Abby the golden retreiver

Dog Breed: Unknown

Abby's mom says: Abby is my family's little princess. We live in Howard County MD. Abby passed away the other night and I thought this might be a nice way to share her memory with friends. Abby was the cutest little fluff ball when she was a puppy. Unfortunately, no scanner and no digital camera when she was a puppy, means no adorable puppy pictures. Her favoritest hobbies included eating, sleeping, chasing tennis balls around the yard and the neighbors dog along the fence line, swimming in our pool, eating her sister's food, barking at the deer in the yard, and toads hopping by the pool, digging up mom's flowers, and sleeping more. Her favorite napping spot was sprawled out on mom's bed, across the pillows. She was the sweetest dog. Loved to give kisses and would playfully growl and wag her tail like mad when one of us came home. She was the best cuddle buddy ever! Her favorite cuddle position was between two of her family members. She was spoiled rotten and she deserved every minute of it.