Beckett the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

Hi! My name is Beckett. My mom named me after someone named Samuel Beckett. She says he's a genius. I never met him, but I'll take her word for it. Before my mom adopted me, my life was pretty tough. I lived with some horribly mean humans and finally escaped from them. Then I had to roam around for months until Lab rescue found me. I was so hungry! I can still be pretty afraid of humans sometimes, but my mom is helping me out. She always tells me just how well I'm doing. I used to be so scared of everything, but the world seems like a much better place these days. Walks are my favorite! I also absolutely love going to the beach with my mom and my friend, Lila. I'm even coming around to this whole tennis ball concept. At first I didn't really get it, but Lila's helping me see just how great it can be to chase it and chew it and feel the grass in my paws when I run! My mom tells me all the time what a sweet and beautiful guy I am. It's a little embarrassing sometimes, but I secretly really like it! I've been through a lot, but now that I'm with my mom, she's showing me that life can be pretty great when you have lots of love and cuddles.