Baron the Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Baron's mom says: Baron is a four-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback mix who loves to charm his guests with his talent and stunning good looks. Whenever a new person comes to Baron's house he likes to "stand on his head" for them. He does this by flattening his front end on the floor and sticking his backside in the air. He feels that traditional barks and stiffs are over-rated and that a simple headstand will suffice as a greeting. He has declared himself head of the Rodent Patrol Division. Every morning he wakes up with the sun and paces the yard hoping to find a lost squirrel or two. After a long day of patroling his property, he makes everyone aware of the fact that he must be fed at the stroke of 4 pm. Not a second later. If he feels that he's not the center of attention during a family gathering, we're all in for a talented show of headstands. As demanding as he may be, just to be in Baron's presence is truly rewarding. Daisy the golden retriever belongs to my inlaws, but Baron thinks Daisy belongs to him. When Baron gets frusterated with his people, he takes it out on Daisy by chewing on her ears or feet. As you can see, he likes to use her as a pillow when he takes naps. Daisy is a very gentle soul who patiently puts up with Baron's wacky antics. We shower them both with love and they give it right back with big, slobbery kisses.