Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Sep 14, 2007 FireHorse
Wow! What an amazing coat Boo-Boo has! It looks like he's wearing voluminous flares. He is a handsome and clever boy.
Sep 14, 2007 PIPPIN
Yes, Boo-Boo, your coat caught my eye too. It is magnificent! Well done young man! Beauty and brains, oh, to be like you!
Sep 14, 2007 ckporter73
So Handsome! Classy name for a classy boy. Gorgeous :)
Sep 14, 2007 Terry C
Ooooh, he's purty!
Sep 14, 2007 pomtzu
He's beautiful! Or perhaps he would prefer to be called handsome.
Either way he sure looks like a winner to me!
Sep 14, 2007 cjsadlier
Yes I noticed this beautiful coat. Just goes to show what happens when a dog is well take care of. Keep up the good work and I hope you have a long life with this very hansome fellow.
Sep 14, 2007 Mom2Max
My Grandmother had a Cocker named Misty. He was very smart, and once saved my Uncle from a fire.

Lovely coat Bently has! I really like his name!
Sep 14, 2007 RaidersMom
Look at that coat! What a beautiful dog!
Sep 14, 2007 bopeep
You are a very handsome, well taken care of baby, Boo Boo. I'm sure you will pass your tests with flying colors. Many happy years with this gorgeous guy. Hugs and kisses.
Sep 14, 2007 Lizsterr
Definitely not my kinda dog, but definitely just as lovable. I like this picture because it looks like he has a mullet!
Sep 14, 2007 yujismom
Bentley looks like a french bourbon prince-all hail the cocker!
Sep 14, 2007 bongo
What a cutie! Kudos to you for working on developing an all-around winner of a pup!
Sep 14, 2007 Brunomom
My Bruno is a black and white Cocker and looks just like this Boo Boo. I haven't the time to keep Bruno's coat like that, though. I can not imagine how much work it is to do so. God bless the owner for taking such care. My Bruno is over 11 yrs old now and is the keeper of my soul, Cockers are such wonderful dogs. Many years of happiness with your beautiful BooBoo.
Sep 14, 2007 LucyB
I believe the word is "regal"! Our first dog was a scruffy little blonde cocker mix who was like a fierce mother hen to my two young sons.Love the breed, they're so devoted to their people.
Sep 14, 2007 Chloe's Mom
Boo Boo is just beauitful enjoy him
Sep 14, 2007 vedder242003
Boo Boo is what I call my chocolate cocker spaniel for her nickname! He has beautiful fur which looks like it takes a lot of work. I just shave mine. He is beautiful, please give him tons of belly rubs and kisses on the nose from me.
Sep 14, 2007 babydollp80
He so pretty..... looks like a show dog. Absolutely handsome fella
Sep 14, 2007 mychelle3
Our family has been lucky enough to have 3 amazing cockers: a buff ascob, a red and white parti, and now a stunning black and tan. Cockers are the best pups in the universe! Boo boo is gorgeous. Our Toffee thinks he's a hunk!
Sep 14, 2007 depauw
Hey Bentley, you're famous! WE LOVE YOU!
Your favorite cousins - Cory, Conner & Carson
Sep 14, 2007 maedchenausmars
A very fluffy cocker.
Sep 14, 2007 DogBoy454
That is one good looking animal.
Sep 14, 2007 pauleenm
what a face!
Sep 15, 2007 tazjt
What a sweetie!
Sep 15, 2007 Mummm
I love Boo Boo!
Sep 15, 2007 marmick
What a beautiful boy! We are so proud of you. Great photos to capture that coat! Love Aunt Mary Uncle Mick, Tim and Troy and Zoe,too
Sep 15, 2007 JaxMom
I have a black and tan cocker.."Doc" but the black has over taken the tan. The only tan marks he has now is on his eye brows. I keep him in a cocker cut with the fringe but he has allergies this time of year and the poor little guy is alway itching. Your BooBoo is the ultimate cocker dream...he's beautiful, fun and a regular dog, not just a trophy. All the pics are so pretty. Many bisquits for that boy!
Sep 16, 2007 CheneyNuts
What a skirt! hehehe
Jan 4, 2008 kayt
Jan 4, 2008 nikki6
That is the most ugliest and shittiest dog I have ever seen.

Jan 15, 2008 zoerosesmom

Jan 23, 2008 KttyGol
someone needs a haircut...otherwise that is a gorgeous dog
Jan 23, 2008 sccraim94
What is wrong with nikki6! I'm am really sorry Bentley I think your really cute. I have a American Cocker Spaniel too, but why does it have so much hair?? (he is not ugly and s**tty)
Jan 23, 2008 sccraim94
Oh yeah and I was looking for the voting thing and I couldn't find it, so I give him 10/10 biscuits (ten out of ten) YAY! Go Bentley, he rocks, this summer he's going to be REALLY hot. hehe
Jan 23, 2008 sccraim94
oh yeah and kayt (by the way what kind of name is kayt??) is mean too. you need to go gain some maturity! So do it , go get some maturity. I dislike young troublemakers. even though they're probably like 5 years older than me.
Jan 23, 2008 KttyGol
nikki stink...young troublemakers....u need to learn to have some respect..ur parents should give u a good whooping down in the watering hole.....pssshhh...that dog is pretty than ur face...ya i went there...what now???
Jan 24, 2008 sccraim94
gorgeous dog. I agree with KttyGol al the way.
Feb 17, 2008 looploop321
fluffy and puffy but, extremely adorable many happy days!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 19, 2008 DaveyDog
Just found Bentley's page this morning. I love when "show" dogs have a real life! It makes them so well rounded and healthy, not just as someone else said, "a trophy". You must be very proud of your handsome award winner. Don't dogs just make you sooooooo happy??!! Enjoy your projects with Bentley.
Ontario Canada
Apr 2, 2008 Laheinz
He's a triangle in this picture!!! I love him.
Feb 17, 2011 LoveGB02
Great job at Westminister! My 19yr old cocker wishes he could move like you still! Keep up the good work. You are handsome!
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