Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Dec 11, 2007 untbunny
How special it is to be chosen by a pup. She looks as if she has been with your family for many years. Lineage doesn't matter when you've been chosen as family. Give your clan a big belly rub from me.
Dec 11, 2007 puppyluvr
Beautiful Bella. She looks like she has some Shar-pei in her. Puppy kisses and belly rubs to all of your pups.
Dec 11, 2007 howiesmom
She's so soulful looking!! What a gorgeous girl!! Lucky You!!
Dec 11, 2007 grace2you
What a smooch-able face! I'm glad that you were chosen as family! I love the mixed eyes. Yep, I'd agree that there must be some shar-pei. What a crazy look! Love to all the dogs! Grace2you
Dec 11, 2007 sarah calvert
What a lovely girl - she looks really intelligent, so glad she's chosen you! Bet shes got bags of character!
Dec 11, 2007 laurie erickson
What a wonderfull story... Thank you for taking her in!!! and give her and her sisters, big kisses
Dec 11, 2007 Mummm
I'm so glad that Bella found her REAL home.
Dec 11, 2007 Sashasmommy
Look at those wrinkles... she looks so... concerned. :-) Our Slicker Seal chose us, too. He just showed up literally on our doorstep one day (completely matted and smelling like he had rolled in a skunk).
Dec 11, 2007 PIPPIN
You are certainly an interesting looking dog Bella, and you look full of strength and character and love,..... and also very settled and contented. You knew where to call home and it is wonderful that you were totally accepted with love by your human family and by your now sisters, Hope and Daisy Mae. Much love to you all
Dec 11, 2007 rexandbaby
She is very distinctive! I hope that she lives happily with all of you!
Dec 11, 2007 rosy
She is a real beauty--multa bella!!! Millions of biscuits and lots of love!
Dec 11, 2007 yujismom
i think she's a chesapei...but its not the looks its the heart and you can tell Bella has plenty of that! what a sweetie
Dec 11, 2007 ads3w
Bella-girl, I like this picture showing your playful side! You look very strong and intellegent. Have fun with your sisters!
Dec 11, 2007 DogMom
I am so glad that Bella found her soft landing. It looks like she is having a wonderful life. Enjoy your beauty!
Dec 11, 2007 pixiegirrl
TerryC and Brunomom, Don't lecture unless you are giving stray dogs who might otherwise be hit by a car good homes. These dogs live in the country and no doubt any dog lover, which this person obviously is, knows that dogs need shelter from the elements.
Dec 11, 2007 froggygirl103
She's beautiful! It's so nice to feel wanted and loved unconditionally. Many happy years together. ;-)
Dec 11, 2007 pooh91158
Hi everyone...Bella's mom here... Yes, our outside dogs have plenty of shelter, warmth and food. They ARE country dogs and love to roam and hunt. We have a Rottie and a Beagle-mix inside so we're definitely dog lovers!

As for Bella...she's still just a puppy.... only 4 or 5 months old in the pictures! We're pretty sure she does have Shar Pei in here and possibly some Mastiff. We're waiting until she's full grown to see how big she gets! They told me they used her on the "grown-up" page because she looks older. Believe me, though....she's still got her puppy teeth!
Dec 11, 2007 johncie
Now that's a happy girl! And a lucky one to have wandered on to your home. (To the ones who make judgements, many dogs prefer to spend most of their time outside. My parents Labs would not come in the house, even with offers of treats, until they were very elderly.) Many wonderful dog days for all of you!
Dec 11, 2007 wmpp
Bella looks a lot like our dog Gus (more than any dog I've ever seen). We were told that his mother was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. We are fairly confident that he's also got some Mastiff in him.

[url= gus/gus...]Pics of Gus[/url]
Dec 11, 2007 Jeannie
I'm glad she found her family. She certainly looks very happy. 'Bella, the beautiful'. Have lots of fun together.
Dec 11, 2007 bbba80
It's nice Bella found a family and was able to stay with. They seems like a contented group. I love her sweet eyes.
Dec 11, 2007 ellygh
She is gorgeous! I love those eyes and her face and her wrinkles -- well, I love everything about her. When I first looked at her I thought Mastif also. What does your vet say? Did the vet think she had been spayed yet? They also can give a pretty good guesstimate by the teeth. Although, my pug -- think very crooked and wedged in teeth -- is only 5 and has had to have her teeth cleaned twice already. But that is pretty typical of pugs and their crowded teeth. Anyway, enjoy her -- she definitely looks as though she's enjoying you. Oh, by the way, I also have a Peke-Bishon who's name is Isabelle but my husband calls her Bella. I love the name and it certainly fits your Bella. I really like this photo of your three girls -- they are all pretty focused on something!
Dec 11, 2007 doxietail
Bella is striking. Her "siblings" are gorgeous.
She looks to me like she has some Dogue de Bordeaux in her....and also possibly some Chesapeake Bay retriever, some shar-pei, some pit bull, and maybe a tiny bit Australian shepherd.
Whatever breeds she has in her, it is wonderful that she has a home! It looks like she has quite a personality. :D
Dec 11, 2007 Terry C
TerryC and Brunomom, Don't lecture unless you are giving stray dogs who might otherwise be hit by a car good homes. These dogs live in the country and no doubt any dog lover, which this person obviously is, knows that dogs need shelter from the elements. ~ by pixiegirrl
I'm not "lecturing". I just hope those dogs have sufficient shelter from the elements.

FYI, two of my three dogs are rescues.
Dec 11, 2007 deevine
What a beautiful dog! Her eyes are so wise and worthy. Maybe she could run for President! As for breeds I see Sharpei, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and possibly Lab. No matter what breed, Bella is a beautiful dog and sounds like a great companion!
Dec 11, 2007 ilovebeagles
i see shar pai wemariner (?) and lab !!
very cute
Dec 11, 2007 Mary V
How lucky for you!! the threes of them go so well together. I absolutely love her face!!
Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Dec 11, 2007 jillieorama
Cute is an understatement! Bella is beautiful. I'm glad she found you--and that you found her :)
Dec 11, 2007 stellasmom
Whatever breed she is, she's super cute! I love the wrinkly face, an her pretty eyes.
Dec 11, 2007 FireHorse
I wish a beauty like Bella would turn up on my doorstep! She is a beautiful dog - and those eyes are electric!
Dec 11, 2007 cjc
I love her! What a beauty. Maybe Shar-Pei, Pittbull and Bull Mastiff? Whatever, her coloring and stature is lovely. Looks like a good watchdog.
Dec 11, 2007 pauz4paws
You are one fine looking dog Bella! I had pit bull/chow mixes years ago and they had wrinkles like Bella, I miss my girls dearly as all have crossed over Rainbow Bridge now. I'll put my 2 cents worth in on a guess on Beautiful Bella's heritage and say Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Red Nosed Pit. It doesn't matter...............She's a keeper, bless you for taking her into your heart. Merry Christmas Bella & family!
Dec 11, 2007 OmegaWolf747
She's adorable. I'm glad she chose a good home that would lovable. I agree with Sharpei with maybe some labby mixed in.
Dec 11, 2007 denawolves
You know those dogs are so happy and healthy- no way do they want to sit around and do nothing! They have many adventures to go on every day! I wish all dogs could live like that- unfortunately now we live in the city and they have to stay in their fence- bummer. I agree though that Bella looks like Lab, Red-Nose Pit, and Shar-Pei. She's obviously healthy and has a real family now, thanks to you!
Dec 11, 2007 dogzrock
aww - she's so cute with that wrinkly face! i'm a rottweiler person myself and my first one was from a shelter and refused to live indoors. since then all my dogs have been with me since puppyhood - and hence mostly indoor dogs. it always amazes me to see how they never got that thick fur and muscular lope that my first baby had - no matter how much i run and hike with them! so here's wishing your outdoor clan many adventures! :)
Dec 11, 2007 R2Bear
awwwww...look at that beauty!! Bella, Bella, Bella baby! Don't let the other girlies bully you or I'll bring my pack of boys up to stand up for you! Puppy kisses from your furcuz pack!
Dec 11, 2007 Jennb3
Oh Bella you are a beauty!!!!
Dec 11, 2007 tazjt
All three of your dogs are beauties!
Dec 12, 2007 adoptusplease
May many blessing come your way sweetie. We have 41 dogs in rescue and most just showed up at our doorstep. Bella my sweet, you chose the best family to bestow your love on!!
Dec 12, 2007 Mikkimrado
I love it that you kept her! :) She's a beauty! A friend of ours also kept a dog that strayed into their home and his name literally means "abandoned" :D - but he's much loved!
Dec 12, 2007 my_stoney_baby
How lucky for you to be chosen by such a sweet, beautiful puppy! She looks very "at home" with your other pups!
Dec 12, 2007 sylvanbliss
I wish I could post a picture of my Chesapeake ( passed over the rainbow bridge) so you could see how much Bella favors that breed! Except her coat. (lucky you!)

I agree that she's very cute!!
Dec 13, 2007 mcbrownesq
What a beautiful puppy! When a picture makes a person fall in love with a puppy, I can only imagine what finding her on your doorstep would do! She has soul!
Mar 5, 2008 Jeckle
She's adorable! I love her coat, the light hairs mingled with the more brown hair, its just gorgeous! And who wouldn't love that kissable pink nose! I think she definitely has some sharpei in her, and the expression she has in the pic I like best is totally a lab expression, but other than that I don't know.
I grew up with a chocolate lab that was an outside dog too; it could be 0 degrees outside and he'd only come in to get warm by the fire for about 10 minutes max (and only after a lot of coaxing and offers of love from us kids :) ).
Mar 29, 2008 gryffindor1971
To me she looks like shar pei, red nose pit and a hint of Mastiff... I bet she is going to be one big puppy... she is definitely very striking! I think she is a beautiful baby girl! I hope you post "grown up" puppies when she is older... I can't wait to see more pictures of her and her sisters...

being chosen by a dog is the most awesome feeling in the world...

when I go to an animal rescue to get a dog, ( I always get them from rescues) I go in and I sit down on the floor... I just sit there and I wait... and when the right puppy (*all dogs are puppies to me) comes up to me and sits down in my lap, that is the dog that goes home with me... I never choose the dog... I let the dog choose me.... it is the greatest feeling in the wold knowing that I WAS chosen by my dogs...

My Gabriel chose me in front of a wal-mart... a lady had a box full of border collie/golden retriever mix puppies... they were all hiding in the corner of this box and when i looked in they were all cringing... they had obviously been abused... the lady had told me her husband told her to get rid of them or he was going to throw them all in the river... I was appalled... he was mad because his pure bred retriever had gotten knocked up by the border collie that jumped the fence from next door... well I stuck my hand in the box and Gabriel came to me first... he sniffed me, looked up at me and met my eyes with his and then he licked my hand... He has been by my side for 10 years now....

My Tonks, is a Bull Mastiff/Beagle Mix... lol... yes Beagle and Bull Mastiff... she is 1/16 beagle... her owners have been trying to breed the Beagle out of their Mastiffs... don;t ask lol... I know the people and they are good people and I went over cause I wanted a friend for Bandit (my other dog)... Gabe and Bandit don't get along too well... never have... anyway... There were 15 of these little Beagle/mastiff Puppies... and they were all running around in their kennel and I went in and sat down and all of them ran away from me... except for Tonks... I was like why are they all so scared? and Julie says, I am the first person they have seen besides her and her husband so they had no Idea who i was... well... Tonks, being the curious little thing that she is, Boldly bounded over to me and pounced on me... I was like, hmmm... looks like I am getting this one... she was also the "runt" of the litter but the boldest one of all... That dog is a nutcase! She is SOOOO smart... and so much fun... she one play fetch though... you throw her ball and she looks at you like, WHY did you just throw my ball ??? but she will play soccer with you... if you run and kick her soccer ball around she will do the same thing trying to get it away from you...

Bandit came to us because of my husband's an my ex-roommate... when the evil woman moved to Florida, she LEFT bandit at our house... and she never came back for her or sent for her... I hate people like that! Bandit is a very shy and sweet jack russell / Pitt bull Mix... She has only ever bitten one person and that was the gas meter reader person.... but he deserved it cause he tried to kick her because she and Gabe were barking at him.,... she was doing her job and protecting her family... she bit him right on the butt... I thought it was funny and he deserved it... now the meter readers don't come in our yard any more!!!

I can't believe I wrote this much.... here i am telling stories about my dogs and this is your page... ah well... You can tell i love the dogs though!!! and isn't that all that matters???

I wish you many many happy years with your girls!!!! Thanks for loving them... There is a special place in heaven for all us Dog Lovers...
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