Abbi the Border Collie Mix

Dog Breed: Border Collie / Siberian Husky

Hi, my name is Abbi. I can be super hyper at times, and really sweet, loving and calm at others. There are times when I would rather be left alone too, as I can be a rather nervous dog sometimes. Last summer I spent most of my time learning to herd sheep, and did awesome. I can do lots and lots of cool tricks, including things like crawl on my tummy, high five, play dead, jump through a hoop, close the door, and lots more. I absolutely adore most living things, some dogs excluded, but sometimes in my delight at meeting a new cat, I scare it away. Since I came from the shelter, no one knows exactly what I am. They know I am part border collie, but the guesses as to my other part have been husky, German shepherd, and Lab.