Bailey the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Bailey's sister says: Our family adopted Bailey, the king-sized purebred, male golden retriever, originally known as Kingsey Max, from a family who simply didn't share the same enthusiasm for life as Bailey did. Although originally bred to become a show dog, this big puppy is a show-stopper nonetheless in our small town in Ontario. Bailey was destined to live an unrestricted, "live and let live" kind of life! Bailey loves jumping on beds, sitting in our laps, going for car rides to Tim Horton's, chewing rocks, playing with squeaker toys, stuffing anything and everything in his mouth, and showing off for the neighbors. Even though Bailey's zest for life is enough to tucker out even the most energetic of souls, rest assured his loyalty is paramount, and the number one reason for his excitement, is quite simply, your company!