Blizzard the Husky / Samoyed Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Blizzard's mom says: My husband and I got Blizzard when he was eight weeks old. We were looking for a companion for our three-month-old German shepherd. We got Blizzard from a friend of a friend who had an unexpected litter of pups and was giving them away for free. We drove about one hour on a very dark, cold and stormy night to meet Blizzard and take him home with us. The minute we saw him, we thought the name "Blizzard" would suit him perfectly. He was so white and fluffy that we immediately fell in love with him. Blizzard used to be quite the handful. If he was out in the yard for more than five minutes, he found a way to escape and run away. He would either climb over the fence or just dig under and squeeze his body to get out of the yard. We eventually had to just stay one step ahead of him. With multiple levels of containment, he has not run away in some time and has also mellowed out quite a bit. Some of Blizzard's hobbies are chasing rabbits and squirrels, playing with his brothers Xavier and Xanza, sitting on the air conditioner vent, cuddling up next to us while watching TV, and socializing with other dogs at the dog park. He is such a mild-tempered and friendly dog. No matter how bad of a day I've had, he always puts a smile on my face.