Ardis the Boxer Mix

Dog Breed: Boxer / Great Dane

I picked Ardis from the local shelter. She was one of the biggest pups there. Love at first sight for my both my wife and me. Ardis had been adopted a week earlier and they had paid the spaying cost. I thought, "Uh, oh, why did the first adoption fall through?" Turns out the adopter was an older gent with Alzheimer's and he adopted her on one of his good days. The gents' children went to the shelter and told them that Dad could not properly care for a pup. (Best wishes to that gentleman). I have since lost my wife to cancer. Ardis is well trained, 90 pounds, and owns my heart and will always.

Comments (25)
drinkie Jan 15, 2014
so cute! xoxo

pammy_sue Jan 15, 2014
Such a pretty girl. So glad you got her.

Abiglen Jan 15, 2014
Ardis is beautiful, well cared for and loved very much. I'm...

Abiglen Jan 15, 2014
Amazing picture!

dogsrus570 Jan 15, 2014
It sounds like you and Ardis were destined to be together. She is a...

Doxibug Jan 15, 2014
What a beautiful dog! Fate brought you together. I am so sorry for...

chelsearosebud Jan 15, 2014
Best Wishes to you and Ardis. Her love light is apparent in her...

westiemomof2 Jan 15, 2014
What a blessing you are to each other.

jl1 Jan 15, 2014
Jump for joy!!

bluegigi Jan 15, 2014
I am so sorry for your loss, but I do know this, Ardis will comfort...

Mmmousemaid Jan 15, 2014
I'm so glad you adopted Ardis from a shelter, especially when...

janet weir Jan 15, 2014
No wonder it was love at first sight! Those beautiful eyes!!! So...

daphne's mom Jan 15, 2014
What a beautiful dog! I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I hope...

Lil ol' me Jan 15, 2014
Ardis, you are a definite 10, make that 12. I love big proud dogs,...

lucybee Jan 15, 2014
Definitely showing your boxer heritage here,pretty girl.I know Ardis...

biff Jan 15, 2014
"I will do the dance of joy!" Please keep on being a great...

anann73 Jan 15, 2014
Glad you have such a lovely companion to be with you during dark days...

BeautyLover Jan 15, 2014
Ardis is a magnificent girl, and I'm so happy you have each...

drakes' granny Jan 15, 2014
Ardis is a big girl with melt your heart big brown eyes. Looks sweet...

Economist Jan 15, 2014
Condolences on your loss but Ardis the Ballerina will be there to...

guspup Jan 15, 2014
What a wonderful companion you've found. I'm so sorry about...

amyliz Jan 15, 2014
Oh my, your Ardis is such a beautiful and wonderful girl...I know she...

kgpayne13 Jan 15, 2014
What a beauty!

mychiensr1 Jan 15, 2014
I wish beautiful Ardis live a long, happy life with your daddy! Your...

schotime Jan 15, 2014
Ardis is a beauty. He will b one of the best decisions u ever made....