Allie the Australian Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Allie's mom says: I adopted Allie from the humane society. I grew up having black Labs, and my intention was to bring an older Lab home with me from the shelter. I passed right by Allie's cage on my way back to the male-dog 'dorm' and she started to whine/cry out. It got my attention and I turned around to see a smiling dog with her paw up on the chain link cage. I knelt down and she put her nose through the metal and I stuck my fingers in to pet her. She was sweet and happy but not what I was looking for, so I got up to leave. Again she cried out and I went back to her cage. She seemed to be pleading with me through her big hazel eyes and the next time I got up from my crouch was to find an employee to open her cage. An hour later she was in the front seat of my Jeep on her way home. Allie is a very loving and sweet pup, though she must have been through something aweful in the five years before she came to live with me, as she is afraid of playing catch (she cowers when I raise a hand to toss a ball or stick) and she has had bladder issues when she's anxious. She is somewhat cautious of other dogs but has become fast friends with my parents' two dogs and my sister's two dogs. Allie loves to go for walks on my parents' property or in the local forest preserve. Allie has a lovely life in the suburbs of Chicago. Nothing pleases her more than having a squirrel to chase or a human to give her some love.