Bingo and Polly the Miniature Dachshunds

Dog Breed: Unknown

Bingo and Polly's mom says: Bingo and Polly are brother and sister. Polly is older by almost two years. They were bought together because we couldn't stand to leave either of them behind! Bingo is now two and Polly will be four next month!

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puppyluver Apr 20, 2006
haha! i luv 'em! 2 cute 2 b true

Karen Appleget Apr 21, 2006
These are the cutest pictures. Don't worry about the Koozie thing,...

Julia May 9, 2006
Oh my sweet heavens!!!!!! The noses!!! Look at the noses!!! I want...

Trisha, Rusty-s Mom Oct 4, 2006
They are adorable! And they look so happy to be together! :)

Gina Oct 9, 2006
How cute!!!!!!!!!

WienerMom Nov 4, 2006
I have three sweet wonderful wiener dogs: Toby, Edward and Fei - and...

Chloe Nov 8, 2006
So cute !!!

goldenlove87 May 30, 2007

bopeep Jun 29, 2007
It is very apparently that Bingo and Polly are very happy together. ...

pupaholic Jul 20, 2007
Bingo and polly are soooooooooooo...

Rufus77 Aug 20, 2007
Two little heavens!