! I can't believe how your family found you! Reminds me of the recent story of the puppy in the LA river, so sad but great to hear a very happy ending! Shows how much to appreciate your rescuers, and you look so sweet! Many hugs, biscuits and puppy kisses
Feb 6, 2010 AmzandPop
I'm soo glad you found someone willing to take a minute out of their time to save you Kane :) you have a wonderful lovinging home and i'm glad you're surrounded by so much love. thank you again for understanding chance and writing such nice things :)
Feb 13, 2010 emmac
this dogg is soo cute. he looks so cute with the little bandanna!
Feb 19, 2010 LovesmyCatahoula
Aww Hes the cutest.
Feb 27, 2010 bennymypup
aww! such a sweet picture!
Feb 27, 2010 KRZY-4_K9's
wow thanks for saving him from growning. doggie paddling lil man kane...i think he forgot! :D beautiful. lil man kane is very adorable!
Feb 27, 2010 KRZY-4_K9's
i meant drowning!
Mar 1, 2010 boingybean
A Basset/Rottweiler cross - brilliant. I can guess where his stubbornness comes from!! Great rescue story as well... all the best from Tilly's dad (yesterday's Basset:o) )
Mar 2, 2010 Rosie Chapman
He is such a cutie Gosh I love his face & of course his stumpy little legs & his very long tail he is just a cutie!!!
Mar 2, 2010 Super_Coco!!!
thanks for saving little man kane! i bet he loves his new home :) lix from coco
Mar 11, 2010 hydeandnacho
Aww Kane is so cute! I saw a rottweiler/corgi welsh mix one time:) It had a big head and a small body lol.
Mar 15, 2010 JoBrief
Thank go for people like you. Kane's story broke my heart, but you two were obviously meant for each other! I'm so happy you two are together, sweet little boy! xoxo
Mar 26, 2010 eyezwutchem
He's a gorgeous big boy. I'm so glad he has a warm place to stay now. His story almost made me cry. I wish for him all the happiness in the world! Big kiss to you Kane =).
Mar 28, 2010 kgianni
So cute! I'm so happy you found him and could give him a loving home and siblings to play with! xoxo
What a great mix. Lil Man Kane looks like a Lil Gangster!
Apr 3, 2010 PitFan93
Awh Kane you are too precious!! Thank goodness you were rescued that minute!! So much cute couldn't go to waste =) Bellyrubs & biscuits Kane!!! also plz check out my puppy zoey & comment on her pics, thanks!
Apr 4, 2010 crazyzoopeople
Aww! What a hansome boy. Rottie face all the way.
Apr 4, 2010 crazyzoopeople
You know your dog could be a purebred Rottie, just a dwarf. Any breed can be born as a dwarf(just like people). My freind has a purebred Golden Retriver(AKC reg.) that was born into a regular litter but was born a dwarf. The breeder was going to euthanize him. He looks like any other Golden just on really short legs! And that might explain why his tail was not docked by whom ever bred him. They probably figured they couldn't sell him so there was no point in docking him.He sure looks alot like a purebred Rottie in everyway except the height. You could always do a DNA.
Apr 8, 2010 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 3rd Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Apr 8, 2010 Rosie Chapman
Happy Birthday to my Favorite Man Kane, Love you bud!!! Please comment on my 2 new pits that I added earlier!!!
Apr 8, 2010 Jose
Happy Birthday cutie!
Apr 18, 2010 Enc_Doggy
Great story and a great dog! You can really see the Basset in this picture. What an unusual mix.
Apr 21, 2010 sabzcox
what an adorable facee and loveee that sweater on him :0)
Apr 23, 2010 minnilf
I wish I was a dog! They are having a blast. Such a joy to watch
Apr 26, 2010 123-Jamie
What a story he has...It's good that you found him when you did. He's very lucky to have such a wonderful loving family :)
Apr 28, 2010 Artkid
Wow, His story is so touching! I'm glad to hear that you rescued him! He is adorable.
May 2, 2010 PreciousLulu
wow that story is one of a kind, just like he his huh? He is adorable, like a gentle giant:) Belly rubs for Kane
May 2, 2010 lucylover920
OMGGGGG what a cutie!!!!!! I LOVE this picture! What a hunny
May 3, 2010 Samantha1288
Amazing story--bless you for saving this little angel's life! He is just too cute! He looks like a big, lovable teddy bear. He's a beautiful mix!
May 3, 2010 Sweetness09
He is so adorable. Great story too. I am glad you saved him. He seems like a bundle of joy to have around. He seem like he is really going to town on the bottle. So glad you shared that with all of us!!
May 3, 2010 rexlove343
you have a lot of dogs and they are all cute
May 26, 2010 uniqueguyton
OMG!!! you are a hero!! ANd how adorable he is!!!!! pure beauty
Jun 4, 2010 sundayfriday
He is sooooooo handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!Please comment on my pups.
Jun 10, 2010 rockford
He looks like a Rottie (Rotwiler) really cute~
Jun 20, 2010 sosquare
I am glad you had to go to the post office that day! Lucky Lil Man Kane!
Jun 24, 2010 Jessicaandchloe
as you requested i will comment on some of your dogs i cant do all though im very busy.Hes such a cutie!O and thanks for commenting on patriot zeke who won tuesday is his bro.there both my dogs.Kane is so cute!i love dogs like him
Jun 29, 2010 Mia-Lu
You have such a beautiful brood! And Mr. Kane is just as handsome as they come :) From all of us dog lovers, thanks for sharing your pics and for your sweet comments on our babies as well :) May you and your pups have a happy and healthy life for many years!
Jul 3, 2010 Animaluver
AWW! Such a great story!! I bet he's loved tons! He looks like my dog, Chopper, a Welsh Corgi/ Lab Mix. So adorable!
Jul 14, 2010 janaS
you are a beauty, sounds just as stubborn as my Lucky but every bit as lovable and deserving of life.
Aug 5, 2010 Bigdog*luva
such a beauty! Just like Bear, many hugs and kisses!
Aug 9, 2010 MWebster
What a handsome boy, and what a dramatic story! So glad you were there at just the right time!
Aug 14, 2010 ca
you made me cry, tears of happinness! because of people like you my faith in human kind is reborn, you are an angel and your boy is so lucky to have you, well done again! loads of belly rubs to your boy! lots of love from Australia!
Aug 17, 2010 doglover543
Wow ive never seen a dog quiet like him! He's adorable!
Sep 6, 2010 rockford
Ahhh! Very cute! Roll in the mud oh your owner will just LOVE to clean you up later. .. I'm so glad you saved this precious pooch. You can see now that he really enjoys life :)
Sep 7, 2010 Lindsey1118
He is adorable! Did this picture go something like lick, lick, lick, lick, nibble? If not, you are lucky! What a great outcome to Kanes story, He seems so Happy and lucky to be part of your family!!
Sep 15, 2010 janaS
what a handsome fellow! Glad you saved him. Dzipsy does look like a rott but he's a Beauceron, origins are from France.
Oct 9, 2010 cutiepants26
Awww! Look at you! What a cutie! I'm so glad you found him! You were at the right place at the right time! Good on you! This photo is BEAUTIFUL! Lil man Kane is a cutie boy!
Dec 20, 2010 cooldogz1
Awe :) Kane you are soooo cute!! I have puppy named kane too :) Tell your mommy i said thank you for for all the comments on my puppies :)
Dec 26, 2010 pugsrule4
Omg!!! She is sooooooo adorable and sooooo CUTE!!!!
Jan 7, 2011 Samba1260
What a story and such a lucky pup. A real cutie pie.
Jan 7, 2011 lotsofdogs
Kane, you are so beautiful! I love this pic with you and your mommy! Puppy love !! :) You are such a handsome boy! Tell your mommy i said thank you, for commenting on my doggies :) Have a life full of treats and belly rubs!! Kisses n' hugs!
Jan 17, 2011 taisribeiro
oh gosh she is so cute!!
Jan 29, 2011 BaileyBoo
ahaha! I love it when they do that! Very cutes!
Feb 5, 2011 kenna
Feb 19, 2011 CleoandDemond
omg!! he was cute!!! I really love rottweiler's!! hope you two have a long and happy life together!!!
Feb 20, 2011 Madison47
what a handsome lil man! such a touching story. So glad that this boy has a good home and was rescued that awful day. I have a German Shepherd named Kane to! have a happy life lil' man!
Mar 8, 2011 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 3rd Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Mar 16, 2011 luv4dawgs1415689
what a cool hybrid!!!!!
Mar 16, 2011 Gypsy the Corgi
Kane is such a big beautiful boy! What a sweet picture!My dogs LOVE to give kisses too! Im soo happy happy you rescued him when you did. Kane is such a handsome little man.
Mar 16, 2011 Gypsy the Corgi
Kane is such a big beautiful boy! What a sweet picture!My dogs LOVE to give kisses too! Im soo happy happy you rescued him when you did. Kane is such a handsome little man.
Mar 18, 2011 altheajanesays
Aww Althea Jane had a bittersweet story like Kane's, so I can truly appreciate your love for him! What a babe!
Mar 29, 2011 LostinWonderland
Aww so beautiful he's very lucky you went out that day! He looks like hes thankful too.
Mar 30, 2011 Cindylu001
What a fine looking boy Kane is! But him being stubborn is just the Rottie in him ... my Rottie mix looks at me when I ask him to do something and you can just see him thinking about whether he thinks it's a good idea ... lol. They're great dogs, very loving, and your Kane is a gorgeous boy. Kudos to you for saving his life--I'm sure he's returned the favor a bunch of times.
Apr 16, 2011 ladylulu
You are the doggie fairy, God sent you to save these dogs, in the right place at the right time "only GOD"
Apr 17, 2011 TommyandRocky
Love it!
May 26, 2011 LadyMam
Oh, I love him! I am so glad this little guy was found by someone with right kind of heart to love and protect him. It's so funny to see a rottie with little legs!, especially since Lex's shot up like beanstocks after we had her a week--she's so tall! congrats for making such a wonderful difference in his life :)
Aug 29, 2011 aznsroplayer
Mar 8, 2012 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 4th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Jun 2, 2012 samoodleg
Kane's rally cute!
Mar 8, 2013 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 5th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Mar 8, 2015 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 7th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Mar 8, 2016 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 8th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Mar 8, 2017 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 9th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
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