Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jan 10, 2007 untbunny
What a beautiful baby! Love the photo with the pinecone. Noticed each side profile appears different because of the eyes. He's a Georgia fan too? He's darn near perfect.
Jan 10, 2007 faintsfromcutedogs
Holy Pine Cones! When will the torture end? If I look at this beautiful dog any more my head is going to explode. The eyes, the coat, the tongue, the expression. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? Did you have to paint that perfect pattern on the nose too? Does there have to be little pink bits on either end that make this dog even more adorable than is allowed under current Federal guidelines? I have to go take my medication now, you've put me over the edge.
Jan 10, 2007 DogLuvver
Wow Atticus!! You are so cool. There are so many different looks to boxers, I had no idea! I am used to the brown ones like my Pop had when I was a kid. I love your nose!!!
Jan 10, 2007 scobig
Hi Atti! I am wondering if he is blind in his bi-eye. Usually solid white dogs in this breed are at least partially blind. They say its because its not a natural color for them to be, its almost albino. Alot of people breed for white coats, and it causes something screwey in the gene pool.
Anyway, I think you are adorable nonetheless Atti! Kisses to you!
Jan 10, 2007 anon
what a handsome boy you are, Atticus! I laughed out loud at the pine cone picture - so sweet, but you can tell he's got a little troublemaker in there! Also, his nose totally reminds me of a cows nose, which is awesome. I wanna smoosh his big ole' pink jowels around so badly!
Jan 10, 2007 millsmom
He is simply stunning. A masterpiece. And what an awesome nose!
Jan 10, 2007 DoggieCaregiver
Atticus is a beautiful boxer. I myself have a white boxer names Stormy. I am sure if Atticus is anything like she is you have your hands full of a bouncing boxer. It is wonderful to see another white boxer, even though they are not rare, about 25% of all boxer are born to be consindered white. Stormy not only picks up pinecones but has been known to raid our wood pile and carry off pieces that she can fit her mouth around. Your dog is beautiful and I hope you have many more days with the slinky of the dog world.
Jan 10, 2007 Loizhanne
what a great face! this dog looks like he enjoys every moment of his life. i love his smile. there is nothing like a boxer.
Jan 10, 2007 raerae
I want a white boxer...I want a white boxer...I want a white boxer...I want a white boxer...I want a white boxer...I want a white boxer...I want a white boxer...I want a white boxer...

Did I mention that I think Atticus is very handsome?

Oh and I want a white boxer...
Jan 10, 2007 FAIRY_DUST
he's lovely! and his eyes give him so much character!
Jan 10, 2007 kathy
He is BEAUTIFUL. wow, very unique, I've never seen a boxer like this one before. I love his eyes!
Jan 10, 2007 ridingbuddies06
WOWww.... hes is SOOOO cute! i love his eyes! and it seems like his name fits him good he just looks like an Atticus. and his coat is amazingly white! :)
Jan 10, 2007 Cheryl
Atticus, you are a charmer! Nobody could resist those eyes and that too cute nose!
Feb 8, 2007 stefknee22
What a beautiful pup! My dad has 2 white boxers that they rescued and they are incredible. I grew up with a brown/fawn boxer and my dad also has a maile brown boxer who lives with the white ones I mentioned. The white ones seem so much more gentle then the brown, I'm not sure if that is all of them or just the two I know but it sure seems by these pics that Atticus is just as sweet. Oh how lucky you are and how lucky Atticus is! Best of Luck!
Feb 20, 2007 georgebox
Hi just to let people know that white boxers are not albinos they are just born with white hair and one of the reasons they are not often seen is that any boxer that is over 1/3 white does not conform to the breed standard and as such some breeders euthanise them :-( Any two dogs that are bred that are considered 'flashy' will have a 25% chance of having a white pup. The first boxers were actually white and as such it IS a natural colour for a boxer to be - however it is classed as undesirable in the show ring. Black, however, is not a natural colour for a boxer as they do not carry the gene for it. I know that's boring but just wanted to let people know they are EXACTLY the same as coloured boxers but have white hair.

Your dog is fab - I hope my little white boy grows up to be as handsome!!
Mar 28, 2007 hipforboxer
your dog is wonderful. I am glad that someone stated that white boxers are not albinos. People need to see them for what they are smart and beautiful........
Apr 4, 2007 goldenlove87
what a beautiful baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 6, 2007 bopeep
Atticus is a very handsome boxer. Aren't you lucky.
May 3, 2007 Liam4276
What a unique and handsome dog! And I love his name too!
May 9, 2007 sandi
oh what a face (love the name- from To Kill a Mockingbird?-he fits his nobel name) The pinecome pic and the one above it was almost too much for me-- such cuteness!! He sounds like a wonderful snuggling dog- I just love doggies snuggles-- such pure love!
May 12, 2007 boe
Atticus is a lovely dog i have never seen a boxer like hime i love his eye's soooo cute.
Jul 25, 2007 CheneyNuts
I must say the pine cone picture is hilarious! He looks very grumpy, but I know he just can't be since boxers are just so darn goofy. What a cutie!
Aug 3, 2007 geezjams
I.. I...


That dog is the picture of perfection.
Aug 7, 2007 pup_lover901
He looks scary!!! EEK!! And wierd at the same time!!
Aug 30, 2007 oneacd
What a dog! Boxers are such fun and Atticus looks like he epitomizes that. Very handsome and cute at the same time. The pine cone pic slayed me!
Aug 30, 2007 oneacd
I meant to ask georgebox if deafness is an issue in white boxers as it is in other white factored breeds such as Dalmations and Bull Terriers?
Oct 18, 2007 kurtdaniel
hes good looking <a href= "http://www.replaceme ntdopar..."> !</a>
Nov 22, 2007 puppysrock
atticus is the spawn of satan but we love him awwww dudley nose
Dec 12, 2007 mling
Wow, I just had to comment on Atticus. He is such a beautiful dog! Wish you many more happy years with your little pine-cone loving fella!
Dec 16, 2007 irishdancer12319
WOW!!! Iteresting Dog! (in a good way)
Feb 9, 2008 kimberly325
Pardon the pun, but that pinecone pic is a HOWL! I laughed out loud because he looks so comical. I bet he is a barrel of monkeys. I wish you a gazillion laughter-filled years with Atticus.
Mar 3, 2008 mosbarger
I want him!!!!!!!!! Oh my, if I could find one just like him TODAY, I would bring a new friend home!!!!!!! He's one of the most ADORABLE babies I have ever seen!!! I am a pitbull lover, and Atticus reminds me so much of that breed, with his very kind eyes!!!! I love this boy!!!
Feb 4, 2010 pascalou
awesome dog i have one like that to
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