Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Sep 29, 2006 Husky luvr~!~XD
Beautiful dog you have there!
Personaly I love big dogs
Sep 29, 2006 Stacey
WOW what a real sweetie you have thier all the pic's are so cute, i have to agree with the 1st comment i dont like little dogs bigger the better and you are lucky to have Bella and the name fits.
Sep 29, 2006 Dancers Mommy
Sep 29, 2006 Nadine
I loved the pcis of Bella as a puppy and she ahs grown to a beautiful dog....(hey Husky lover-I have shih tsus-and they are beautiful....)
Sep 29, 2006 DogMom
She sure deserves her name -- Bellissima!!!!! What a beauty!!!!
Sep 29, 2006 BigdogsRbetter
Yes, big dogs are best. I call small dogs, like Yorkies and Shihtzu's "Cogs" because they are more cat than dog!!! ha ha ha
Sep 29, 2006 lovelovepups!
I love Bella, remember her puppy pics, she has gotten big and is still beautiful!

I love big dogs AND Shih Tzus, geez! And NO dog is like a cat, I have big dogs and small dogs and they all act the same as each other, sometimes my Shih Tzu fights with my German Shepherd and he always makes my Shep back down first. Hes a tough little booger. How about waiting until you are educated before speaking...
Sep 29, 2006 twinkelbelpeach
Big or small, I love em 'all. Your Bella is very beautiful. Wishing her a long and happy life.
Sep 29, 2006 Julia
Oooh, Bella!!! You are so beautiful! I see that you love black eyeliner, my darling. You wear so much! Yes, you do! I hope it doesn't smudge onto your pretty white face. Oh, that would be tragic!

*shakes myself*

Whoa. Sorry. Bella made me stupid.
Sep 29, 2006 puppytails
She is gorgeous! I checked out her puppy pics and what a sweet little fluff ball!! She's grown into a huge sweet fluff ball!!!
Sep 29, 2006 robio
what a pretty dog! she is so fluffy and cute and i want to hug her! most little dogs aren't as cute as big dogs, except for terriors! i have a german shepard and i had a westie and a scottie and they are all really cute!
Sep 29, 2006 robio
Sep 29, 2006 puppyluver
she is big, hairy but cute! ;)
Sep 29, 2006 hiya!
oh my! Kiss kiss!
Sep 29, 2006 robio
puppylover, she is NOT hairy, she is fluffy! LOL!
Sep 29, 2006 robio
OMG! i just looked at her puppy picture! she was a really cute puppy, almost as cute as my puppy!
Oct 1, 2006 Gina
What a beautiful girl!
Oct 3, 2006 Bridget
She's gotten so big!!! I commented on her adorable puppy pictures as well :)
Oct 6, 2006 Kelly
Hi there, Bella is beautiful, just a question for you. Are you ablsolutely positive she's samoyed mix? I've had both Samoyed, and Great Pyrenees, (mine's name is Ella!), and I would swear she's a Pyre. She has all the markings of a Pyrenees. The lions ruff at the front, the peculiar growth of hair on the back of her front legs that Pyres have, almost like white bears, and the wide flat head and ear set of a Pyree. Her eyes especially are different from the Samoyed, and exactly like the pyrenees. Is it possible that she's mixed Samoyed and Pyrenees maybe? Does she "Pyre paw" you more then most dogs, sometimes almost clubbing you when she wants attention? Just wondering:)
Oct 6, 2006 Bella-s Mum
Hi Kelly, thank you for your comment :) Bella is definitely not a great pyrenees as she has the curled tail that lies on her back like a samoyed, which unfortunately you can't see in any of these photos. I do see a resemblance, I've looked at many pyrenees photos and she does look very very similar. Also, you can't really tell from the photos because of the amount of hair she has, but her ears are actually retriever ears - if you lift up all that fluff over her ears they are actually a strong gold colour; it's just that with all that white fur it's difficult to see! She also looks very much like a maremma, but again the maremma doesn't have the curly tail and is also a lot bigger than Bella is. She does paw a lot though and she also nudges my arms with her nose for attention, sometimes so hard that she knock out whatever I'm holding! Thanks again for your comment :)
Oct 15, 2006 YummyPuppies
Hello again Kelly, I have asked Michael to add another photo of Bella where you can actually see the tail she got from her Samoyed daddy :) Where can I see your Ella? I love Pyrenees too:):)
Oct 23, 2006 Diane
Hello to Bella's Mum from Diane in Michigan: Please ckeck my 2nd note to you under Bella's puppy picture dated the end of Sept. To Kelly, my dog is a golden/samoyed mix (we know the breeder, so there is no doubt) and looks exactly like Bella and is the same size. I also noticed the similarity to a Pyrenees, and agree with Bella's Mum about our dogs behavors and appearance. I've been told that our dog Trondak, behaves more like a Samoyed than a Golden. He's a great dog , very freindly, loves people, and is very energetic for a 6 and a half year old.
Nov 3, 2006 nancy dozois
what a "ham" and just so precious-
My border collie has the same idea baout life" !
Its wonderfull !!!!
You are the lucky one !!

Nov 18, 2006 another lucky person
hi there im in england and my dog has just had puppies also the same cross breed (golden retriver/samoyed) and i can see from your photos there are realie good likeness between our pups i have ten but only eight are for sale
Nov 20, 2006 toni wolfe
oh i was able to open the pics up, she is beautiful wonderful looking dog. thankyou
Nov 20, 2006 jolee
where can find a golden/samoyed breeder? we had one for 11 years and are looking for another one. ours came from the humane society. contact me through my member name.
Nov 28, 2006 Puppy♥Lover
Hey its bella now shes a big girl thoguh! she is still a cutie! i knew she's grow up to be gorgeous and she is wow she grew a lot looks bigger than the golden but cant always tell from pictures andywaybela i'm sstill a big fan and you still get 11 biscuits(even though you deserve more)xoxoox
Nov 29, 2006 not so lucky yet
uk lucky person: still got any for sale?
i wanted a spitz and my husband wants a retriever-
this looks like the perfect, most adorable answer for us!!!!
Nov 29, 2006 Brittiny
That looks exacly like my dog misty in the face we got her from the pound about three years ago but we have no clue what kind of dog she is!!!:}WE also just got a Goldenretrever from Golden Gates Farm in Virginia.His name is Broidie

-Brittiny Age 11 Coilonia Heihts Va
Nov 29, 2006 Renee
Ah!!! Bella -- so beautiful......Looks like American Eskimo and Goldie...........curly tail, face.......
Magnificent dog..........
Dec 2, 2006 Betsy
Hi! I am looking for this exact breed! Do you think there are more available? Could you direct me to the breeder that you got bella from? Thank you soooo much!
Dec 2, 2006 Bella-s Mum
Hi Betsy, I live in Melbourne, Australia, so if you do too I can direct you to a breeder :):)
Dec 4, 2006 Sam :)
i absolutly luv this dog! i luv goldens and samoyeds! it is so cute! i luv the puppy pics too! wow ur very lucky to hav this dog, i wish i did! i hav a little chihuahua but hes not so little. but i wish i could hav a big dog but i cant cause my moms allergic and we dont hav room. but anyway again, i luv luv luv ur dog sooo much!!!
Dec 5, 2006 Betsy
Hi Bella's mum...
I wish I lived in Australia but I don't. I live in Washington State, US. So if you or anyone else on this dialogue knows where I can find this breed please let me know! Thanks so much!
Dec 10, 2006 sarasmiles04
She's so beautiful!
I just got a puppy, she was a stray. She's about 4 months old and looks like a Samoyed. But she's got some golden coloring in her. My fiance and I are beginning to think she has some golden retriever in her too. I did a search and found pictures of Bella. She looks just like my puppy! Can you tell me a little about her? Like personality, size, shedding...ect?
Thank you!
Dec 10, 2006 YummyPuppies
Hi sarasmiles04, this is Bella's Mum. Bella has just turned 1 and weighs approximately 30kgs. She is quite big but not huge. About retriever size, bigger than a samoyed. She does shed a lot, but I find that taking her to the groomers regularly really helps. But she has the most amazing personality. She really is a sweet dog, she LOVES attention, and wonders why on earth someone doesn't pat her when we go for walks. She loves EVERYONE! She actually prefers people to dogs, although really she likes anything that moves! She's also very well-behaved. Never chewed a single shoe, or the furniture. I can leave my papers, shoes, and anything else I want lying around over night and she won't touch a thing. She can now go over 12 hours without needing the toilet. I could go on about her for ages, she's my angel :)
Dec 11, 2006 sarasmiles04
Thanks for the info! I'm not sure if she really has retriever in her, but it's good to know about her size and personality! My puppy definatly loves everyone, and has to stop and say hello on walks. And she loves chasing the cats we have also. Thanks again!
Jan 19, 2007 Lisa Gilbert
She sure is beauitiful. I have a male the same breed called Fuke, but didn't know if they were an intentional breed as he came from the pound. They certainly have a beautiful nature and i'm very lucky to have him as i'm sure you know. Do you know of any breeders as many of my friends say they want a dog just like him. Thanks.
Feb 13, 2007 VioletG25
total fluffball, adorable!!!!
Mar 8, 2007 chalos
I have a samoyed/golden retriever mix too and they look so much alike
Mar 29, 2007 Lauren286
I'm trying to find a Samoyed/Retriever breeder myself. I love the dogs so much, and would like to find a way to get a new puppy. Anyone have any info on breeders or where to find these dogs? I'm in MI... but willing to travel.
May 9, 2007 sandi
What a bautiful dog!!!! she was THE CUTIEST pup and has turn into an astonishingly beautiful dog. In the 7th pic I can see the golden retriver in her face-- beautiful and that fur is so much like is so like a somoyed I once knew--great mix here. She is just lovely!
May 20, 2007 ladyice
Hello Bella's Mum....I just stumbled on this site trying to look for pet care advice...great site but what I got really excited about is where you purchased Bella from...because we have LULU who is also a Samoyed X Retriever who is the same age as Bella...born on the 8/10/05..its highly possible the may be SISTERS!!!!!.we bought her at Pet's Paradise in Chadstone just before X'mas...when we were at the pet shop there were 3 of them..all siblings, 2 were sold (1 boy and 1 girl) and 2 people had LULU on hold till the next morning...we tried our luck and put our names down too and prayed that I got the call in the morning and we did!!!! We were told her parents are from NSW...I will be posting her pics up soon..she looks exactly like Bella...she now weighs a hefty 30kgs..if they really are sisters we should let them meet!!!!
May 24, 2007 mikechi59
very unusual looking but quite beautiful,you get the best of both worlds with Bella
May 30, 2007 Daisy's mom

Bella is spectacular! She has grown up to be such an elegant looking dog. I love fluff. Pretty pretty girl. You must be in love.
Jun 2, 2007 Samriever
Have you got any more recent pics?
Our lil Samoyed x Golden Retriever is nearly 5mnths now! And he weighs over 15kgs!
His ears have gone really gold and his tail is always down. Also the back of his hair has gotten alot rougher from when he was a pup! But he still has the same face as Bella!
Email me back through my member name.
Jun 25, 2007 dogsrule
Beautiful dog! Like a friendly fuzzy polar bear.
Jul 6, 2007 shellyrini
what a great looking dog. I don't know what else to say or how to capture in words how awesome she is. Bella is stella!!!
i know corny....
what a beauty!!
Jul 8, 2007 Tedchinook
Beautiful dog. We have Samoyeds and I thought at first she was a floppy eared Sammie. But when you see the head on view she definitely has the retriever head shape. The pawing that someone mentioned above in connection to the Great Pyrennees is also very much a Sammie trait. I'm not surprised that the crossing of such great dog personalities has led to an absolute sweetheart of a dog.
Jul 29, 2007 giselle
bella is absolutely beautiful. i have a large white dog that i believe is a golden retriever samoyed mix (and possibly some other breeds). he looks a lot like bella. i'm glad to know these 2 breeds are being bred together - they make the most sweet, intelligent and fun family members!
Jul 30, 2007 fancymama
If she were mine I wouldn't be able to stop gazing into those beautiful eyes and petting her. She is absotively, posilutely gorgemous!!! Many belly rubs, Bella!
Aug 12, 2007 megan
She looks just like a Great Pyrenees ( our dog )! How cute Bella is!
Oct 31, 2007 chelsp94
Omg!!! I have a dog her to shes 11 months and her name is bella!!!shes samoyed and golden retriever but german sheperd too
Jan 21, 2010 jeremyhudson
I've been hunting all over NSW, Can you kindly point me in the right direction to find a breeder for samoyed x golden retriever ? really appreciate your help ! Thanks Jeremy
Mar 13, 2010 kristalgb
Would you be interested in beading her with my golden newfie. I just want a puppy. I wouldn't charge anything for stud service. If anyone has a dog that looks just like this contact me Just in case their not interested in breeding Bella. My Dog Shadow looks just like a black long silky furred golden retriever.
Mar 13, 2010 kristalgb
Would you be interested in beading her with my golden newfie. I just want a puppy. I wouldn't charge anything for stud service. If anyone has a dog that looks just like this contact me Just in case their not interested in breeding Bella. My Dog Shadow looks just like a black long silky furred golden retriever.
Aug 8, 2012 venezuelan25
where do u get samrievers i need one to be shipped to the USA! do you know anywhere where i can get one?
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