Bella the American Eskimo Dog

Dog Breed: American Eskimo Dog

Bella has always been my daughter's dog, spending every night on her bed from the time my daughter was 7 years old. Bella is feisty--when she was young she would pull the covers back to wake me up. Now she just barks until I take her outside. Her favorite things to do are to roll around in the grass, sniff for rabbit holes, and spend time on her multiple beds throughout the house. She will put her nose down in the animal holes and look up at me with a dirty face. She has had hypothyroidism since she was 2 so we call her our plus size model. She has a wagon to ride in since she can only walk a few blocks in her golden years. She brings smiles everywhere she goes! This has been a year of ups and downs. She lost her brother Echo, an Eskimo who was only 3 months older than she was. Our foster dog, Pippa, brought her back to life after Echo's passing and is now her best buddy.