Monday, July 28, 2014
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Jun 26, 2010 pupfanatic
Bailey, I must say, you are absolutely gorgeous!!! Look at that face. Boy, did your humans get lucky!!! What great taste they have; if I went to the shelter, I couldn't resist you either. So glad you are a happy baby now-yay rescues and yay Bailey!:)
Jun 26, 2010 zen
Wow what a lovely face! Good luck with flyball!! Hugs and ear scratches!
Jun 26, 2010 mpkfinn
Bailey you are gorgeous. Best of luck with all your sporting events which I´m sure you will excel at. Many hugs and biscuits.
Jun 26, 2010 horse_rider
Glad you landed on your feet, Bailey. Love rescues - we have 3. Lots of biscuits and belly rubs to you, sweet thing.
Jun 26, 2010 pirosred
What a wonderful story and it is s great has such a good life now.
Jun 26, 2010 daphne's mom
What a handsome boy! I am glad you gave him a loving forever home! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Bailey!
Jun 26, 2010 goldenlover
What a handsome guy. To think what was about to happen...Congrats on the rescue.
Jun 26, 2010 animalluvr110
Aw! Bailey is adorable. Thank god you he was rescued before they put him down. I hate pounds. But I hope Bailey has a long and happy life! 11 Biscuits for you! xoxo
Jun 26, 2010 pupielady
Gotta love the act of rescuing. I too was very shy and not too sure of everything. My mommy & daddy saved me last Mother's Day. I enjoyed agility although that teeter things freaked me out!! May try again in the fall with my new furry sister. Best of luck and have fun with your new pack! Cali & Keira from NC Check out Cali(yesterday's grown up puppy!)
Jun 26, 2010 Twin-Pup
Oh my goodness, what a pretty puppy! God bless you for rescuing him.
Jun 26, 2010 Nias Mom
Thats awesome that you saved Bailey and now I think he is saving you right back with love and loyalty...What a beautiful 4 legged addition to your family!! He looks so happy!!!
Jun 26, 2010 Teddy Dog
What sweet, sweet face!! How very fortunate for you to have found such a wonderful guy!! (and much more fortunate for him!!) I pray for many, many happy years for you together - you are a very special person to have rescued Bailey and to give him such a caring and wonderful life - he will love you forever and your rewards will be many!! May God bless you!!
Jun 26, 2010 amyliz
Yay for a happy ending for handsome Bailey! I chose this pic because you can practically see the spring in his step...a sign of a happy and healthy dog!
Jun 26, 2010 gryt
Sounds like Bailey has a fun-filled schedule! What a beautiful pup. Such gentle, soulful eyes.
Jun 26, 2010 Adriadru
His look is full of dignity...beautiful dog!
Jun 26, 2010 pfordeb
Baily is so cute. Thank you so much for rescuing.
Jun 26, 2010 stillwater20
bless your heart for giving Bailey such a loving home - think of all the adventures he would have missed if you hadn't come along at just the right moment!!! hugs from Memphis....
Jun 26, 2010 sundayfriday
He is soooooo handsome and my dogs wouldn't step foot in water yet he seems ready to dive in what a good boy you have congrats bailey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 26, 2010 wheatie mom
Bless you for rescuing Bailey and giving him a dream life. He is just beautiful - active, strong and loving. Way to go, both of you!
Jun 26, 2010 bestfriends
This smile says it all! Bless you for saving this beautiful, intelligent boy. I can't say it any better than Wheatie Mom. Enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life.
Jun 26, 2010 loveheals
Bailey is beyond handsome--he is beautiful. Thank goodness that he has such wonderful people who helped him become himself! Many more years of joy to you all.
Jun 26, 2010 Coinshop
Bailey is a wonderful dog. Glad you rescued him. I hope you have many more happy years together.
Jun 26, 2010 Noodlesboy
I love your handsome face, Bailey (and of course the little red spot on the end of your nose is adorable as well). I'm so glad your family found you. Enjoy your special day! Hugs and kisses to you Bailey.
Jun 26, 2010 margie-rex's mom
That is a happy and content boy! Bless you for saving Bailey. He has thrived in your save and loving home. Hooray for him...and for you! He is a beauty. I wish you a long, happy, and busy life together!
Jun 26, 2010 drakes' granny
Bailey does look very agile. I'm sure he will do well at all tasks. Love the color and sweet face. Have a wonderful, exciting life Bailey.
Jun 26, 2010 pandrews-4
Bailey congrats on your win today! You are one handsome guy & now everyone gets to see you!!! Enjoy life & be happy, Bailey!!!
Jun 26, 2010 Malimom
Bailey, you almost look like you have some Pointer in you. I love that you love Agility and now doing Flyball. How blessed you are to have come so far in a short time. Congratulations on both. have a great day. from Ca
Jun 26, 2010 lucybee
Bailey you are such a handsome boy,I love your fawn colored coat.I chose this picture because you look so happy and confident prancing at the water's edge.Have a long and fun filled life!
Jun 26, 2010 DogLover in Canada
What a handsome boy!!! Love the colouring! Good work on adopting, that's the best way to go - there are so many dogs/puppies that need homes, there is never a need to buy!! Lots of love and scratches to Bailey!!!
Jun 26, 2010 lizanne
Bailey, I am so happy that you have a nice forever home and that you have been taking classes and doing so well. You look so very handsome and proud. You are a LOVE and I hope you have a very happy life from now on and enjoy the water. Hugs and lots of biscuits from Elizabeth, Miss Katie, & Mini Cooper in NY~
Jun 26, 2010 A Merle and Me
Congrats, Bailey! You sure are handsome! :)
Jun 26, 2010 brunomom
Thank you for rescuing this beautiful guy. God bless you and I mean it.
Jun 26, 2010 allmyshelties
Handsome Bailey, you are quite a special boy. See, all it takes is a little love and patience for you to blossom. I bet you do as great in flyball as you do in agility, You look very strong and agile. Enjoy life to the fullest Bailey, you deserve it!
Jun 26, 2010 Jessicaandchloe
what a water cutie!!!
Jun 26, 2010 missO
He's a handsome dog. Love and a good life make all the differance.
Jun 26, 2010 soozn
So glad you saved Bailey!!! He's gorgeous, and seems so happy. Enjoy a long and happy life together!
Jun 26, 2010 pelligrino
I am sure you have been rewarded many times over with Baileys loyalty and love. He is a great looking fella. What ever his life was, that smile on his face says he has it made now. Have a long, happy and healthy life Bailey
Jun 26, 2010 The Raven
Bailey, HANDSOME and LUCKY........ you are one terrific dog. A long and happy and healthy life with your loving family, you earned it, big time.
Jun 26, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Bailey, you gorgeous fella you! Congratulations on being the Grown Up Puppy of the Day! Well deserved indeed! Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum xo
Jun 26, 2010 coriebe
Cool! :)
Jun 26, 2010 shortyww22
Bailey is such a cutie.I'm so glad you was able to give him a loving forever home.hope you have a long happy life together.big kisses n hugs sweetie Bailey.comment on my dogs please
Jun 26, 2010 slevinsmom
Oh Bailey, you handsome love bug! A thousand kisses, baby!
Jun 26, 2010 kian
I logged on very late tonight and saw it was Bailey! Congrats, I am sure he will have many happy years with you. He is a handsome dog with a great life.
Jun 26, 2010 puppy world#1
Wow Bailey ia a beauty but i dont think ashes girl i think shes a male. HE or she is very luckt to be rescued and to be in cpmetitions. A grown up puppy she is still a pup 2 years old that 14 and that not really growned u should of put her in the puppy 1. Have a nice and long life Bailey :)
Jun 27, 2010 w102663
This is a wonderful story. So happy that Bailey was rescued in time. He is a super doggy who lives his life the way it was meant to be lived...thank you Bailey's family! OX OX OX OX OX
Jun 27, 2010 Ligia
When i saw this face and this story, I just had to comment. Beautiful bailey angel, I am soooooooooooooo glad someone found you. I cannot understand why we live and such a stupid world where beautiful souls like you are discarded so easily and we are left with even more stupidity. May God bless you and your parents with a long and happy life together. Many little pup kisses for you, Bailey. Love-L.
Jun 27, 2010 iluvk9s
Wow what a pretty baby!!! So glad that you rescued Bailey from the pound and that he has a loving home like all doggies deserve to have. Tons of biscuits, hugs and kisses!!
Jun 27, 2010 Taramore
Oh, bless you, bless you, bless you for your timely adoption of this lovely dog. It's unbearable to think that Bailey may not be here today but for the grace of your rescue. You will be rewarded many times over during his lifetime.
Jun 27, 2010 megannicko
What a photogenic dog!!! She is beautiful!
Jun 27, 2010 Jose
Your soooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Jun 27, 2010 Maryel
Bailey, you are an amazing and HANDSOME pup! I'm so happy your forever family rescued you and taught you all kinds of ways to be a happy and active doggie! Have fun with your flyball classes... I just know you will excel and be the Top Dog! Bless your heart!!!
Jun 28, 2010 RheannaMarie
Jun 29, 2010 guerrero's grandma
Such a handsome fellow is Bailey... so regal looking. Congrats on your rescue & new life! Congrats on agility too... you look very intelligent! but I'll just bet you are a total sweet heart too. Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you big boy
Jun 29, 2010 k9lover
Great looking dog! So happy he has a good life now!
Jul 5, 2010 daylia2
cute!! Do you think she has some lab in her?
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