Beano the Border Collie Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Beano's sister says: We got Beano four years ago as a puppy and he is our first dog. He is a border collie cross, but what he has been crossed with is a mystery. A lot of people see a bit of saluki in him; all I know is that he is the shiniest dog I have ever seen! He is a complete nutter to say the least and always keeps us on our toes. I think he is an eternal puppy at heart. Beano's favorite places are at the living room window and in the back garden where he can "protect" us from the mean Alsatian down the road. His favorite activities are finding things we have hidden for him and running wild indoors and out. He is a wonderful family pet and loves hugs but also likes to take some alone time to sit and watch the world go by.