Bella the Samoyed

Dog Breed: Samoyed

Bella adores people and animals. She has 2 cat siblings, whom she loves to groom, and a bunny brother. Her favorite pastimes include going to the park, sleeping, eating and begging for food. She's not the most obedient dog (unless you bring out the treats), but she is a perfect playmate! She has tons of energy and loves to prance around with a ball in her mouth, though, she hasn't quite got the concept of fetch. Bella is a total clean freak and loves to keep her coat clean. She loves to give kisses and always asks for some in return. Although she is usually fearless, she does have a weak spot when it comes to dark shadows and vacuum cleaners. When it comes to food, her favorites are bacon, lamb and chicken. Sometimes we'll try to sneak a vegetable or two in there, but she knows her meats.