Allie the Australian Shepherd

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd

Allie's mom says: I picked Allie up when she was 7 weeks old from a local breeder. I picked her out of a litter of 6. Her cute face won me over with those little button ears. She is now just over 2 years old. She is completely spoiled and believes that everyone has to cater to her needs. We do usually. She's a ball of spunk and always overly happy. Her favorite hobbies include: cuddling with me, playing with her puppy pals, hiking, digging for rocks, and ripping the fluff and squeakers out of all her toys (she's a master at this). She is my heart, my life, and my world. She is all of me rolled up into this tiny red fluff-ball of bouncing energy. Nothing ever brings her down. She puts a smile on my face,with her crooked smile. when I'm sad and makes me laugh when I need it. She loves everyone and everything. She is an amazing little girl and I'm so happy she's part of my family.