Arwyn the Irish Wolfhound

Dog Breed: Irish Wolfhound

Born on Christmas, Arwyn is a snow angel. Snow isn't her only love though. She adores swimming, running and playing with her many canine friends. Arwyn encourages all the other dogs to act like fools. She has taught Uly how to thoroughly enjoy the beach, he now swims and loves it. Being a gentle giant, she is literally the biggest suck of the family. Besides the dogs, she's also best pals with my horse and the barn cats. She came into my life as a rescue case and has blossomed greatly. She is still nervous around people but once she gets accustomed to them, she can't get enough of them. After I lost my Australian shepherd Taffy, my husky mix Cali was heart broken. Arwyn has restored Cali's spark of life, I haven't seen her this happy in two years. Arwyn really was a Christmas miracle.