Andy the Shetland Sheepdog

Dog Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

Andy's mom says: I had never had a Sheltie before and actually wanted to adopt another shih tzu. So we decided to visit both the shih tzu breeders and the Sheltie breeders in our area. The first time I saw Andy, I couldn't believe the amount of hair he had. It was astounding! Both he and his sister were eager for attention and were clamoring to get in my lap; I sat down and held both of them. My heart just melted when I held Andy close to me, as it did with his sister. But we couldn't afford to adopt both of them and a choice had to be made. Andy had not broken eye contact with me once from the time we got there, while his sister hopped around and played with a ball. My heart fell for Andy. I named him immediately; he reminded me of Raggedy Andy. Andy is my first Sheltie, but he won't be my last. Many people think he is overweight, but that "weight" is all fur. Andy is the most hysterical baby I have ever had. He goes wild over chasing a laser dot all over the place. He goes nuts, barking, shrieking, pouncing, and trying to catch it. His other favorite games are "playing sock," "gimme mama's shoe" (where he steals my shoe right off my foot), and stealing the socks right out of the clean laundry basket.