Atreya the Border Collie

Dog Breed: Border Collie

Atreya is one of the sweetest dogs I know. Although she gets the reputation for being the "big girl" compared to her slimmer sister Harpua, Atreya loves to swim and play Frisbee or catch the ball just as much as any dog I know. She's always the sly one on the side - sure to get your food if you leave it in her reach or snatch up a pair of your shoes to use as her pillow. She loves cats and her tail wags a million swishes a minute when she sees one. She also gives great hugs. When I ask her for one she'll lean on her back legs and fall into me. While her big sister Harpua might get the attention, Atreya deserves a lot of credit for being her hard working, generally obedient and well-trained companion!