Abby the Yorkshire Terrier

Dog Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

I was brought to my forever family of 4 in Deer Park, Texas. I quickly became their best friend and still hold that title today! They consider me their third daughter! However, I didn't tell them I love to eat wood, sheetrock, blinds, walls, cords, expensive shoes, and various plants. I was very active, but my family loved me too much despite my eating habits. So my adventure began with my family and soon I became an adult dog, even though I still look like a puppy and act like a puppy! Now I am almost 6, and I am, without a doubt, the cutest puppy in their lives! Now we play with my favorite toy, Lambchop, and go on walks in the cool evening air. I love it here. I always have cuddle buddies and a family that loves me!