Beckham, Mia, and Brianna

Dog Breed: Unknown

Beckham, Mia, and Brianna's mom says: These three puppies are wonderful. They are beautiful, very smart, loveable, and funny. The girls, Mia and Brianna, weigh around 85 pounds. Beckham now weighs about 115. Two of them have ridges (hence the breed -- Rhodesian ridgebacks) and one of them does not. They turned a year old on February 2. They love to run and play and chase squirrels on our ten acres. Beckham and Mia love to cool off in the pond. Brianna doesn't care for the water but loves to play soccer with her human companion, Landon, my son. These dogs are part of the family. More than just pets, they are best friends. Mia Brianna Beckham Beckham and Mia

Comments (20)
scobig May 28, 2007
Beautiful babies! Becks and Mia seem to really love each other! So...

wyldegirl May 28, 2007
I absolutly LOVE these pictures!! Especially the one of Beckham and...

sandi May 28, 2007
Wow- what a jackpot you have. They are beautiful dogs. I love the...

rijbakluva May 28, 2007
OMIGOD!!!! I am SOOOO jealous of you!!! I am absolutely Ridgeback...

Boo's Mom May 28, 2007
Lots and Lots of doggy luvin!!!What a happy well adjusted family you...

Sashasmommy May 28, 2007
Wow, that's a houseful of big dogs! They are beautiful and look like...

dogsrule May 28, 2007
Gorgeous noble animals!

Absolutely regal.

crazyCAdoglady May 28, 2007
Your babies are darling, and are so lucky to have 10 acres with...

vllybllstar May 28, 2007
aawwww..... words cannot describe them! they are so cute and you are...

yujismom May 28, 2007
they are all so loving...blessings to your beautiful pack

catie May 28, 2007
omg! I luv these dogs. They are the cutest.
I plan on getting...

jillm May 28, 2007
[color=pink]OMG They are adorable![/color]

johncie May 28, 2007
The shot of Beckham and Mia in profile is just beautiful! They look...

johncie May 28, 2007
the shot of Beckham and Mia in profile is just beautiful! They look...

tyler680 May 29, 2007
they seem sweet i was going to ask "why do they have the ridges...

TXJulie May 29, 2007
Wow, these look like very loving and loyal dogs. And they're clearly...

dancehappy202 May 31, 2007
I have no idea what breed of dog's these are... but they are the most...

therealbean Jun 3, 2007
We love Ridgebacks! We've been told our girl, Sierra, looks a bit...

llt214 Jun 5, 2007
I'm not familiar with the breed, but they are really beautiful dogs. ...

doggielover80 Nov 20, 2007
they are all so loving and cute together!