Biggie the Adoptable Grown-Up Puppy

Dog Breed: Mixed

Biggie is an adorable little boy that was surrendered to the city pound with a very bad case of mange and serious malnutrition. He was completely bald from the top of his head down to his neck and patches of fur were missing all over his body. He looked like a leopard, but he was in no way wild or ferocious. From the first moment we met Biggie, he's been nothing but sweet and lovable. He was only six months old at the time and they said he was a Shar-Pei mix, but now at ten months of age, some of his wrinkles have disappeared because he's eating healthy meals. Biggie has also grown all of his hair back. He is the most friendly and lovable dog we've ever met. He greets everyone with an amazingly dexterous hip wiggle and loves to give licks to all people and dogs too. Biggie is nearly 60 pounds and will probably grow a bit more, but so will his loving heart. If you are interested in adopting Biggie or seeing any of our other great dogs, please visit: for more information.