Beckham, Mia, and Brianna

Dog Breed: Unknown

Beckham, Mia, and Brianna's mom says: These three puppies are wonderful. They are beautiful, very smart, loveable, and funny. The girls, Mia and Brianna, weigh around 85 pounds. Beckham now weighs about 115. Two of them have ridges (hence the breed -- Rhodesian ridgebacks) and one of them does not. They turned a year old on February 2. They love to run and play and chase squirrels on our ten acres. Beckham and Mia love to cool off in the pond. Brianna doesn't care for the water but loves to play soccer with her human companion, Landon, my son. These dogs are part of the family. More than just pets, they are best friends. Mia Brianna Beckham Beckham and Mia