Baby the Adoptable Grown-Up Puppy

Dog Breed: Pomeranian

Meet Baby, the adoptable dog. One of her favorite things in life is riding with you in the car; she lives for that excitement. She wants to be a lap puppy and go with you everywhere. She is a sweetie and will win your heart forever. She has a way about her as if she were a queen or royalty of some kind. I often wonder what kind of home and life she had before being abandoned. She always seems so happy. She is a lover, a cuddler, and funny girl. She loves to play with my little Schipperke puppy Rocky. He attacks her as she walks by him and they play and romp for a long while. I call her his nanny as she takes care of him and plays with him like it is her job to be his nanny. When the people that found her brought her to me, they said she was a Schipperke. Her coat was very thin, but since she has been here her coat has thickened and she looks so very much like a Pomeranian that we decided she must be Pomeranian not a Schipperke. If you would like to adopt Baby, please visit