Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Mar 28, 2007 untbunny
Allie is a beautiful baby! I wouldn't be able to resist the sweet eyes either. Isn't it wonderful to know that sometimes what we think we want isn't what is meant for us? She seems so happy. Hugs and kisses...
Mar 28, 2007 flyingdachshund
That's such a heartwarming story...i would love to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue organization some day...i love the first picture and the second to last one!!
Enjoy her!
Mar 28, 2007 doxietail
Allie is gorgeous! I love her eyes and her coloring. I think she does look like she could have a little lab mixed in there, also...she could even be half lab and half Australian maybe you really did bring home your lab (mix) after all. :)
What a beautiful and amazing story! I really, really want and hope to adopt a shelter/rescue dog someday, and this story just made that hope so much stronger....but I'll only be home for another year and a half. aaaaaahh why don't colleges allow the students to have dogs?
Allie looks and sounds so sweet! :D :D
Mar 28, 2007 brnwdrng
Allie seems to have gotten the owner she deserves - bravo.
Mar 28, 2007 allimarie
Aww, her story made me sad, but also so happy that she found a great companion in you. I can't imagine what she must have gone through to still have the symptoms you describe, and I don't want to know. It's amazing a dog can go through something like that and still come out loving and wanting to please people. Thanks so much for loving her and being kind to her! She's beautiful, and looks like so much fun. Pass on my love!
Mar 28, 2007 hokku241
What a beauty--inside and out! Thanks for sharing her photos and your story. She looks like Aussie shepherd/Aussie cattle dog to me (especially in the 6th photo). I'm glad she has "cousins" and good places for walks.
Mar 28, 2007 ashields2
God bless you for rescuing this precious gorgeous girl! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading her story. Thank you for listening to Allie when she asked to go home with you. May you have a long happy life together!
Mar 28, 2007 Van Dog
Hi Allie! You are so beautifull! And lucky with the owners you chosen!... (your eyes are really irresistible...)
Mar 28, 2007 yujismom
Allie knew that she was EXACTLY what you wanted-thank goodness she made you understand that-rescue dogs are the best!
Mar 28, 2007 GucciLover
Awww, i have tears in my eyes from your story. I am so happy there are people around like you! I wish you many years of love and companionship with your lovely gal! I am banned by my mom from the animal shelter because I cant leave without taking an animal with me and we have 5 dogs now!
Mar 28, 2007 dogsrule
You are an angel for saving this gorgeous dog. I get all choked up when I read stories like this.

Bless you.
Mar 28, 2007 snuggles19973
What a beautiful girl and she is sooooo lucky you came in that day. God works in mysterious ways and he showed Allie how to pick the right person. Thank you for adopting her and giving her the home and love she deserves. Your story touched my heart and I have always said if I lived in the country and had a huge place I would fill it full with all pets. Huggs and Kisses for Allie's nose.
Mar 28, 2007 stahlesl
Absolutely beautiful glad she had a happy ending!
Mar 28, 2007 puppy-lovin' freak
She's perfection on 4 legs!!! I'm always amazed at doggies' ability to forgive the human race... even when it's clear they can't forget the horrible things that some of us do to them. On Allie's behalf, thank you to her parents for giving her the life every dog deserves. She's absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could chew on her ears a little. Oh - if Allie's parents read this, you could try underhand throwing a ball/stick or rolling a bigger ball for her - they've both worked for a friend who's previously mistreated pooch was afraid of raised hands and 'typical' catch games... since then, after falling in love with the rolly and underhand games, she's warmed right up to all kinds of fetch.
Mar 28, 2007 jencar9
Allie is a beautiful dog, and Im sure she is glad that you couldnt pass her up again! And Im sure you couldnt picture having any other dog now that you have such a sweet girl.
Mar 28, 2007 bopeep
It always amazes me how we are picked by these babies, regardless of what we think we want. She looks very sweet, and you are the lucky one to have been found. Good job Allie
Mar 28, 2007 TutterAndAlliesMum
Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Allie has brought much joy into my life, and I'm glad I have been able to do the same for her. She can be very timid, but warms up quickly to new people and experiences, and I love showing her how humans can (and should) treat her, with love and respect.

Your comments have meant a lot to me, I've teared up more than once, and it's great to know that other people think she's just as awesome as I do. Thanks!
Mar 28, 2007 Cheryl
Such a pretty dog (love that first photograph). And a wonderful, warm story. It's fantastic that you found each other.
Mar 28, 2007 1000RainyDays
Aw! She knew you'd love her as soon as you gave her a chance, and she was right : )
What a pretty girl! She looks like she might be part blue heeler.
The previous suggestion of underhanded tosses sounds like a good idea. You could also try teaching Allie not to fear a raised hand by using food. Start by letting her see what you have and making her sit in front of your hand. Then slowly over a long period of time, raise your hand higher and higher. Coax her to come to you, and if she's too afraid, lower your hand a bit until she's comfortable. Then praise her a lot when she comes up to you comfortably. When she's gotten used to food being held that way, you can switch to her favorite type of toy and do the process all over again. This would probably take a long period of time for her to overcome. She may never really like seeing people standing that way, but you might be able to get her comfortable enough so that she won't run away or urinate if she's in a situation where a stranger (like a groomer, vet tech, someone at the dog park) is standing that way near her.
Mar 28, 2007 sthrnanni
allie is gorgeous!! i love the third picture of her crossing her paws . . . so ladylike!!

my dog is also from the pound, and she was VERY skittish at first, but with time, love, and patience, she got over her fears (now she's not afraid of anything) and i think allie will too!

best of luck to you and your beautiful dog!
Mar 28, 2007 sthrnanni
ps 1000rainydays has a good idea!!!
Mar 28, 2007 Sashasmommy
Oh that face!! It's killing me! She is so ADORABLE!!! I love the picture of her rolling in the grass... pure doggie bliss!
Mar 28, 2007 animal lover
Allie is a cute dog. I love the story on how you got her!
Mar 28, 2007 BrightRedScream
What a beautiful made me tear up so much...
I'm glad you two found each other, she's beautiful :)
Mar 29, 2007 Mana
Well she knew a sucker when she saw one, didn't she! ;)

I second the suggestion of underhand throwing. Also, it sounds like she may have submissive urination issues - which is often breed-linked, but since she's been mistreated it sounds about right. (We know a cocker spaniel pup who pees on our feet every time we see her.)

There is totally lab in there - lookit that profile! I think you got what you wanted, even if it came in a different skin than you were expecting. Heartfelt congratulations & thanks for taking this girl into your heart & home!
May 10, 2007 mizz tye
oh my oh my brings tears to my eyes. allie looks so much like my ausie mix mostly in those sweet eyes our chaquita gave us 15 years of the greatest friendship ever and you are so lucky to have adopted this wonderful mix . what a beautiful girl
May 14, 2007 therealbean
She's beautiful! What a story--brought tears to my eyes. Obviously you two are meant to be!
May 19, 2007 sandi
It was sad to think that Allie had been mistreated-- but she seemed to sense that you would give her a loving home, if she could get your attention-- I'm glad she picked you! I love the crossed legs pose and she is just beautiful in the smiling pix-- I adore her coloring and coat. She is a big, haopy, beautiful gal
Jul 1, 2007 sylvanbliss
What a wonderful feeling to be chosen by a dog. Allie, you sure know how to pick 'em! Way to work those hazel eyes. Best wishes for a long, happy life together!

My skittish pound puppy also pees a bit. She takes a pill for it that really has helped. She picked me, that day back at the shelter...her eyes said "! Please!" We've never looked back.
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