Friday, July 25, 2014
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Jan 15, 2010 shortyww22
Bambi is sooooo-cute big ears,more to hear you with,Big mouth more to eat you and most likely a big heart too...she is 10000000% Adorable.I'm not real sure but she just might have my white shep coda beat with the biggest ear' thought he had biggin' cute!!!!she looks like a Jack russell mixed with something else...come see my coda and my other dogs n comment please....kisses,hugs,n have a happy long life with this sweetheart...
Jan 15, 2010 applemomma86
Those ears are too much!! What an adorable dog.
Jan 15, 2010 iluvk9s
Wow what a sweet adorable baby!! Such cute ears. Zillions of cookies, hugs and kisses for Bambi!!!
Jan 15, 2010 LePenguin
I'm guessing she's part Corgi, Jack Russell terrier, and - judging by this picture - crocodile. Whate ver the case, she's adorable.
Jan 15, 2010 maroula
She's lovely, already I put her among my favorites. I think she's a Jack Russel + Pinscher mixed breed.
Jan 15, 2010 maroula
I love this one. Most probably she's been tired of posing and bored but feels she has to stand there ....!
Jan 15, 2010 maroula
Adorable little face and nose !
Jan 15, 2010 msorrells
Love those eyes.
Jan 15, 2010 degismama
She's adorable! My guess is definitely part Welsh Corgi (due to the ears) then some jack russel and maybe some chiuhaha because of her size :) I have a mix as well - will the same coloring but he doesn't have daisy's ears! heehee
Jan 15, 2010 degismama
I mean Bambi! So sorry - a family friend has a welsh corgi named Daisy and she's diegos friend! oops.
Jan 15, 2010 misterpiko
Got her eye on me, lol. She made me smile immediately! I bet she's got some Jack Russel and Chihuahua in her. The ears remain a mystery to me!
Jan 15, 2010 guerrero's grandma
Hah! Look ma, I treed a cat, hehehe... Bambi, you are one gorgeous dog & it's very clear you are indeed a happy doggie... that's so good to see, I love looking at doggie smiles... Long & happy & healthy life to you
Jan 15, 2010 kerryllr
Bambi is beautiful! I love those trademark ears.
Jan 15, 2010 kerryllr
Bambi is beautiful! I love those trademark ears.
Jan 15, 2010 pamfontainepeters
Omigosh, I am so in love with Bambi's ears! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto
Jan 15, 2010 Missy's Mom
Looks like she's got a little Basenji in her - especially if she hardly barks. Twenty biscuits for her!!!
Jan 15, 2010 goldenlover
"Hahaha, that's a good one!" She's great !!
Jan 15, 2010 Ihave8cats
This face could easily be my daughter's Welsh Corgi, Candi. The ears are what my daughter fell in love with. "The Flying Nun"..I mean dog.
Jan 15, 2010 maddiesmom
Bambi must have some jack russell and some corgi!!! She looks like the smartest dog. i love all of your pictures. you are so lucky to have such an amazing dog. i cant stop looking at her and smiling.
Jan 15, 2010 CollieMom
She is adorable and looks like a very happy girl!
Jan 15, 2010 ckendall
Now this is a sweet happy pretty girl and I love her name!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 15, 2010 amyliz
Oh Bambi, this picture made me laugh outloud this morning! (And that's a good thing..I need reasons to laugh and smile right now!) You are 100%adroable!
Jan 15, 2010 dcdognut
Practically a twin to my Buster...basenji, rat terrier, Jack Russell, and chihuahua....and therefore sweet, brilliant, fun and quiet! Mutts rule! Many happy and healthy years to you Bambi.
Jan 15, 2010 HillCountryGal
Hi Bambi... I'm in love with you! What a happy lookin' little gal. Bet you bring a smile to everyone you meet.
Jan 15, 2010 Owen's Mom
Bambi is Wonderful! What a little joy. She definately brought a huge smile to my face today. Many happy years!!
Jan 15, 2010 Yay4Puppies
I agree with the masses--corgi, Jack Russell, and maybe some chihuahua. Either way, she's adorable! BTW, great photo. It made me smile. :)
Jan 15, 2010 pumkin
Oh Bami, you are just the cutest little doggie, love those ears, I bet you get everyone a run for their money. God Bless,
Jan 15, 2010 asiasmum
this has tyo be my favorite picture of Bambi, it shows a very soft side to her personality :)
Jan 15, 2010 kahluasmom
do you have any idea what mix Bambi is she looks almost exactly like my dog crazy charlie harper i was told he is a jack russell but i am not so sure
Jan 15, 2010 elliel
What a cutie! Those ears are something! Looks like a good pal for you.
Jan 15, 2010 daveydog
I just love saucy little dogs! Oh, wait!! I have one! God bless you, Lucy! Bless 'em all. Ontario, Canada
Jan 15, 2010 jsewell51
Bambi - you look like you are quite the character! Hugs & Kisses!
Jan 15, 2010 fritzy
Jan 15, 2010 lucymom
My ears are so big they don't even fit in the picture! But that's ok, I know I'm cute anyway! Maybe I had a Corgi relative?
Jan 15, 2010 Shadow's Mom
How do you pick just one photo of such an adorable dog? You are so cute and so sweet, Bambi! Lots of tummy rubs and treats to you!
Jan 15, 2010 rome
beautiful just beautiful, look the ears
Jan 15, 2010 loveheals
Bambi's facial expressions have me laughing out loud!! She is so cute! She must have some Corgi, maybe Jack Russell,chihauhau? What ever she is , she is wonderful! Mamy more years of love and joy to you all!
Jan 15, 2010 averna13
To-die-for Cute! Looks like she's got some Corgi in her, but she's 100% adorable. Looks like she's got a load of personality too. Fantastic photos! Enjoy her!
Jan 15, 2010 lalamcgoo
awww look at her boy she has some fabulous ears, I love them, she is just precious!
Jan 15, 2010 pelligrino
This dog is too cute. I would have to give her a kiss and hug and many belly rubs.
Jan 15, 2010 lucyny2000
I am happily joining the army of those who loves Bambi! Stay away from those who does not like her, they must be weird! And what a wonderful name choice for this happy puppy! Blessings from NY
Jan 15, 2010 Malimom
i love these pictures...i see alot of Jack Russel and Corgi. very fun. LOVE LOVE LOVE the big ears(we have a shepherd) Bambi, you are always smiling, you look like a very happy dog. I love a dog that can cheer me up and i bet you do that for your family. Congratulations. from monterey
Jan 15, 2010 daphne's mom
How sweet! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Bambi!
Jan 15, 2010 newfieluvr
Happy b-day Bambi!! you are the cutest little dog!!
Jan 15, 2010 djmc
Bambi how cute you are and love those big ears. the better to hear with. I can see your alot of fun. Many happy years and loads of doggie fun , hugs and kisses
Jan 15, 2010 normangeorge
Bambi I love your ears they are the best!
Jan 15, 2010 kgpayne13
Those look like corgi ears. What a cutie!
Jan 15, 2010 padfootnlupin
she must be part Corgi, Jack Russell terrier with those big ears and face features! SO CUTE!
Jan 15, 2010 kady
Bambi is gorgeous.what a personality she has.
Jan 15, 2010 malawi
I do not think I have ever seen such big ears on a dog...any dog...but Bambi is so adorable with these ears that it'shard to beat! Wonderful little girl!
Jan 15, 2010 lisa&sophie
bambi - you are so cute ! the big ears are just one of your endearing features. i know your momma loves you !
Jan 15, 2010 spongebrooke
i'm such a sucker for the bat eared dogs. she's a cutie pie!
Jan 15, 2010 Noodlesboy
Bambi, you are so photogenic. It was VERY hard to choose just one picture, but the mouth wins! I love your ears and I'm in shock that not everyone loves you. Enjoy being queen for the day! Many hugs and kisses to you beautiful lady.
Jan 15, 2010 w102663
Bambi, your smile and ears are as delightful as can you!:)
Jan 15, 2010 Sumedh
This is an unbelievably cute dog
Jan 15, 2010 toddycat
Bambi, you are so beautiful. Love the ears. I bet life with you is fun. I'd love to meet you. Loved all of your pics. You are a favorite. Have a wonderful life sweetie.
Jan 15, 2010 southernnights
Bambi you are adorable, you look like you could take off & fly with those ears. I know that you are going to keep your Mommy happy for a very long time. Be loved and eat lots of treats.
Jan 15, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Bambi is a beautiful girl!!! It looks as though she is smiling or laughing in most of her pictures. I have not read the other comments, but I suspect Bambi is a JRT/Papillion. No wonder she is so adorable, funny, sweet, loving and a little cheeky. Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Jan 15, 2010 doreendixon
Oh Bambi! What an interesting mix you are! Those are Corgi ears; there is no mistaking those. The rest of you could be Parson Russell Terrier and/or Chihuahua. Maybe. Whatever your lineage, you are adorable and very well named!
Jan 15, 2010 milton's mom
Who needs a converter box when you've got these antennas in your house? Better than satellite tv!
Jan 15, 2010 doreendixon
One more vote -- this is a Corgi face and a Corgi expression. Totally kissable!
Jan 15, 2010 taniamorse85
With those ears, she is definitely part Corgi. Those are signature Corgi ears! Bambi looks like such a fun-loving, happy dog! Also, I love her 'laughing' photos!
Jan 15, 2010 Coinshop
Bambi is beautiful!
Jan 15, 2010 txnewswoman
I don;t know where y'all live, but if it was anywhere near Waco, TX, I'd say, "Let's have a play date!" My dog, Kudzu, is a mixed breed who looks a lot like her, but black and white. His Vet thinks he's mostly toy fox terrier with "a splash of Chihuahua."
Jan 15, 2010 Jose
What a cutie I just want to give you a big hug!
Jan 15, 2010 doggone1973
Such a pretty girl!
Jan 15, 2010 lovely latvian
Isn't life great, yes I laugh a lot too, go and enjoy your life Bambi, you are adorable.....
Jan 15, 2010 puppy world#1
Awwwwwwwwwww yes Bambi is adorable and does look like Bambi most defently and her ears are long and cute she looks very fluffy. You can tell Bsmbi loves taking naps thats cute.
Jan 15, 2010 georgia04
Bambi is a little doll! I LOVE her ears. Kiss each one for me. :)
Jan 15, 2010 lucybee
I am So in love with you! I'll also guess corgi in the mix.You are just a wonderful little girl!
Jan 17, 2010 Limmyluver
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I agree with lucybee and think you are a corgi mix too. SO SO CUTE! I lllloooovvvveeee Bambi's ears! Too too adorable. Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U!
Jan 17, 2010 terry c
I'm guessing Jack Russell Terrier and Welsh Corgi (those are definitely Corgi ears). Very striking little dog.
Jan 18, 2010 beccabell1
You are the cutest thing ever!
Jan 19, 2010 Puppies 4 ever
you are very cute but you like a foxxy
Jan 20, 2010 LadyMam
My guess is this little cutie is a papillion/jack russell mix :) She looks like such a happy little joy!
Jan 24, 2010 drifter.rox247
ok 4real those ears are awesome!!
Jan 31, 2010 BobtheStickman
nice dog
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