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Jul 2, 2008 Chance551238
awwww shes so cute
Jul 3, 2008 charmtraveler10
I love her to death she's so cute and energetic to!!!! ~I ♥ Mia~
Jul 4, 2008 doglover16
are thes both your dogs
Jul 4, 2008 puppylover4777
awww!!!!! she is adorable!!!
Jul 4, 2008 starheart5
thanx for all ur nice comments it means a lot :)
Jul 4, 2008 swhiddon
She is soo cute
Jul 4, 2008 wolfgirl66
Mia is sooooooo darn adorable and I love her name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 4, 2008 AmandaMirelez
She takes a picture now, she's really saying "I've got personality!" She is very CUTE!
Jul 5, 2008 dogluver736
AWWWWWWW!! mia is so adorable. hope u have many happy yrs with this happy-go-lucky pup!;D
Jul 5, 2008 starheart5
you guys r sooooooooo nice!!! thank u soo soo much :)
Jul 6, 2008 kasey7896
Wow that is one pretty dog! So cute.
Jul 6, 2008 lucyluv
your dogs are just adorable!!! darling little things!!!! they are really cute!!!
Jul 6, 2008 lucyluv
Mia is adorable!!! I don't know the words! I'll just say that she is truly darling
Jul 7, 2008 proud mommy of 3
I just love the way Mia's bottom teeth show! It's like she's saying "Hey don't mess with my Mommy or Lilly...I'm one tough little doggie!" LOL! Which we know that pugs are sooooooo sweet, they'll lick ya to death! A few days ago my neighbor rescued 2 pugs that was just wandering down our road. (between him, myself & my bf, it's just a matter of who see's them first!) It's been awhile since my career at a veterinarians. OMG...HOW DID I FORGET HOW ENORMOUSLY LOVING THEY ARE?!?! The phone # on their tags were worn off, so I suggested taking them to the Vet & have them scanned for a microchip. I haven't been able to talk to him, so I'm assuming they were or the staff recognized them, cause I haven't seen them! (he's like me...***WILL NOT*** take to the shelter!!!) Mia is SUCH a CUTIE and SO FORTUNATE to have a Mommy that loves her SO MUCH! OMG...She quacks like a duck?! Oh how I loved to hear her! You must put her on YouTube if you have a way!!!! Wishing y'all MANY happy and blessed years together! ~belly rubs and hugs~ deb P.S. THANK YOU for the invite, so sweet of you! Looking forward to getting to know more about you & your babies!!
Jul 10, 2008 soccerdog#1
I love your dog! Pugs are such a sweet breed!
Jul 12, 2008 Beach-Bum ME!!
She is so adorable like all your other dogs! I love them all! =]
Jul 13, 2008 abbz2991
aww cute! Shes really cute
Jul 13, 2008 sarahgminer
so cute
Jul 14, 2008 ohmypuppydog01
pugs are sooo cute!! i love mia.
Jul 14, 2008 wolfy315
shes really cute!!! I LOVE her wrinkles!!!
Jul 14, 2008 collie_lover101
I love your dog Starheart! She is so cute!
Jul 14, 2008 puppylover4777
Jul 17, 2008 dazydo
Wow what a cute pup! Iv never seen the mix before and i love it!!!
Jul 18, 2008 puppydog
omg Mia is oooo cute! what a pretty dog!
Jul 24, 2008 collie_lover101
AWWWWWWWWWW! Mia is adorable! I lover her! Lots of XOXO!
Jul 26, 2008 love lab
you remind me of max he loves to swim but his butt sinks Adorable
Jul 28, 2008 pawprint1513
soooooo cute
Jul 29, 2008 puppylove08
u got one cute dog, starheart5:)
She is very cute and i love her doggy life jacket.
Aug 9, 2008 LuckyDachshund
Aug 11, 2008 Beagle_Lover
Aug 13, 2008 collie_lover101
I love Mia! She is so cute!
Aug 15, 2008 irina1995
she is so.............CUTE!!!!
Aug 24, 2008 krystan
Starheart5, you have cute pups, lily is absolutely squooshable with that yellow wig. I don't know if Mia's mix was an "accident" or she was bred that way, but as you may know, pugs have alot of breathing problems cause of their squooshed noses. It looks like Mia won't have that much of a problem tho, cause she has a longer nose due to being part 'Chiwawa'. Other than that, she looks all pug. Many pup hugs,biscies,and tummy rubs!!!!
Aug 24, 2008 starheart5
actually lol lilly is not wearing a wig hahaha its a bow from a present my cousin took that picture for my birhtday :) ya it sucks tho cus i dont own these dogs :( but i love dogs soo i made profiles for dogs i knew
Aug 24, 2008 Faith101
you have really cute dogs Lol
Sep 2, 2008 pupmommy
Mia! You are so cute. Many kisses and snacks for you!
Sep 3, 2008 wolfgirl66
She's lovely!!!!!!!!
Sep 5, 2008 dudleysmom17
She is a baby doll! Looks like she loves the water. If you ever visit Florida check out clearwater lots of dog parks and beaches. Plus Honeymoon Island State Park has 3 miles of Dog Beach. Mia looks so tiny and cute!
Sep 5, 2008 starheart5
Sep 5, 2008 KatyLady
Absolutely awesome!!!!
Sep 6, 2008 xdogsandpuppiesx
Sep 6, 2008 starheart5
hey thank you guys soo much for the awesome comments on Mia. she really does love the water and she is a chubby one hehehehe :D but we love her anyway so if u havent commented yet please make sure u do bcus i love to see wat people think about Mia :D
Sep 7, 2008 honeycaves
omg shes so cute aaa i love her please comment on my beatiful puppy to and add me as a friend i love ur dogs starheart5 they are amazing honeycaves and lydie
Sep 7, 2008 shyboykinz112
hey message me i need help on something im new to daily puppy and i need to ask a question so message me plz!
Sep 7, 2008 Francy
waaaaaah so much sweety *__*
Sep 7, 2008 nely86
she's really cute! I like her --thanx for adding me!
Sep 8, 2008 Susans4dogs
Mia is so cute. If my Peanut had puppies with a Pug they would probably look like Mia. Your friends and Cousins dogs are cute as well. Keep taking pictures.
Sep 8, 2008 Gabi
I want that dog so bad.
Sep 8, 2008 Layala7700
I love her!! she is sooooo cute. I have a pug and i just love pugs. I also like Chihuahuas. so Mia a cute mixture of both!!
Sep 9, 2008 Aussie mom
I think Mia likes the camera and the camera loves Mia! Great shots of her! Is that Mia's throne she's sitting on? LOL! She sure is cute & happy! Enjoy!
Sep 9, 2008 starheart5
thanx lol i took the pictures im a great photographer arent i lol! and that is actually a bench in the backyard and i was like she should be a princess and like lay down on that and i guess it worked hahaha thanx for the comment :D
Sep 9, 2008 RobynN
love the little teeth. so cute
Sep 10, 2008 Lovemypuppies
All of your pups are just too darn cute!
Sep 10, 2008 melodious
Mia is so cute. I wish I could have a dog but my landlord say no pets. Also I couldn't afford to take care of it. I wouldn't dare give a puppy cheap dog food or neglect his or her health in order to save money. Puppies no matter if they are 8 weeks or 15 years deserve the best. Puppies aren't pets they're part of the family.
Sep 14, 2008 rena3000
he is so cute.and you wanted me to comment your dog.
Sep 18, 2008 Bãda
Sep 28, 2008 pawprint1513
very cute pugs are fun
Sep 28, 2008 starheart5
Sep 30, 2008 kndkira
wow i geuss all of your dogs are ugly !!!!!!!! i dont like them k ira
Oct 7, 2008 karlathom
Look at that mug! What a face, so cute!
Oct 9, 2008 kndkira
actully i do like your dogs i think mia is the cutest though i love pugs i think they are adorable eso. when they are puppys
Oct 11, 2008 georgia04
Mia's little face is just totally precious and kissable.:) I love the picture of her standing in the pool. What a sweetheart. Give her a hug for me.
Oct 30, 2008 Angelgal1234
She is simply adorable!
Nov 1, 2008 puppylover94
Mia is ADORABLEE!! check out my blog where she could get featured! http:/ /
Dec 13, 2008 momosloveme1
She is so sweet so photogenic she takes great pics
Feb 4, 2009 bunis
awww she is so pretty and handsome!check out my puppy!!!
Feb 14, 2009 tobyslattery
Soooooooooooooo Cute.
Feb 22, 2009 puppygirl4
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love her
Mar 20, 2009 KoolKid
S00000000000000000000000000 CUTE!!!!!!!!
Intresting mix! :)
May 1, 2009 BuddyandMe
Aw Mias a cutie :)
Jun 4, 2009 kendra blackie 08
Mia is soo adorable. Please comment on my puppy.
Jul 20, 2009 Cloiethepuppy
Mia's a cutie!! comment on my pup if u havent already!!
Aug 28, 2009 AlanaDavis
TOOOO cute!!!!
Sep 28, 2009 PepsiCola987
Mia, what a pretty name for one cute girl! Sge is so adorable! I love the way her bottom teeth show! Please check out my dogs and comment on htem,thanks!
May 13, 2010 DoggyLover24
What a nice mixed breed! xoxo
Jul 4, 2010 E.Cole
you are so blessed to have MIA, She is so pretty. i just love her pictures.
Aug 8, 2010 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 3rd Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Sep 16, 2010 wolfgirl66
2 cute 4 words!
Jan 22, 2011 merp202
Aug 8, 2011 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 4th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Aug 8, 2012 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 5th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Aug 8, 2013 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 6th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Aug 8, 2014 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 7th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Aug 8, 2015 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 8th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Aug 8, 2016 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 9th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Aug 8, 2017 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 10th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
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