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PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING. This is my old dog, Pryce. I got him in 2007, when he was only 4 months old & I was 10 years old. I saw him at Petsmart, up for adoption in the Noah's Ark Foundation (No longer in business). And I spent my saturdays playing with him there. I have always wanted a dog for as long as I could remember. And finally my parents would let me get one. Pryce was a very shy puppy. The workers at the foundation said that he was probably obused by a man in the past. I loved him so much, I knew that he was the one I wanted to adopt. We brought him home, September 2, 2007. I will never forget that happy day. I finally got a dog! I kept his name Pryce, because the name means "Very Dear" and of course Pryce was very dear to me. After a year with Pryce, me and him were the best of friends. My parents said he loved me more than anybody in the world. He would follow me anywhere! I loved him so much. But he was still very shy around people (especially men). Some days, when somebody opened the front door to our house, Pryce would bolt outside and It would take an hour to bring him home. Oneday, he ran off just before I went to school. And my mom made me go to school and stop looking for him. I cried the whole school day until I got home to see his smiling face. I was SO happy and relieved to know that he was safe and was home. My mom said that she heard scratching at the door after I left for school, she opened the door and there he was. Waiting for my mom to let him in. Me & Pryce loved eachother so much! I never went anywhere without him! Sometimes when Pryce had to go to the vet and stay over night, my friends actually asked me, "Is something wrong? Where's Pryce?". My life could'nt have been happier! Until the one of the two worst days of my life happened. Me and my friend were playing at the park near my house. It was getting dark out, so she walked home with me. I opened the front door and the lights were off. That was really weird. Pryce ran right to me and I held his collar so he wouldn't run outside the door. My mom had a terrified face on and told me that when I was gone, somebody left the door open, and my dad tried to grab Pryce so he would run outside, and Pryce bit his hand. I was frozen in horror. I started crying too. My friend went home and I brought Pryce into my room and cried myself to sleep. I was scared. And I was so mad at myself. I was not crying for my dad. My dad who was at the Emergency Room right then. Who had a possibility of dying if Pryce bit the right vein. But no. I was scared for Pryce. I knew that when dogs bite people, they normally get sent to be up for adoption. I didn't want to lose Pryce... My dad came home later that night, and he was fine. I was relieved of how he was more mad at the service at the Emergency Room. A few days later, my parents told me how me might have to give him away. I thought my life was about to end. But Pryce still had a chance. I knew I could train him to never do it again and prove to my parents that there has got to be another option than this. A few months later, I took Pryce out to the park with a big group of my friends. One of my friends told me exciting news (forgot what it was) and started jumping up and down with me excitingly and Pryce thought she was attacking me. So he bit her back. She starting crying really loudly. And went home. I ran to my house, dropped Pryce off, and went straight to her house to apologize. I told her how sincerely and truely sorry I was ans she was completely fine with it! I saw her back and it was bad. It was bleeding big time. She forgave me and Pryce though.. Of course I had to tell my parents and they made the decision that we were going to give Pryce up for sure this time. His chances were gone. I cried for days and I didn't know what to do. The second worst day of my life. We took Pryce to an animal shelter nearby. On the way, in the car, Pryce seemed so happy. Like we were taking him to a dog park to have fun. But no. We were taking him to give him away. I will never, ever forget that moment when I whispered in his ear, inside of the shelter, "I love you Pryce," than handing his leash off to the shelter worker. As we were walking out the shelter door, I looked back at Pryce to see his horrified face. Then I knew, that he was well aware of how we are never going to see eachother again. He was right. He barked twice at me and cried endlessly. When we got home (were moving to a different state and our house was filled with boxes.), I layed on the only couch the movers didn't take yet and stared at the window of our backyard, where Pryce's face popped up all the time. I kepting waiting for his sweet little face to show up, but it never happened. I cried more than I ever knew I could. It has been almost four years since then now. It is extremely hard for me to say his name out loud, talk about him, or see one of the billion pictures that he's in. It's even harder when my family talks about him or makes fun of him. I never, ever want to forget him and I guess that is why I made this dailypuppy page for him. So I'd never forget what a great dog he is. And forever my best friend. (Well one of the them. ;) ) Two years ago, I begged my dad to call the animal shelter to ask if Pryce was adopted, and he was! By a military family with kids and another dog. I pray every night for him. And every birthday I have, when they tell me to make a wish on the candles, I always wish things for him.

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Comments (13)
Aug 20, 2010 doglover543
What a cutie!
Aug 20, 2010 janaS
I also have a half beagle but he was never a biter, but I've had experience with my german shephard attacking a person and also my lab when he was young, but thank god my family stuck by me and we fought to keep my childhood german. Then later I fought to keep my lab who I trained and is now the sweetest thing ever. I can only imagine the pain you must have gone through giving her up. They can be retrained, if by professionals if necessary. I'm so sorry you had to give her up, but at least she's happy and well.
Aug 20, 2010 janaS
you can read Flo's bio on here. As for departed german, she even killed another dog when both weren't on a leash, luckily we didn't lose her, but she'd also attack strangers coming on her territory, friends too. She finally died of cancer at age ten. She was a fiercely loyal and intelligent guard dog who'd put her life on the line for our family.
Aug 21, 2010 jack14
He's a beautiful little boy. i would hate to lose him too if he was mine.
Apr 15, 2011 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 4th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Apr 15, 2011 BeautyLover
I'm so sorry for all your troubles, but am happy Pryce has found a home. He will always be in your heart. He's a beauty.
Apr 15, 2011 madelynk
Happy Birthday!!
Apr 15, 2012 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 5th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Apr 15, 2013 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 6th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Apr 15, 2014 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 7th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Apr 15, 2015 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 8th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Apr 15, 2016 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 9th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Apr 15, 2017 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 10th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
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