Bailey the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Mixed

Bailey was the first canine member of my family, but has integrated herself into said family with great ease. With her constant smile and eager will to please, she's a companion who is loved by everyone who meets her. Though she has no pedigree - nor do either of her canine parents - she is a very intelligent, healthy dog who breezed through obedience training and impresses us still with her capability for learning tricks in a very short period of time. Even at the age of eight she is very playful and full of spunk, enjoying a good game of fetch with a tennis-ball or tug-o-war with her 'tug,' a blanket she's has since she was a pup. She gets along marvelously with our two cats and greets other dogs eagerly and gently. Tolerant and friendly toward children, Bailey's an all-around wonder, and we all love her very much!