Bear the German Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Bear's dad says: I adopted Bear from a shelter in Pennsylvania when he was six months old. Bear is a German shepherd mix of some kind. He commonly mistakes himself for a cat since he enjoys being a lap dog. When he's not playing tug of war, wrestling with me, or running, he's keeping the couch and bed warm for me. He gets very jealous if company is over and his spot on the couch is taken, so much so that he pouts and paces until someone will let him up. He's very smart, even though he often doesn't act like it. I think he thinks he's tricking me. Bear is very aware of everything going on. Car rides are a must, and he knows what that word means, so you can't say "ride" out loud unless you take him. About the only thing he really doesn't like is getting wet, swimming, and bath time. He runs around and makes me catch him and pick him up to get him in the bath tub. He's the best companion anyone could ask for.