Bishop and Ingrid the Adoptable German Shepherds

Dog Breed: Unknown

Ingrid is a lovely four-year-old German Shepherd. She is housebroken and ready for her new home. She has done well at adoption events with people of all sizes. Ingrid is fine with the other dogs and shares a run. She enjoys play group with the dogs at the kennel. As sweet as Ingrid is, once in a home she feels she has a job to look after her family. She is a German Shepherd and proud of it!

Bishop is a handsome three-year-old German Shepherd. He is a very smart boy who know his commands, is easy to walk and is just as happy hanging out by his person as collecting his toys and playing with them in a circle. Bishop is a favorite of the kennel by both the workers and the other dogs. He has such a easy commanding presence, he gets instant respect. Bishop is old fashioned and likes to get to know a person before he is handled too much, so groomers and vets must let him smell them and give him a treat before they get too personal. No kids for Bishop, proper introductions are too important to him and some kids don't respect his process. He accepts people quickly and completely but it's important to move at his speed. Bishop just needs a dog savvy owner who understands that confident shepherds don't like strangers touching them. Bishop loves to play in the water, he takes treats gently, and he is a regal looking dog. Bishop would be a perfect companion for a woman because he doesn't pull on the leash and he responds to a light correction; no heavy handed stuff for him.

If you are interested, please visit for more info. (Southern California residents only please!)