Friday, April 18, 2014
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May 2, 2011 Jose
Angelo your a cutie I hope that you have a great life filled with lot's of hugs and kisses.
May 2, 2011 zen
What a sweet boy! Hope you have many happy healthy years with this big slobbery love! Please give him hugs for me!
May 2, 2011 Georgia :-)
How could you ever say no to that dogs eyes. to cute, although only a year old classed as a grown up pup, but they will always be puppies to us.
May 2, 2011 elliel
He does look like a loving fellow. How wonderful that you are investing in this wonderful fellow and continuing to fix his problems.
May 2, 2011 tenderheart25
I love this picture. Angelo has such an expressive face.
May 2, 2011 LePenguin
What a goof! Best wishes for his joints/legs so he can enjoy a long, lazy life with his adopted family.
May 2, 2011 dogluvr857
Angelo, a long, healthy life to you and your lucky family!
May 2, 2011 princelover
What a beautiful boy. I love those floppy jowls. Many hugs, sweetheart.
May 2, 2011 jasper1
Oh look at you Angelo!! You are a great beauty! What a gorgeous, sweet and precious boy! He's amazing! So glad he is in a loving and caring home now! Best of luck with his medical issues. You are perfect Angelo and I just love you!
May 2, 2011 Mmmousemaid
Angelo looks like an guardian angel. What a dog! He's big. I am sorry about his bone weaknesses. I'm so glad you adopted him as his temperament must be so sweet.
May 2, 2011 goldenlover
Magnificent. Congrats to you on your wonderful compassion.
May 2, 2011 janet weir
Thank heavens they were rescued and taken to good homes! He is just magnificent! Hope he lives a long and happy life!!!!!
May 2, 2011 daphne's mom
What a happy looking boy! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Angelo!
May 2, 2011 jeksfcusa
Hope all goes well with the surgury Angelo. Heres to a quick recovery.
May 2, 2011 clemency
Awww! What a sweet boy! Oh, and I just noticed the little tiny dog in the picture with him--how cute! Angelo, you are a very handsome dog, and I hope all your medical problems will be resolved soon so you can be running and playing again!
May 2, 2011 w102663
What a sad beginning to life. Your heart is as big as you, Angelo. You have a sweet, handsome face and you sound like a really great companion. I pray your surgery goes well and you don't need anymore. Angelo, you have a wonderful family, give them extra wet kisses today.:o) OX OX OX
May 2, 2011 masiffmama
As the mama of a Mastiff myself, I know this is the true Mastiff pose! Thank you for rescuing him! He is a beauty and I would love to snuggle him. Many happy years to you and your family :)
May 2, 2011 Puppy Power
You are gorgeous Angelo
May 2, 2011 Goldenmom58
Again, let's cheer for the big guys and gals today. Poor thing, having to need surgery at such a young age but your parents are doing the right thing. Once you have been put back together, you are going to be the happiest boy on the block. Glad that you and your siblings were saved from the uncertainties of life. Best wishes for another successful surgery and a third shot a the life you so deserve.
May 2, 2011 amyliz
Love at first sight for me...what a wonderful face! I am so glad sweet Angelo was rescued by loving people who take such good care him. I wish you a full and speedy recovery, Angelo!
May 2, 2011 MastiffMother
What a face! And he gets along with cats too! My mastiff would attack anything that moves if it was that small. But she is afraid of everything else. Best wishes to you and your family Angelo!
May 2, 2011 BeautyLover
What a magnificent boy - thank you so much for giving him such a loving home.
May 2, 2011 briscodarlen
what a life lol well dream a dream for me dude
May 2, 2011 chelsearosebud
God Bless you and your family, Angelo. Love your pink tongue! XOXO
May 2, 2011 shortysax
What a beautiful and brave pup! I wish you both a long and happy life together!
May 2, 2011 lizanne
Dearest Angelo, I love you so much. You are amazingly beautiful. As a former Mastiff owner, I can see that caring, loving look in your soul, through your eyes. I am so proud of your people for rescuing you and loving you. You are priceless. Huge Pug Hugs and Kisses from Pug Mini Anderson Cooper, and his Mom Elizabeth in NY~
May 2, 2011 cherokeewoman
Angelo hope your life is full of love!
May 2, 2011 taniamorse85
Angelo, you are such a big, beautiful boy! I hope your joints get fixed up well and will not bother you anymore. Hugs and kisses from California!
May 2, 2011 ButtersMum
He is a lovely, regal and kind looking young man! Kudos to you for rescuing him and undertaking the health care procedures he needs. Angelo I wish you a very long and happy life - you are a great dog!
May 2, 2011 gouldkb
Don't step on your little buddy next to you LOL
May 2, 2011 Purplewolf43
Angelo, you are one very handsome puppy! I wish I could've adopted one of your siblings, but didn't know about you guys till now. I would love to reach thru my computer monitor and give you a BIG hug and kiss! Enjoy your forever home! I can tell they love you very, very much!!!
May 2, 2011 Purplewolf43
Angelo, you are one very handsome puppy! I wish I could've adopted one of your siblings, but didn't know about you guys till now. I would love to reach thru my computer monitor and give you a BIG hug and kiss! Enjoy your forever home! I can tell they love you very, very much!!!
May 2, 2011 bellatrixls
Angelo is such a beauty!! Hope all the boo boos go away from your growth spurt, loves and kisses!!
May 2, 2011 yingy
i have a Cane Corso Mastiff that looks almost exactly like this one. BEST dog I've ever owned. He is my best friend!!
May 2, 2011 madeline
Good Boy.....So sweet !
May 2, 2011 lalamcgoo
oh Angelo you made my heart skip a few beats, how precious you are and your health issues made me well up. I am so happy you are in a home that will take the very best care of you and recognizes what a truly amazing boy you are. Best wishes for a healthy, long and I already know you are happy life big boy. You deserve the best!
May 2, 2011 shortyww22
Angelo,you are a very handsome boy.I hope the vet get's you're elbow under control before you grow more and get heavier.many happy years to you and you're you're sweet face.I could just give you a big bear hug.kisses n hugs sweetie.
May 2, 2011 flutey48
I love your Angelo! All I can think of is Tom Hanks' movie "Turner and Hooch"! I'm glad he found a loving home... he looks like a real doll baby!
May 2, 2011 TooeyandBumble'sMom
Oh, Angelo, you are so very beautiful and strong. Very very beautiful!
May 2, 2011 malawi
What an amzing and super handsome boy! So glad they were all rescued from abuse...hope his operations all go well!
May 2, 2011 pelligrino
I'm so happy this sweet boy found such a loving home!
May 2, 2011 Coco Waffles (Admin)
Angelo, you have such great wisdom behind those eyes!!!
May 2, 2011 mychiensr1
I am so greatful for people who adopted rescue dogs. Angelo is so handsome and sweet! What a lucky boy. XOXOXO!
May 2, 2011 woof1959
lol I love this dog
May 2, 2011 malachy
what's not to love abot this sweet face!!
May 2, 2011 kgpayne13
Angelo, your name matches, since you have the face of an angel!
May 2, 2011 Candy&Chloe's mom
I am so sorry that Angelo's early life has been difficult for him, but thank you for giving this unique and regal beauty the loving home and tender care he deserves. He is a stunning specimen and despite how intimidating his size can be, his fun loving and kind eyes betray him!!! He's so majestic!
May 2, 2011 WATERDOG
Yo, Angelo! Don't be in such a hurry to grow up, it all goes by so fast. You are one handsome boy, make sure and take time to eat the roses!
May 2, 2011 caraschotch
What a sweetheart! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
May 3, 2011 ursa'smomma
Angelo is a quintessential Good Boy! Hurray for the early Rescue, and bless you for taking this adorable big guy home. Here's to a long, loved life, and all the hugs and biscuits!
May 3, 2011 guerrero's grandma
Angelo, you have captured my heart... I am totally in love love love with you! Sending you healing MOJO so that you recover quickly & completely from your surgery. Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you handsome boy
May 3, 2011 gypsyrobin
Bless you, bless you, bless you for rescuing and caring for this beauty!!!!
May 3, 2011 bdadog
love at first sight! What an awesome boy. Ciao Angelo!
May 4, 2011 Beth1226
Angelo - what a love!!!
May 6, 2011 drakes' granny
A fine looking boy. Sorry he has had so much pain but hopefully it is a thing of the past soon. Gentle with kitties too. Loving soul and I'm sure a faithful friend.
May 9, 2011 ChaysonsMom
"Say hello to my little friend - his head is the size of my paw, so I must be careful not to step on him! But I am a gentle giant and so far, so good!" Thanks to your family for saving you and for taking such good care of you.
May 9, 2011 ChaysonsMom
Anyone who doubts that dogs have souls, need only look into these eyes...
May 15, 2011 andyheart
Angelo you are too cute. youre so lucky to have such a great family :)
Aug 17, 2011 sweettart
your dog is sososo adorable! i really think your soososo lucky to have him!
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