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Pants Pingu


Staffordshire Bull Terrier
November 20, 2010

Hi I'm Saffy, come see videos of me and my brother Pingu on Youtube @ - My proper name is Sapphire but I never get called that. I'm a pure bred Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I got taken to my new home at 9.30am 23rd October 2010 and now live with my loving family. Mummy says I snore and makes cute little piggy sounds. I am full of energy and I burst out to play then suddenly drop to the ground tired. I love to sleep on mummy's FIRE BEAN BAG! It makes a funny noise every time I step on it, that's why I like to dig it! My family started calling me Lovey but always forgot the name so I got renamed on the second day... My name from then on is Saffy. SAFFY THE STAFFY! I love going in the backyard and fetching twigs, sticks, branches and anything that I like to pick up! Exploring is super fun! I look around the bricks of the house and then I see these tiny little things... I just love to put my paw on them but they run EVERYWHERE! I learned that they were ants. Everyday is just SO exciting! My family are EXTRA careful for me when they walk because I LOVE running through their feet and bolting everywhere! Mummy says I definitely have a GREAT CHARACTER! Mummy learns something new about me everyday, she discovered that I LOVE chasing birds, butterfly's, insects basically anything and everything that moves is INTERESTING!!! Unfortunately I find toads interesting which makes it a hassle for mummy to take me to the toilet at night since toads her PHOBIA!!! I now have a new little brother, his name is Pingu. I love Pingu, I follow him around everywhere, and only sometimes he follows me. We play 24/7, best friends forever! I cannot live without him! Ever since my little brother Pingu came home I have be with all the time. Mummy calls me the biggest sook because I need to be with Pingu or my mummy. Saffy even has a Facebook page! She's a popular little girl that loves to have lots of friends!

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Comments (165)
Oct 23, 2010 dalmatianlover
she is one cute beauty!!!
Oct 23, 2010 jasper1
OMG she is precious!!! I love brindle dogs!!! Cherish her!!! I can tell you already do! Just adorable!
Oct 23, 2010 stillwater20
what a precious photo! hugs from Memphis....
Oct 23, 2010 janaS
he's so cute! Born an old soul, just like my Lucky. Mellow personalities since puppy-hood.
Oct 23, 2010 bearbear101
awwwwwwwwwwwwh!!!!!! lovly is realy cute!!!
Oct 23, 2010 mastiffs3
That is such a cute puppy, you must be so proud to own her!
Oct 24, 2010 RottieGiirl
Aww omg Sapphire is so cute! I love her. she looks so small and so beautiful. I love staffys they are so cute and so adorable! I hope you have many happy years with Sapphire, she is beautiful! Love Diesel.
Oct 24, 2010 RottieGiirl
*my Diesel's found himself a little girlfriend haha :) so cute!
Oct 24, 2010 rockford
Look at those stunning eyes! And your brindle coat is beautiful! SOOOOOO CUTE!
Oct 25, 2010 georgia04
Well, isn't she a gorgeous little bundle of sugar and spice? Baby Saffy is an adorable little muffin of love. Who could resist such a face? I'll bet she is spoiled rotten, and rightly so! :>
Oct 27, 2010 claudiag
Saffy has the most beautiful eyes! You are so lucky to own such a great dog!
Oct 29, 2010 Roxane
OMG she is sooooooooooooooooooo adorable i absolutely hav to come see her give her a hug for me plz
Oct 30, 2010 Nat o.o
Aww, she is so sweet. Her little face is adorable
Oct 30, 2010 DoggyLover24
A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! I love Saffy! She is the cutest little puppy ever!!!
Oct 31, 2010 PWD Breeder
Hi, Cutiepants26. I added you as my friend, and I am on cloud nine! I already have 4 friends and 9 comments on my beautiful dogs when I joined yesterday! Saffy is a gorgeous girl, and I am with you all the way on rescue dogs, even though I'm a future breeder myself!:)
Nov 1, 2010 zankj
soooooooo cute! you have to put more photos up!
Nov 1, 2010 jayme_currie
Awww what a precious little baby!! Can't wait to see pics of this puppy growing up
Nov 4, 2010 black190190
oh she is so sweet. Stitch likes the photo too.
Nov 5, 2010 samanthalazar
Aww, she is just precious! I love the pictures!
Nov 5, 2010 weaverpup! i just cant believe how cute you are, little Saffy!! someone call a technician, because i think you just pegged the cute meter!! oh boy, if i saw you, i'd just have to take you home. many happy years in your happy home :-)
Nov 7, 2010 PuppyLover897
Please submit Saffy for DP!!!!!!!!! She's just soooooo cute!!!!!!! Loads of love from Puppylover897!!!
Nov 8, 2010 nikkirisner
so cute :D
Nov 10, 2010 My Two Japanese Spitzs
This is a staffy?? My oh my, I think I might get one! Saffy the Staffy... haha, how cute! You should be dailypuppy gorgeous! Just look at you! Awww! Give her lots of cuddles from me! Both Pants and Saffy are just BEAUTIFUL!
Nov 15, 2010 doggylover_19
Your very lucky to have saffy!
Nov 16, 2010 duettists
Saffy is a darling and reminds me a lot of my Staffie, Sultan who died last year aged 14. I hope Saffy has a long and happy life with you.
Nov 16, 2010 shortyww22
Saffy is such a cutie.she reminds me of your ole dog pants.again I'm so sorry for his loss.I hope you have a long happy life with saffy.added to my faves list.kisses n hugs sweetie.
Nov 19, 2010 joritamas
Saffy, you are one cute bundle. You look very much like my Tiger, a bullmastif mix. He had the same markings. Sadly, he was poisend 2 weeks ago by burglars. I miss him very much. I wish you a long, naughty and happy life.
Nov 20, 2010 MsJaxFla
What a little angel. Saffy is beautiful.
Nov 20, 2010 jaceyl
She is sooooo cute! Looks like she jumped and jumped and jumped and is ready for some shut eye.
Nov 20, 2010 jonnijones
Saffy is a doll baby. I love the photos of her. You are sooo lucky to have her, but then aren't we all lucky to have our lovey little critters?
Nov 20, 2010 jonnijones
This is a great picture. Reminds me of the fisheye camera lens greeting cards dogs. Absolutely darling!
Nov 20, 2010 Debbie 57
Awww,she's so cute!!Saffy,you look alot of my sons dog,Diesel.Check him out.Saffy,your so beautiful.Your eyes are so sweet and love those markings.I see you get a lot of love.Lots of big hugs and kisses!!!!
Nov 21, 2010 wolfgirl66
All of pretty Saffy's pics are very sweet & super cute! Thanks for sharing!
Nov 22, 2010 nikkirisner
awwwww :))))))) i wish my puppy were as photogenic as saffy :D
Nov 22, 2010 puppiesrule907
Awww! Saffy is soooo cute!
Nov 22, 2010 corinnabee1018
You are just too cute, baby girl! I bet my puppy, Penny, would LOVE to play with you!!
Nov 23, 2010 Abbi the dog
Saffy is just too cute!! I love her coloring too...she sounds like an amazing dog!
Nov 24, 2010 dogmom
Oh my goodness -- what a cute little girl puppy your little Saffy is!
Nov 24, 2010 Gaggle
Aw she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o cute.
Nov 25, 2010 junobear
aww, what an adorable little nugget! i love her eyes, they're so big and so expressive. she looks like such a peach! :)
Nov 26, 2010 RanahW
What a pretty little girl you are Saffy!
Nov 27, 2010 mottoii
Saffy, umm so cozy there..Lucky little girl, what a cute face!!!
Nov 27, 2010 woof-dodger
Saffy, You are simply adorable!!!
Nov 30, 2010 KaleighRae
Oh my goodness! This picture is JUST TOO freaking adorable! The brindle coat is gorgeous on you Saffy! :)
Nov 30, 2010 vampyergrl
Oh My Gosh that dog is so CUTE! I love it. Saffy You are so adorable
Dec 1, 2010 7keys2myheart
such a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 1, 2010 jen81677
I'm so sorry for your loss! Pants sounds like a true sweetheart. He was a beautiful boy!
Dec 1, 2010 RomaLucy
Oh my GOODNESS look at that FACE!
Dec 3, 2010 chelseapuppy
oh,i love you!!!i wish you many happy years with your mummy!please give her a big big hug from me!!!ohhhh!
Dec 3, 2010 maroula
Awwwww, she's so cute and sweet ! I just love the way she looks !
Dec 3, 2010 maroula
Shes' so sweet, I'd love to kiss her !
Dec 3, 2010 maroula
Awwwww, so lovable ...!
Dec 3, 2010 maroula
She's amazing !
Dec 3, 2010 maroula
Sweet little teeth ...!
Dec 3, 2010 Anastazja Krakinowski
Saffy is just unbearably cute! I just want to pick her up and squeeze her...
Dec 3, 2010 Greenieninja
Saffy, you are too cute for words, Honey! Love this picture! So happy for you :)
she's adorable! Lovely Dog!
Awwwwwwww! She looks so sweet in this picture!
Dec 7, 2010 bullamastifflover
very cute
Dec 7, 2010 pepper's mom
OH my! I just want to cover her with kisses!
Dec 8, 2010 flyinpig3
AWWWW!! What a little angel :)
Dec 8, 2010 Super Staffy
Awww! Look at her little tongue poking out! I bet she just licks the treats inside that KONG TOY!!! I used to have those for my Staffy's!!!
Dec 8, 2010 Super Staffy
Oh look at those eyes!!! Thanks so much Cutiepants26 for the nice comments on my dogs! Saffy is one GORGEOUS staffy!
Dec 10, 2010 blelisa
I LOVE IT!!!! There is nothing in the world like PUPPY BELLY!
Dec 10, 2010 blelisa
A Girl and her dog, it's the best! I wish you and your family a long and happy life together Saffy!
Dec 11, 2010 Anna747
AWWWWWWW!!! saffy you are just the cutest little thing! look at that sweet face! i am just dying! thats to cute. it should be against the law to be that adorable! i see why she was featured for dp, adorable. long and happy life saffy!
Dec 12, 2010 MsJaxFla
Oh my gosh, what a little darling angel. So adorable, beautiful baby girl. Saffy is just too beautiful for words. And did you know that God picked her and sent her specially to you?
Dec 12, 2010 MsJaxFla
Oh Saffy is the most gorgeous baby. I love her! Who could not love that darling girl... that beautiful, gorgeous face, that cute little...... well cute little EVERYTHING.... she is a sweetie.
Dec 12, 2010 ZebZeb
What a character this little girl is!!! She seems adorable!! And thank you for your kind words about Zeb, we were so grateful for our short time with him. It's wonderful that dogs don't know their age, because he certainly didn't know his! Enjoy many happy years with your pup! :)
Dec 13, 2010 Super Staffy
Oh I bet this GOREGOUS BABY is a chewer!!! My baby Harvey is!!! Awww staffy's..... you can't bet their loving and super happy personalities!!!
Dec 13, 2010 Super Staffy
Oops, sorry for spelling mistake- GORGEOUS. And I need to get another Kong like this too! Good reminder.
Dec 15, 2010 PreciousLulu
OMG look at that face! SOOOOOO cute! I bet she is a handful though...she looks a bit mischievous :D Her markings are also very pretty, she almost looks brindle. You are lucky to have her, belly rubs for saffy ^-^
Dec 16, 2010 Molly's Mum
Oh Saffy! My whole family loves you! Louise, you HAVE to bring Saffy over my place! Molly and Saffy can play together! You've grown a lot since last time I came over too!
Dec 16, 2010 Molly's Mum
Saffy, I remember taking this photo! Your very pretty! Did I say you're going on my favourites???
Dec 16, 2010 lunabug1
This is absolutely adorable!!
Dec 17, 2010 BeeMellow
What a little cutie pie!
Dec 17, 2010 MissAiko
Oh you are too cute. :) Being a puppy is so tiring isn't it?
Dec 18, 2010 Super Staffy
WOW! This is GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY! I love it!!! PS- I commented on the same picture before, sorry about that, haha.
Dec 18, 2010 Maltese42
I love this picture Saffy looks so happy in it.
Dec 19, 2010 jayme_currie
nice action shot! Chloe loves her "kong" w/peanut butter spray :)
Dec 20, 2010 DobeWoman
Saffy you are soooooo beautiful! She is soooo tiny, so adorable! I love all your photos of your beautiful Saffy!Leaving hugs & treats your new dobie friend, Frankie!
Dec 20, 2010 Maltese42
Awwww this picture is just so cute. Saffy is one adorable puppy.
Dec 21, 2010 kommandokitty
What a precious Christmas photo! Saffy has great hoppers! (That's her back legs from her toes to her kneebows, which are what we call dog elbows...)I can see why Saffy has been dailypuppy--she is adorable..and clearly knows it.They are so good at workin' it, aren't they? My Petra does the same. She is about to turn 3 on Jan. 31.
Dec 21, 2010 kommandokitty
What a precious Christmas photo! Saffy has great hoppers! (That's her back legs from her toes to her kneebows, which are what we call dog elbows...)I can see why Saffy has been dailypuppy--she is adorable..and clearly knows it.They are so good at workin' it, aren't they? My Petra does the same. She is about to turn 3 on Jan. 31.
Dec 21, 2010 mcopp
Saffy sounds like a bundle of fun and what a cutie pie.I wish you many many happy years together. Merry Christmas from Jaxon and Bodie in Arizona.
Awww :) What a cutie!! I love how the chirstmas tree has tennis balls :)
Dec 24, 2010 Molly's Mum
Louise, you have to bring Saffy over! Maybe next time you come over? Awww! This is the might Saffy just got back from from graduating Puppy-preschool! And, yes, I do remember, lol.
Dec 24, 2010 Molly's Mum
She chews on everything that little monster! Lol! :) Have a nice Christmas Louise and you too Saffy!
Dec 24, 2010 Molly's Mum
I love this picture it's my favourite!! Oh and, I got your Christmas Card that you sent! Hehe, have a WOOFERFUL CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO! You're very creative Louise always saying something different, we have to plan a movie day soon, ttyl!
Dec 26, 2010 zankj
tooooo cute!!!!
Dec 26, 2010 zankj
i can see what you mean by she has grown!!!!!
Dec 28, 2010 Ashleigh&Bailey
What a gorgeous dog. I love the colouring!
Dec 30, 2010 milton's mom
I just want to reach right into this picture and give that puppy tummy a scritch.
Dec 30, 2010 loony2nz
Aww, she's too cute!!! Lucky you to have such a beautiful puppy! I've only ever heard good things about staffy's!!! See if you can find the movie/book Jock of the Bushveld, all about a Staffy that was the runt of the litter!! Really good story, and true!!!
Dec 30, 2010 kenna
You are soooooo adorable, I feel like I could hug you all day long!!!!!
Dec 30, 2010 zankj
she is tooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 30, 2010 mookie2
all of your pics are wonderful !!!Saffy is one of the cutest things I have ever seen thanks for sharing your precious dog with me and others ...
Dec 31, 2010 alexiboo
this picture is really cute!
Dec 31, 2010 alexiboo
Jan 1, 2011 Lynxun
very very Cute !!
Jan 1, 2011 CoopersAunt
She truly is a beauty!
Jan 3, 2011 doggybandanas
Very cute :) lovely :)
Jan 3, 2011 huskygirl24
Staffy, you are so cute! I love your markings! Have a great,long happy life :)
All she has to do is just stand there... I bet she knows she's cute, haha!
What a cute and very funny picture!!
Jan 4, 2011 dak2010
MY BRANDY HAD 12 PUPPIES 4 girls the rest boys but this 1 looks like one of hers except she had a lil' white in her chest and a tiny bit on her nose.VERY CUTE
Jan 6, 2011 merp202
She's just the cutest rascal ever!!!! !!! !!!& #13; !!! !!! !!!! !!! !!! !! !! ! !! !! !! ; !!! just want to hug her
Jan 6, 2011 merp202
sorry bout that.. i meant to do all "!"s.
Jan 8, 2011 thatsmypitbull
Saffy the Staffordshire Bull Terrier! The name suits you! Hehe :) I love this picture, it is my fav! You can see the sand/dirt on her mouth. It is a pic that should be on a calender!!!! Have a great life cutie pie! xxoo
Jan 8, 2011 pawsforthought
Thanks for the comments on my dogs :D Saffy the Staffy is gorgeous! Such a pretty colour!
Jan 11, 2011 A Merle and Me
Thanks for the kind comments on my pups! :) Saffy is one pretty little lady!
Jan 14, 2011 my_dog_shadow
Oh This is so cute! Looks like Saffy has quite a personality for her tiny size! Saffy I wish you a happy, and long life full of doggie treats and love! (thanks for your nice comment on Shadow)
Jan 15, 2011 AntiFollower
Aww! She is just too cute! I love this picture of her! She just looks so alert and bright! I wish I could have Staffordshire Bull Terrier or an American Pit Bull Terrier, but our landlord doesn't agree. :( When I graduate High School in a couple of years though and if I'm able to rent a place that allows them, I'll definitely get one!
Jan 15, 2011 AntiFollower
Aww! She is just too cute! I love this picture of her! She just looks so alert and bright! I wish I could have Staffordshire Bull Terrier or an American Pit Bull Terrier, but our landlord doesn't agree. :( When I graduate High School in a couple of years though and if I'm able to rent a place that allows them, I'll definitely get one!
Jan 17, 2011 Missmilamae
Thank you for your comments about my Belle and Dolly. Your Saffy is absolutely gorgeous, I love the dark stripes in her brindled coat. I also love the way you just love her to pieces, she will pay you back with loyalty and adoration for the rest of her life! Keep on having fun with her!
Jan 18, 2011 RubyJeansMom
Saffy has the sweetest face ever. What a little doll!
Jan 20, 2011 chopperdawg
wayyyyyyyy too cute!!
Jan 23, 2011 Haileys_Momma
Saffy is just toooo cute!!!
Jan 27, 2011 Molly's Mum
Hey! I haven't been on for a while now but I just love this picture, Saffy's eyes look like they are plastic!
Jan 27, 2011 Molly's Mum
Haha, I know what you think about this picture: CHIHUAHUAWAHUA! :P
Jan 27, 2011 Emily&Harley
Awww she sure is beautiful. Her eyes are so big and cute.
She is so cute! My pup would be too big to fit in a little shirt like that! I love her colors! She's a beautiful puppy!
Feb 7, 2011 Candy&Chloe's mom
Louise: She is just adorable..and she knows she's cute. She looks like one very happy and loved puppy. She is darling.
Feb 8, 2011 Greenieninja
OK, it's time for Saffy to be THE DAILY PUPPY!!!! This face is unbelievable! Obviously a very caring family, as I saw from your previous dog...I think you are a winner :)
Feb 8, 2011 Greenieninja
OK, so I see you were the Daily Puppy on November 20th! Good, you deserved it Saffy!
Feb 12, 2011 PWD Shower
Feb 21, 2011 Molly's Mum
Awww! Molly and Saffy! What a FUN and very happy day that was! Your mum ended up saying yes on getting the puppy! HINT: stop talking about him, your driving me nuts, lol. Molly and Saffy's little play date.... too bad Molly was scared... Saffy was TOO excited. Well soon in about a months time Saffy will have a new little baby brother! TELL ME HIS NAME! Can't wait, he's so adorable!
Feb 21, 2011 Molly's Mum
She looks like a brindle chihuahua here! Just like what you said!
Feb 22, 2011 cornchunks
SAFFY is way too cute---I love that beautiful coat!
Mar 5, 2011 Greenieninja
Ahahaha, Saffy, I love your little teeth in this pic! Hope you are doing well, Honey!
Mar 19, 2011 maroula
You're definitely very sweet and cute, Saffy. It's difficult to choose one out of all your pictures because you look amazing and each and every one of them.Kisses on your sweet nose !!!xxx
Mar 20, 2011 duettists
What a lovely collection of photos of Saffy. I love this one with you and Saffy together. I hope she'll give a big welcome to Pingu!
Mar 20, 2011 puppyloveforme
I love Saffy! She's gorgeous! What a beautiful young lady! You must be so proud of her!
Mar 21, 2011 DoggyLover24
Mar 21, 2011 DoggyLover24
Your puppy is soooooo cute! Saffy is an adorable name!!!
Mar 21, 2011 My Two Japanese Spitzs
What nice new pictures you have of Saffy and from the last time I saw she has really grown! In this picture she looks like a real dog! Dirty paws and chewing on a stick! Very cute indeed.
Mar 21, 2011 My Two Japanese Spitzs
This is such a beautiful puppy picture. What a darling.
Mar 26, 2011 Mishka,Moki and Laika
Saffy is amazing.I love her gorgeous markings! I have also checked out her youtube videos! She is such a cutie pie! Hugs and kisses from Mishka,Moki and Laika!!!
Apr 3, 2011 dak2010
She is sooooooooooooooo gorgeous her coloring is just perfect all ur pups r beautiful cant wait 2 see more pix as they grow give the a kiss from me and my pups!
Apr 27, 2011 LilDachshundGirl
Awww, she's so cute! And she's got a wonderful family. (:
May 1, 2011 madelynk
Saffy, you must love flowers!!!! Your adorable!!!
May 6, 2011 broadway245
She is gorgeous!
May 20, 2011 Molly & Daisy's Mom
Aw! Look at Saffy having a nap with little Pingu! Saffy is so sweet and she is so,so cute! I loved the video where she was stuck in the stairs,now how did she get herself into that!? They do the silliest things,but in the cutest ways huh? Saffy is so CUTE! Lots of hugs to you Saffy! From me,Molly and Daisy. P.S love her name!
May 22, 2011 sundayfriday
I am very pleased to finally see Saffy, and she is so very pretty!!
May 22, 2011 LadyMam
Aww cuddles! And Saffy is a great name!
May 27, 2011 KayMack
aww sleepy baby! I love stunning brindle and cute black nose! many hugs and kisses from Kaymack & doghter Nala
May 28, 2011 Super Staffy
Wow, she's so precious. What a beautiful dog she's grown up to be. I bet she's fully grown by now!
May 28, 2011 Super Staffy
Ahhh, I am familiar with this. My dogs do this all the time... staffies like to beg don't they... once you teach them they won't stop begging, hahaha!
May 28, 2011 Super Staffy
Both Saffy & Pingu are very cute. It looks like they get along good.
Jun 2, 2011 cfuertez
Aww! Very cute!!!
Jun 11, 2011 puppyloveforme
Saffy is beautiful! I watch your videos on You Tube and I always enjoy watching her with Pingu. Also, from the beginning, she looked after him. she is such a lovely, lovely dog. you are very lucky!
Jun 12, 2011 madelynk
Saffy is a cutie, so are the new pictures!
Jun 13, 2011 zankj
Saffy you like playing with your bro don't you!
Jun 17, 2011 UrsaDad
There's just something adorable about somebody who posts 65 (and up) photos of each dog. You're doggie mad! That's great. I never get tired of taking pictures of mine, and each one looks different to me. I do wish I had taken more when she was a puppy. You turn around and they're all grown up. So good for you that you took lots - you'll value them forever. Saffy, you're a doll.
Aug 15, 2011 dogworld93
Saffy, you have the cutest face ever!! So cute! :)
Sep 10, 2011 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 1st Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Oct 8, 2011 Kaylee12
Shes adorable.
Oct 20, 2011 tropicsteve
"high five mom" saffy,you're so cute and pingu is always close behind !
Dec 4, 2011 NiamhAdkins
Nap time for the best of friends :) love all your photos Saffy and Pingu! Very very cute! xxx
Sep 10, 2012 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 2nd Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Sep 10, 2013 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 3rd Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Sep 10, 2014 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 4th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Sep 10, 2015 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 5th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Sep 10, 2016 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 6th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
Sep 10, 2017 Dailypuppy Team
Happy 7th Birthday!
Many belly rubs for you on this special day.
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